Tattoos on the head - meanings and designs for girls and men

How nice that we live in such a progressive time! Rapidly developing and cosmetology, and medicine. If before the problem of baldness was solved only with expensive hair transplants, which could afford the few, but now you can disguise any baldness with tattooing. Yes, you can look great, even if the hair does not want to grow back, just do not forget to study all the nuances and the recommendations of experts.

What is a head tattoo?

This is a procedure of point introduction of the pigment thin needle into the upper layer of the scalp on a special technology. Thus it is possible to achieve an imitation of the hair.

Tattooing, simulating hair, is necessary for men and women with different degrees of alopecia (baldness). It is possible to make hair thick in any length: from long to short.

In women with alopecia, usually the hair does not fall out completely, it just begins to shine through the skin, then a spot application of pigment will help to create the illusion of thick hair, the skin will not shine through.

This method will help people:

  • With diseases in which transplantation of hair follicles is contraindicated, and the problem of baldness wants to solve;
  • after an unsuccessful transplantation for the appearance of bald patches, baldness;
  • vitiligo;
  • with operation scars, scars on the head after accidents, plastic surgery. It is possible to get rid of them now with the help of medical tattooing.

When using high quality pigments, the effect lasts for 2-2.5 years. No special care is required, except to protect the head from the sun, so that the ultraviolet does not destroy the paint.

Styles and colors of tattoos on the head for bald people

Necklaces on the back of the head, temples, forehead or completely overlapping the bald head can be performed in all sorts of styles. But most often modern masters involve the following motifs:

thrash polka dot - A bold, aggressive performance with contrasting bright colors;

blackwork - austere design in black and white;

Dotwork - application of paint under the skin is made dotty;

watercolor - a representation of a sketch with bright colors and as if in strokes without outlines and clear lines;

tribal - patterns and ornaments in monochrome;

minimalism - simple concise drawing without details and superfluous elements;

realism - The master creates a believable drawing in comparison to the original with the proper application of paints;

3d - A three-dimensional three-dimensional image through the use of shading and the right choice of colors;

Oldschool - a classic of the last century, where the artist focuses on the red-and-black palette.

The color scheme for solid and brutal men is mostly a monochrome version of black and white. For young and expressive, creative people are more typical motley pictures with the use of basic colors - green, yellow, red, blue and black, as well as close to them semitones.

Inscriptions with a meaning.

The most common category of head tattoos are inscriptions, and some of them can even influence your life. But more often than not, guys choose ideas that demonstrate their rich inner world, priorities, values and goals. For example:

  • philosophers' phrases;
  • winged expressions;
  • quotes;
  • names or nicknames;
  • the name of a deceased person;
  • words that characterize a person;
  • Hieroglyphs.

Most often inscriptions are accompanied by pictures and symbols, so it is important that they resonate with each other in meaning and significance. A guy is free to choose a language for the inscription, and different fonts.


Another popular category is characters in Japanese or Chinese. They can refer to life, love, family, relatives, religious prejudice. Also popular are motivational phrases, words of great people and quotes from famous works, such as:

  • 我的梦想我和温暖 - my dream and warms me;
  • 从现实到现实 - from possibility to reality;
  • 首先在平等 - first among equals;
  • 見かけよりもむしろ - to be, not to seem;
  • 上帝是爱 (Chinese) - God is love.

For reference. There are quite a few working dialects in both languages, so it is crucial to find the exact translation and meaning of the symbols before you put them on your head.

Images from

Modern sketches of animals and plants deserve special attention. Some motifs are identifications of one's character, while others are amulets and talismans. What exactly can be considered:

Flowers - Such motifs choose creative and sensual guys, inclined to philosophy, romance and love. Peonies, roses with thorns, the mysterious lotus, the amulet thistle or dandelion can look spectacular on the head.

Animals - Animals as tattoos prefer guys who seek to imitate the strong qualities of the character or compare themselves to him. These can be proud and lonely wolves, wise and powerful bears, bossy and strong lions or tigers, prudent and majestic elephants, etc.

Sea Dwellers - In the past, such motifs were preferred by seafarers and travelers, and today by creative and unconventional individuals. The majority of popular designs have a philosophical meaning, but there are also those that "work" as talismans and amulets. For example, a peaceful dolphin or intimidating shark, a carp as the personification of masculinity, a starfish and many others.

Insects - Any creature from this category will look epic on the head, although in fact they are powerful amulets and talismans for good luck and prosperity. More often than not, salon clients choose drawings with ladybug, scarab beetle, grasshopper. Spiders and lizards will also look cool.

Birds - Pictures with these creatures prefer freedom-loving guys who seek independence and ease in life. Pictures such as eagles, crows, phoenix birds, flamingos and owls emphasize purposefulness, wisdom and a sharp mind.

Commemorative tattoos

Another popular trend in body art is commemorative tattoos, with which some try to immortalize events and dramas, others important people and relatives. What can be tattooed on the head in composition with other images:

  • The name of a deceased person;
  • The names of children or relatives;
  • dates related to military service, education, marriage and the birth of children;
  • scarring, not to hide trauma marks, but to capture them;
  • signs relating to professional activities or hobbies and more.


