Tattoo Cat - the meaning of independence and self-sufficiency

Tattoos in the form of a cat, as a rule, choose girls. This is due to the fact that such drawings look attractive. With their help, you can complement your appearance and emphasize individual taste preferences. Moreover, the cat tattoo can say a lot about the character of the lady. Before getting it, you need to understand about what it stands for. Unfortunately, according to most ladies, the cat is only a symbol of slyness, playfulness, femininity and grace, but this is not true. What is the meaning of the cat tattoo and why should you choose it?

Tattoos in the form of cats. What did they signify in the distant past?

Studying the history, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about tattoos in the form of a cat. The inhabitants of medieval Europe considered these animals as accomplices of witches. If a person had a tattoo of a cat, he was burned at the stake, because for the Inquisition it indicated a connection with the unclean force. In Norse mythology the chariot of the goddess Freya was harnessed to cats, so the Scandinavians were tolerant of these animals. Two centuries ago, tattoos depicting a cat were often made by sailors. For them, this picture was a symbol of good luck. A special attitude towards these tattoos was in Ancient Egypt. Its inhabitants worshiped cats, so they did only members of the nobility and the priests of the cult of the goddess Basta.

Historical note about realistic tattoos

It is widely believed that this trend appeared several years ago. But in reality tattoos in the style of realism were made in the middle of XIX century. Such nailings were done by circus performers, sailors, sometimes - miners. The preference then was given to portraits, images of seascapes. Lady Viola has been known to display six portraits of American presidents and Charlie Chaplin. In France, the faces of Napoleon and Bismarck were printed on the skin.

Over time, realistic tattoos began to make their children rich nobles, as a secret sign of a representative of the family.

They chose coats of arms or views of the secret place where the family kept jewelry or documents - a step in those days justified, because people rightly feared robbers and fake claimants to the inheritance. And a tattoo with a secret symbol confirmed that its owner, even as a bastard, had rights on a par with legitimate children.

Historical note
Realism tattoos appeared in the mid-19th century.

Later, realism tattoos superseded simple drawings, as the latter were simpler and cheaper. Now the trend is popular again, as experienced and talented craftsmen with modern techniques have appeared.

The current meaning of tattoos.

Before getting a tattoo depicting a cat, a person needs to know the following:

  1. The kitten is a symbol of touching and gentle ladies. He often represents their memories of a happy and unforgettable childhood.
  2. Tattoo in the form of a cat with a mouse is suitable for people who are not afraid of their enemies and are willing to stand up for themselves.
  3. Tiger and panther, which are also cats, indicate a masculine and feminine beginning.
  4. If the panther is with a small kitten, it denotes a woman's strength and tenderness.
  5. The black cat is a symbol of femininity, grace, cunning and wisdom. Do not think that such a tattoo will not bring good luck, because black cats are also considered very beautiful and completely harmless animals.
  6. A tattoo depicting an aggressive cat indicates that the lady, despite her fragility, can stand up for herself. As a rule, it is a drawing where the animal has a grinning muzzle and a curved back, ready to jump.
  7. The image in the form of a jumping animal or paw prints indicates the ability of a person to react quickly in a difficult situation and get out of it.

The main categories of tattoos

A person with a tattoo on the body always attracts attention, the masters are more often addressed by young boys and girls who seek self-expression. The task of the tattooist is to help pick up the picture as successfully as possible for the image.

Animal world

Many customers choose images of animals. Some seek to perpetuate the image of a pet, for another it is important to have a drawing of an animal close in spirit on the body. Scientists explain this desire by the ancient occult worship of the ancestors, when each person had a patron from the animal world. Characteristic tattoos in the style of realism for men are the image of a lion or wolf, which symbolize spiritual kinship and the same character traits. Cats are more suitable for women.

Animal World
Animal tattoos are one of the most popular drawings on the body.

Animal images are conventionally divided into 2 types:

  1. Mythical. Phoenixes, centaurs, dragons, griffins. According to legends, they share magical powers with the owner of the drawing.
  2. Realistic. Any representatives of fauna.

Portraits .

Sketches of this category are called the basis of tattoo realism, such a choice speaks of attachment to the person, the desire to imitate. Stuffed on the skin images of loved ones, movie characters, singers, musicians, politicians, historical figures. Masters do not usually object to customers, but there are certain canons, which should be adhered to. You can't paint on your skin:

  1. Children. They change, and it is better to see a little son or daughter in a picture.
  2. The dead. One should not draw those who have passed away.
  3. Game characters and movie characters. If, after several years, the actor will cease to like, tattoo will be an unpleasant memory, rather than a source of pride.
  4. Saints, God. It is considered a sin to transfer the faces of icons on the body.
  5. Beloved. If the relationship breaks down, you will want to get rid of the picture on the body, and it is difficult to do so.

Tattoo portraits is a peculiar style in tattoo art, which appeared recently.

