Lotus Tattoo - Means and Sketches of Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower has been popular for centuries. In every religion and culture, people believe in the symbolism behind this beautiful plant. In human history, the lotus flower has been used as a food source, used by women to enhance fertility and maintain beauty, and as a psychedelic additive in tea. The plant has been used in religious and spiritual ceremonies. Each of these cultures and religions sees a similar meaning in this plant. They look at its coloring, its location, its stage of blooming - all of which affect the meaning and significance of the lotus symbol.

Lotus Tattoo - Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Tattoo

The lotus as a symbol has several interpretations. One of them has to do with its life cycle. It originates at the deep bottom of a body of water full of mud, breaks through the water and reveals its beautiful flowers at dawn. As the sun sets, the lotus closes and goes under water again. People draw analogies with the sun, with the processes of changing seasons, and with human life itself. The ancient Egyptians considered the lotus the patron saint of fertility and prosperity. The gods Osiris and Isis sat on lotus thrones.

Lotus Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

In India, the lotus is a sacred flower, a symbol of life. According to some legends, it was from the lotus that the world arose, and many of the Indian gods are also depicted on a lotus throne.

Lotus Tattoo - Lotus Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

In almost all traditions, the lotus is attributed divine traits, this flower is revered and respected as a symbol of life, prosperity and wisdom. And by inhaling its fragrance you can receive the protection of the lotus.

Lotus Tattoo - Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Tattoo

Places to apply

  • If the lotus tattoo is inscribed on the wrists, a person wants to unlock his potential, build a career, speaks of depth of character.
  • In the abdomen, at the navel - a sign of fertility and femininity, as well as on the lower back, although it can be just a body decoration.
  • The drawing under the breast is worn by extravagant ladies, they love the East and want enlightenment. Since the lotus tattoo is hidden from view, it carries a strong magical charge.
  • The lotus on the neck is a sign of the desire for understanding from others, because the neck is a symbol of communication. In general, girls with the lotus tattoo are very attractive to people, their magnetism is very strong for men.
  • On the leg is very convenient to hit the lotus tattoo, the more so that you can always hide it from prying eyes.
  • Also popular options on the back, on the shoulder blades and collarbones, on the side and other places.

Famous people who wear a lotus tattoo: Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron, Malin Akerman. You can choose a sample by photo on the site.

Lotus Tattoo - Popular Lotus Tattoo Plots

Lotus and Buddha tattoo

According to legend, it rained a lotus on the day the Buddha was born. In Buddhist tradition, the lotus is an attribute of enlightenment, it passes through dark water and blossoms in the sun.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

The mandala depicts the structure of the world, and since the world according to some theories arose from the lotus, these symbols are very close in meaning. Such a tattoo will symbolize victory over chaos, knowledge, and the pursuit of enlightenment.

Tattoo Lotus - Tattoo Lotus Mandala - Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Black and White Lotus Tattoo

Fans of blackwork can choose as small tattoos that will convey the symbolism and aesthetics of the lotus, but will not be too bright accent on the body.

Tattoo Lotus - Black and White Lotus Tattoo

Little Lotus Tattoo.

Due to the correct geometric shape of the flower, the lotus can easily be depicted schematically. This allows you to implement even the tiniest sketches with the sacred flower.

Lotus Dotwork Tattoo

Dotwork technique is suitable for small lotus tattoos or for fragments of a large drawing. Dotwork helps to convey the airiness and lightness of the lotus.

Tattoo Lotus - Tattoo Lotus Dotwerk - Tattoo Lotus Dotwerk

The historical significance of the lotus flower in different cultures

  • Egypt - the legend of the Sun God who rose from the lotus flower. Blue lotus tea, resulting in an intoxicating narcotic effect. "The Book of the Dead" is full of incantations that turn into a lotus flower, thereby completing the rebirth of man. The lotus was depicted in white or blue.
  • Japan - like the Buddhists, a symbol of rebirth, purity, chastity, and a symbol of great distance between loving people.
  • China - believe and exalt the lotus flower as a sign of the holy place of Buddha, perfection, pure mind and heart.
  • Hinduism - symbol of peace, happiness and goodwill. Many legends call it the king of flowers, it is endowed with the ability to remove negative energies. A symbol of freedom from material things. It represents pure mind, spirit and body.

Other Asian beliefs refer to the whole plant. It is believed that the stem of the plant is a symbolic representation of the power of the family and the unbreakable kinship that allows a person (the image of the lotus flower) to lift and show its beauty to the world.

The most popular interpretation of the symbolism of the lotus flower in Buddhism. It is the one that we will consider.