If the client of the salon seeks a serious change in life, spiritual growth, new facets and opportunities, you can choose a sacred symbol to be applied to the head. Among the symbols, there are those that act as talismans, amulets, and there are strong magical signs that change the worldview, destiny and the path of life.

For example:

  • kolovrat - a reminder of home and offspring, protecting the home from evil and dark forces;
  • spiral - rebirth, time, the cyclical phases of day and night, the seasons of the year, birth and death;
  • clover - amulet for good luck, belief in miracles;
  • skull - infinity of the human soul, a reminder of the transience of life;
  • YinYang the desire to manage their lives, achieve harmony and balance of the soul;
  • wind rose - fearlessness, assistance in finding one's way in life;
  • eye of Horus - amulet and amulet, divine world order, protection from evil and failure.


No less in demand are brutal tattoos for real men. They emphasize strength and masculinity in the wearer, and the best ideas for the head are considered:

  • skull - Gothic element, reminding of the transience of life and the value of every moment;
  • the ornament - Monochrome patterns of scrolls, spirals, lines and geometric shapes look bold and colorful, and serve as amulets against failure and risk;
  • beast - A raptor can be the embodiment of inner core, strength and self-confidence;
  • Celtic - ideas from the past, representing cyclicality, infinity of the soul, spirituality;
  • Chinese dragon - Power, strength, invincibility, longevity and wisdom.

Mini tattoos

No less common today are miniature pictures, which are applied by the master to the head. They look laconic and restrained, but are not inferior to the other categories with their brutality and effectivity. For example:

  • Crown - Leadership and power, dominance over others;
  • lotus - The soul's connection to the universe;
  • mandala - amulet for good luck, protection, happiness;
  • key - talent to always find a way out of difficult situations;
  • feather - rejection of the stereotypes of society, independence;
  • anchor - self-confidence and stability;
  • owl - mysticism and developed intelligence.

Beautiful and cool tattoos

Cool and epic will look colorful and realistic sketches, executed in newfangled styles. The following aesthetically pleasing and groovy ideas can be considered on the head:

  • sakura - looseness, self-confidence, sexuality;
  • wings - attracts a guardian angel, serves as a talisman;
  • gemstone - Symbol of wealth, prosperity, stability;
  • owl - mystical bird, giving a sharp quick mind;
  • dream catcher - amulet, withdrawing from the soul of the dark forces and temptations;
  • lizard - harbinger of good luck, a symbol of wisdom;
  • octopus bravery, strength and independence.


Despite the propensity of tattoo on the head to burn out, guys are increasingly giving preference to colorful motley sketches. In recent years, masters most often perform the following motifs:

  • abstraction - The manifestation of creativity;
  • biomechanics - creepy pictures, imitation of metal mechanisms crashing into the skin;
  • the eye of the dragon power, might, secret knowledge, higher powers;
  • portrait of a girl - The embodiment of love for the beautiful sex, heterosexuality of the wearer;
  • icon - The faces of the saints in a realistic version to emphasize respect and love for religion and God.

3d tattoo

Pictures 3d spread among all sorts of culture and creativity, including became a trend of body art. And the head most often perform the following:

  • card king and queen - symbol of a gambler, a lucky player, the desire for easy money and risk;
  • angel - a messenger of God, through which you can strengthen the connection with the person;
  • eye - secret knowledge, developed intuition;
  • Jesus Christ - religiosity, the desire to be under the auspices of God;
  • bio-organic - a decorative element that creates the optical illusion as if animals, insects, weapons, etc. were bursting out of the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages

Scalp tattooing is a safe alternative to hair transplantation.


  • Painless;
  • much cheaper;
  • Everything is under control - the "hair" will appear at any rate. With transplantation there is no 100% guarantee, the hair follicles may not take root, there will be gaps and voids;
  • Simplicity of fulfillment, absence of scars and sutures. Transplantation is a radical method, a complex operation;
  • no need for rehabilitation, you go on living a normal life;
  • according to the wish of the client - change of the growth line, shade, color, and density;
  • naturalness.

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  • It's not permanent;
  • imitation only.

The disadvantages against the background of the advantages and the result obtained are not so significant.

How it goes

The process takes place in several stages.

  1. Selection of the pigment. It must be of high quality. The palette is wide, the master can easily pick a suitable shade.
  2. Development of the sketch. The growth line, the density of the "hair", the transitions from one zone to another are determined.
  3. Testing. Performed on a small area in order to exclude an allergic reaction and to check the color on the skin.
  4. Micro pigmentation. Then the pigment is injected into the scalp with thin needles. The effect is painless, reminiscent of acupuncture, and the dye is injected at only a tenth of a millimeter.

There are hardware and manual injection techniques. With hardware, the pigment is injected with a rollerball. The machine makes from 50 to 200 punctures of the skin. A single pass is not enough. With repeated passes, the machine gets into places of previous punctures, increasing the saturation and size of the dots. The "hair" may look sloppy.