Objects and phenomena

Here the choice is much wider and there are no bans. More often clients use the attributes of professional activity or hobbies. A musician will give preference to a violin or a guitar, a pilot to an airplane, a motorist to an expensive car. A biker would choose a fancy motorcycle, a jockey a beautiful horse. Sunsets, dawns, thunderstorms, episodes from the night of Ivan Kupala - there are many options.

Objects and phenomena
Motorists prefer car tattoos.

Young men like pirate collages of skulls and weapons, girls - drawings of intertwined jewels, ribbons and jewelry.

Plot images

Such work requires from the tattooist great skill and experience, because customers are asking to repeat artists' paintings, episodes of historical events or biblical subjects. Every such design on the body can be studied endlessly, not only wondering at the realism of the image, but also deciphering what you see.

Scene images
Narrative images require great skill.

Fictional subjects are coming into fashion, where landscapes of snow-covered mountains or tropical forests are combined with images of animals or fantasy characters. Transfer of color, shadow and composition plays a special role in the work.

3D (volumetric) tattoos

This novelty appeared not so long ago, but has already attracted the attention of thousands of customers. It differs from the flat design by a convex image, a scorpion or a flower in a body sketch are similar to the natural ones. Only an experienced professional can cope with such a task, because dozens of effects and hundreds of details must be taken into account.

3D Tattoo
3D tattoo is the most modern approach to the art of body painting.

Geometric patterns are perfectly combined with 3-dimensionality, and abstract ones look better in color. Particularly popular now are "moving" pictures:

  • a scorpion crawling through the sand;
  • objects that are "threaded" through the skin;
  • windows, rifts that reveal another reality.

On what part of the body to do a tattoo?

If the sketch is quite large, then the ideal place for it will be the scapula. This part of the body can be hidden even in summer, but the tattoo on the shoulder blade will still look catchy and original. On the wrist tattoo in the form of a cat looks very nice, because this part of the body is quite delicate. Men prefer to do it on the forearm. This image is a symbol of masculinity. To emphasize their sexuality and superiority, many ladies do the tattoo in the form of a cat on the leg, namely below the shin and on the side.

Choice of location for the tattoo

Tattoo of a cat's paws on the leg and on the arm look excellent. But there are a few more places the application on which will be a good solution:

  1. Ankles. Many experts recommend applying the tattoo exactly on the ankle, as there it looks very advantageous and stylish.
  2. Hand. The spread of the cat's paws that wrap around the hand is the right decision, because it is the hand that is very popular with the viewer. The tattoo will definitely be noticed and appreciated by another person.
  3. Shoulder. If you don't want the tattoo to be visible to every passerby (but only to a select few), put it on your shoulder. This way you will intrigue the opposite sex or you can express your inner world without any reaction of the society.

    tattoo on back

  4. The buttocks. Also meant for a more intimate intimacy. The cat's paw - a tattoo that has many meanings. You can stuff it for a loved one or just for yourself.
  5. Chest. One of the most painful places. Many tattooists advise not to put it on the most sensitive place, and choose any other. For example, a cat's paw tattoo on the leg looks much better, is not so noticeable and a person feels a completely different pain as it is applied.

Tattoo of a cat - meaning for girls

The Egyptians were reverent about cats, considering them the embodiment of femininity and goddesses. There are many tattoos with Egyptian cats that mean power, wealth and good luck.

In India, cats served as guardians in Buddhist temples, and with the Japanese and Chinese they were the most popular pets and recognized symbols of goodness. The cult of the cat has long existed in Thailand, as evidenced by the well-known Siamese breed. The meaning of tattoos cats in girls Can mean the defender and protector of the family home.

Tattoo of a cat on the girl's neck

Europeans in each historical period treated cats differently. In some countries, they were considered the embodiment of bad luck, all sorts of superstitions, and even assistants of witches. In the Middle Ages at the insistence of the Catholic Church, these animals were very often burned along with people who were accused of witchcraft, and just universally destroyed.

Tattoo of a cat on a girl's ankle

But in the 14th century, due to an increase in the number of rats after the European plague epidemic, cats reappeared. And gradually they became much more tolerant. So another meaning of a cat tattoo is a dangerous and cunning predator who will never let her down.

Small cat tattoo on your arm

In Norse mythology, there are legends about Freya, the goddess of love and beauty, known for the fact that her chariot was harnessed to cats, among other things. These pets have always had a special relationship to them, as evidenced by the many stories and legends from around the world.

Tattoo cats for girls on the ankle

The superstitions associated with cats are also numerous. Sailors valued this small predator as a member of the crew, bringing good luck. A black cat crossing the road, and now means future trouble and bad luck.

Tattoo of a cat on the wrist for girls

Cats are incredibly attractive because of their agility, mystique, independence, unique hearing and vision. Often this animal is used as a symbol of femininity, beauty and grace.

Tattoo of a small cat on a girl's ankle

The image of a cat became popular in the art of tattooing immediately after its appearance and remains so to this day. The meaning of this symbol has changed over the centuries, and today it is an ideal variant of a body drawing and is widely spread especially among girls and women.