Men's Lotus Tattoos

Men often choose authentic oriental tattoos, such as a sleeve with images of the Buddha and lotus. In recent years, monochrome blackwork tattoos have grown in popularity. One of the most common subjects for men's lotus tattoos is a mandala tattoo located on the chest or arm.

Butterflies tattoo - what does it mean?

The art of tattooing with each passing day more and more improved, and the masters are already able to satisfy any wishes of the person who decided to put on his body any decoration.

Tattoo "butterflies" - what does it mean? This insect is not only a beautiful image, but also carries a certain meaning. For many people a butterfly, which flutters in the air and pleases the eye with various bright colors, is an omen of positive change or spiritual growth.

There are so many types and designations of butterfly tattoos. It can symbolize freedom, life in all its manifestations and, of course, a great and bright feeling - love.

Beautiful, bright, mysterious tattoo "butterflies". What does this image on the body means? There are several basic decipherments of the drawing of a butterfly.

  1. In Germany, it means the birth of new life.
  2. Some tribes describe this insect as the spirit of a dead person returning to earth.
  3. The butterfly is considered a symbol of abundance.
  4. In the past, the bodies of witches and sorcerers were marked in the form of butterflies, which indicated their magical abilities.
  5. Modern tattoo masters consider the winged insect as a symbol of sensuality, beauty, grace and femininity.
  6. It is the butterfly that means boundless freedom, but at the same time - impermanence and hesitation.
  7. In some cultures, this winged insect embodies grace. Very often the butterfly can be struck in the form of a silhouette of the female body. Many ladies choose such a tattoo, wanting to indicate that they have freedom of choice and many possibilities.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean for girls

Lotus Tattoo for Girls

The lotus flower itself is very delicate and subtle, so many girls choose it for a tattoo. A small drawing in pink tones or mandala on the chest will be to the taste of feminine and romantic natures. For lovers of bright and large tattoos - realistic images of a flower on the hip or back.

What does the butterfly tattoo symbolize for a girl?

What does a butterfly tattoo mean for a girl? Based on the fact that this drawing means a lot of different things, it is recommended to pay attention to the elements next to the insect. Quite often you can come across the fact that a woman puts on her body whole pictures, where the butterfly is surrounded by flowers. The insect on the chrysanthemum speaks of beauty that never goes away. The lily symbolizes the innocence of the girl, and the water lily symbolizes the purity of her thoughts.

Widespread tattoos with butterflies, designed in the Celtic style and having various intertwined patterns and borders. Here we are talking about changes in the life of the owner of the drawing on the body.

In addition, the butterfly represents the process of rebirth. After all, the phenomenon when the ugly caterpillars become delightful flying creatures, you can safely call it unique and even magical. Here, too, the butterfly tattoo symbolizes the various transformations in a person's life.

In many cultures around the world, the winged insect shows the human soul. It is believed that it carries the soul of dead or deceased people back to earth and guards against spirits. The Chinese believe that the butterfly brings harmony to the family.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the flying creature is often associated with a fairy - a mystical character with very small size and extraordinary magical abilities. All fairies are friendly, harmless and happy to fulfill the wishes of people, carry good luck.

What does butterfly tattoo on legs mean

Tattoo Lotus Sketches

Tattoo "butterfly" on his leg

What does the tattoo "butterfly" on the leg mean? Girls very often do this tattoo on the lifts of the feet. Here you can see a butterfly in the form of a bracelet, a separate element, sitting on a flower or enclosed in a heart.

Many ladies consider the drawing on the body as an additional touch to their image. It can be a piquant accessory, which is slightly visible under a short skirt, or a neat floral element placed on the ankle. Such drawings look very spectacular on girls who prefer to wear stilettos. After all, almost every woman strives to be sophisticated, independent and delicate.

What does butterfly tattoo on the waist mean

How to activate the magical properties of amulets and averters

To activate an amulet and endow it with magical power, it is recommended to take it in your hand and conduct a meditation.

  1. Close your eyes;
  2. Imagine a clear lake full of beautiful lotus flowers;
  3. Imagine yourself sitting on a huge flower;
  4. Feel the warmth and light energy, which comes from the bottom up and fills every cell of your body with life energy;
  5. Now imagine how the energy passes into the amulet that you hold in your palm and it begins to be filled with sparkling brilliance.

This meditation should be repeated daily in the morning or afternoon for 8 days. If you have a good time, you will be able to use it in the evening, and you will not be able to use it in the evening.

Only such an amulet charged with energy will protect you from negative influences.

Non-activated amulets are worn as a decoration, but they do not give any power and protection to their owner.