On trichopigmentation, you won't get your hair drawn, of course. More often this happens: people suffering from alopecia come to the master, who can draw dots, to create the illusion of a shaved head.

Therefore, for a natural and high-quality effect, professionals work by hand. The process is painstaking and time-consuming, but this is the only way to fully control the frequency and size of the piercing with minimal trauma to the patient.

The procedure lasts from 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on the area of work. The number of procedures is selected individually.

Already in a month you can see the final result, when the paint takes on its final shade.

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Sometimes after 30-60 days you need to reintroduce pigment to strengthen the color, correct and bring the result to perfection. It might be necessary to refresh the "picture" in a year, the need for correction is different for each client individually.


At the beginning of the session there is a discussion of the work, where it is clarified in what style will be performed head tattoo, a suitable shade is selected, the rough version is agreed with the client.

Next appointed the time of the main visit, which will perform the work, before a man needs to follow the instructions of the master:

  1. Do not consume alcoholic, energy drinks, coffee, as they worsen the coagulation index, which is a restriction to the service.
  2. Do not sunbathe.
  3. Do not do other cosmetic procedures, which are related to the head and hair two weeks before the appointment.
  4. Do not use masks, aggressive skin care products three days before your appointment.

The beautician may give other instructions about the case, they must be followed to protect yourself from the appearance of negative effects.

A measure of preparation for the service is to test the client for an allergic reaction to the pigment. The test is done on the wrist, the result is usually negative, because the dye has a gentle composition.

Care after

Up to 2 days redness may remain in the pigmented area. After healing in 1-1,5 weeks there will be peeling of the skin and the affected area will begin to lighten.

Complete healing will come in 30 days.

It is important to adhere to the rules:

  • do not go to the bath, sauna, solarium for 30 days;
  • protect your head from frost and sunlight, use creams with protection from 30 to 50 SPF units;
  • Avoid prolonged contact with water;
  • Refrain from strenuous physical activity for a week;
  • Do not use scrubs, powders, and hair dyes with ammonia.

As you can see, no special care is required. Even after 10 days, even at close range it will be impossible to determine where the real hair and where it is not. Following the recommendations will allow you to get the desired result faster and fix it for a long time.

hair tattoo

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Возможные побочные эффекты


As the pigment is injected into the upper layer of the skin, there is no need to be afraid of painful sensations. But each person has a different pain threshold, so everything is individual.


Small blood vessels and capillaries are rarely damaged during trichopigmentation. This can only be due to the poor quality of equipment, needles and lack of professionalism of the master.


When performed with quality, only redness is observed in the place of needle exposure, which lasts up to 2 days.

Allergic reaction

If you are allergic, be sure to consult a doctor. Professional craftsmen always do an allergy test before they start working. Even if there are no allergies, it is advised to take antihistamines for quick healing.

Compliance with the rules will reduce all fears and complications to zero.

Who is suitable for hair tattoo?

Hair tattoo is a bright artistic haircut, which is not suitable for everyone. We've rounded up the top five candidates for a creative look.

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Publication from Vitaliy Pimenov (@pimenthebarber)

  • Lovers of fashion and modern art

Hair tatoo is an opportunity to express yourself as a representative of the fashion avant-garde and a person who is not indifferent to art.

  • Progressive Parents

For a child (teenager), a haircut made with elements of hair tattoo is a serious help in socialization.

  • Girls and young men with a beautiful head shape.

Art haircut is performed on very short hair (usually no longer than 6 mm), it highlights the shape of the head.

  • The owners of rare, thin or badly amenable to styling hair.

An ultra-short haircut in the pattern-making area will negate styling problems and disguise flaws in the structure of the curls.

  • Girls and young men with graceful facial features.

Hair tattoo, made with massive facial features, does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Useful tips

  1. Make up your mind - thoroughly study all the information.
  2. Consult with your doctor, to identify any contraindications.
  3. Choose professionals. Don't trust your health to charlatans.
  4. Follow all recommendations before and after.
  5. Emotionally tune in to a stunning result, and it will not keep you waiting!

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Trichopigmentation solves complex problems simply and painlessly. Do not be complexed, feel confident, young and new again.


Maxim, 34, Krasnodar

"I work with business people all the time and it is important for me to look successful, presentable. Appearance is a businessman's calling card. In the last year I noticed that I began to go bald, and this process has not stopped. I began to wonder about methods of recovery. Transplantation seemed too radical for me, I will think about it later. But the simulation of hair with the help of tattooing interested me. I went to a specialist and had two procedures. The result is amazing!

Anna, 38, Kazan

"After the birth of the third child, a violent "hairfall" began. I understood that it was a hormonal shift, it would grow out. But apparently with age, the growth slowed down. After I stopped breast-feeding I went to the clinic. They recommended mesotherapy. But I do not like to wait long. So the doctor recommended trichopigmentation. I'm very happy with it, now I have the effect of thick hair.


For women

For men