"Lotus flowers are the ship on which a drowning man in the ocean of life can find his salvation."

Esotericism vs science: the flower symbol

In esoteric practice, the lotus flower gets rid of negative vibrations. It is said that a photo or picture of the lotus can be used as a cleansing amulet. You can also eat the plant instead of asparagus and make marmalade from its seeds.

Lotus flower

And how many amazing decorations exist with this ancient symbol

This divine symbol in different religions carries its sacred meaning about

  • life and health
  • rebirth and oblivion
  • fertility
  • masculinity and femininity
  • spiritual self-improvement
  • awakening, the beginning of a new cycle
  • Love and compassion

Lotus - flower of the Gods

These extraordinarily beautiful flowers always reach for the light

The blooming lotus is a perennial plant that can be up to 30 cm in diameter. In the picture you can see that its bud is always turned toward the sun. The lotus is listed in the Red Book, so it is already special. Science has confirmed that lotus preparations act as tonics, cardiotonic and general restorative.

Lotus symbol

"The Pink Lily of the Nile is a sacred and miraculous plant.

Its geography spans bodies of water in the Americas, Hawaii and other parts of the world (see photo for details). The flowering plant is found in Asian countries, India and Australia. The most amazing Lotus Valley is located in Russia, on the Taman Peninsula. It is an ideal place for travel, wedding ceremonies, unforgettable photo and video sessions.

The lotus and its symbolism

The paradise flower lives in lakes and reservoirs

Who says you can't get away with it? In some photos you can see the waxy patina on the petals, beautiful pearlescent shimmers. Water does not stay on their surface, but rolls off in droplets.

Orchid tattoo: history

The orchid is a very ancient symbol that has a special meaning for people from Eastern countries, because there the flower is the embodiment of wealth and luxury, happy and carefree life in wealth and joy. In China, a tattoo of an orchid is done to emphasize one's beauty and perfection, as the orchid is comparable to an ideal person.

In addition, the orchid is considered a symbol of infinite energy and mental harmony, a woman's inner and outer beauty. It is also believed that this flower serves as a symbol of fertility, can be a talisman for people who horoscope belong to the sign of Pisces.

For the people of Vietnam, a tattoo of an orchid represents youth, freshness and spring, the beginning of a new path or the birth of something good. Europeans consider the white orchid a symbol of kindness and friendliness, openness and willingness to make sacrifices and concessions.

Also, the tattoo is very popular among creative people, because they believe that it enhances their abilities. Often one sees paired tattoos with orchids in married couples, as the flower positively affects the relationship between lovers. Many cultures consider the orchid an embodiment of passion, intimacy and love. Even now, most designs have erotic overtones or a hint calling for more action.

How correctly to wear a talisman, is it possible as a pendant?

The use of the lotus symbolism talisman can help the wearer in various life situations and achieve certain goals:

  • Pendant (pendant) of white color is intended to help the wearer find a partner. It will help not only to attract, but also to keep a person close to you. Another action of the amulet is to help a person to achieve success in his career, while giving protection from vanity.
  • Transparent flower is considered an aid in determining the true attitudes of the wearer to another person. When communicating with an exciting person, it is recommended to look at the image of the lotus. If the transparent flower is cloudy, it means that the interlocutor is up to no good. If, however, the flower will sparkle or remain transparent, then there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • A lotus ring can make the wearer more strong-willed and self-confident. To do this, wear the symbol on the right index finger. If you wear a ring on the index finger of the left hand, the lotus will fill a person with energy and vitality.
  • Beaded amulet. Create your own hands amulet of white beads will cure the disease, of pink - will present new acquaintances, make a person more communicative.
    Important! Dark colors in the making of amulets are not allowed.
  • Amulets for the home in the form of a crystal flower or any other image of the flower can bring harmony to the family life, improve relations between family members, cleanse the house of negative energy, give love and mutual understanding. Lotus helps rid people of bad thoughts and bad habits, helps avoid conflicts, giving wisdom and tranquility. The talisman is able to heal from neuroses and depressions.
  • Placing a lotus statuette on a child's desk You can choose a mascot for your child's table, but it can also be used as a talisman for your child's creativity.

When choosing a mascot should not be pursued for a large size, the main thing that lotus was in harmony with the room and it was nice to look at.

The location of the statuette in the house is also important:

  1. If you place it in the western part, the room will be filled with creative potential;
  2. on the north side it will help to improve the financial situation.

The lotus should not be placed on the windowsillIt is not advisable to place it on a windowsill to avoid external energy upsetting its ability to work.


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