Variants of sketches in the style of realism photo

Masters offer tattoos in color and black and white, the quality of the image does not suffer from this. Liveliness and volume provide not so much shades as layer-by-layer processing of details, shadows and highlights. Older tattooists note that a multicolor tattoo draws more attention and conveys a visual effect, while a 2-color tattoo vividly portrays the character's emotions.

Black and white tattoos

Such images are aimed more at the content, removing unnecessary semantic load. A color drawing is always more difficult to perceive, while black and white looks more laconic. For maximum contrast white color is used, they are used to highlight the whites of the eyes, areas of skin, hair in portraits, highlights on water and metal objects, the play of light and shadow.

Black and white tattoos
Black and white tattoos are more difficult to perceive.

Sometimes instead of whiteness they draw fragments of skin not covered with paint, but such attempts worsen the quality of the image.

Color images

To get a spectacular multicolor picture, a series of intermediate shades and halftones are used. Not forgetting the gradation, falling shadows, reflection, blurred focus, smooth transitions. If the shadow on the portrait is displaced, the likeness with the original image will not be achieved. The more complex the picture, the more intermediate elements will be in it.

Color images
Color images are very effective.

Fairy-tale motifs

In this case all depends on fantasy of the master and the client. Both individual images and original scenes are chosen. Girls prefer tattoos with elves, fairies, unicorns, while men prefer computer game heroes, aliens, fierce dragons and brave knights.

Fairy tale motifs
Girls prefer a tattoo with a unicorn.

Sleeves in the style of realism.

Such an image implies a large-scale plot drawing. A combination of portraits, elements of architecture and landscapes, views of space and star battles is used. Masters carefully traced all the details in order to maintain realism.

Such realism tattoos are difficult to hide, a solid image goes from the shoulder to the forearm and wrist, there are no restrictions in length. There are 4 types of such drawings:

  1. Full - from wrist to shoulder (more male).
  2. Half-sleeve - the forearm or with the capture of the elbow.
  3. 3/4 - the pattern ends between the shoulder and elbow joints.
  4. Mini - 1/4 arm area (suitable for women).

Sleeves in the style of realism
Realism style sleeve - large scale story pattern.
Girls prefer flowers or floral ornaments, various animals. Men have a wider choice, the most popular picture is an arm in biomechanics.

The meaning of the tattoo in the form of a paw

In the body drawing in the form of footprints or paws of animals has a different meaning. The image is used as a talisman. The picture helps to change unfavorable life circumstances for the better. Tattoo accepted to nabivat in case of frequent "black stripes" in destiny or for protection against negative phenomena with a high predisposition to them (aggressive character, a special kind of activity, concomitant circumstances).

When choosing a drawing, it is important to take into account the belonging of the image. For this reason, before stuffing the image of the animal on the body, draw a parallel with its habits. Not the least important will be the appearance of the picture and the nature of the location of the tattoo. There are male and female options. Not redundant will be an understanding of the deciphering of the meaning of the desired plot.

The advantages of choosing in favor of realism

The peculiarity of such tattoos is that they have the maximum similarity with the object, the master takes into account all the details, shades and color transitions. In addition, there is a huge choice of subjects: landscapes, portraits, animals, flowers, fantasy characters.

Choice advantages
Realism tattoos have a maximum resemblance to the subject.

Tattoo on the skin is difficult to distinguish from the photo, in this she surpasses the drawings in other directions, gives the owner a unique style.

Ideas for tattoo paws: the traces of different animals

There are many options for self-expression through the tattoo. It is important to evaluate the appearance and meaning of the element you like. Footprints and paws - a universal solution that many people like.


The image of the paws of a domestic cat refers to the "female" versions of the tattoo. More often imply the following connotation:

For women with a vivid character, the relevance of cat paws with claws is high. The image symbolizes aggression and ardent temper. Tattoos of this plan often placed on the hidden parts of the body. The drawings coquettishly allure the opposite sex and "flirt" with them.

Men will suit scratches from the claws of a cat. The picture on the back symbolizes the tendency to close relationships with ardent women. Wounds on the chest mean vivid mental anguish. Clawed foot of the beast for men means grasping, persistence.

Compact paw prints of a cat are a favorite option for reserved natures. The prints of the "pads" are stubbed on the neck, between the fingers, in the lower abdomen. The drawing indicates a subtle mental organization, secret thoughts.

On the hip

The peculiarity of tattoos on the hip is the ability to hide the disadvantages of the figure and emphasize the advantages. That is why such images are popular with many girls. The most advantageous look patterns placed on the side. Flowers and animals are the most common. The composition rarely consists of a single image.

Masters prefer to decorate the main image with auxiliary elements. This may be geometrics, patterns and other additions appropriate in style.

Black and white tattoos: sketches, photos, meaning: sun, rose, cat, cross, panther, fox, cat for girls, guys

When depicting animals, it is necessary to remember that each representation has its own designation. For example, a lion means power, a tiger means strength, a fox means cunning, a snake means temptation. Drawing can be transferred to the entire surface of the thigh or to a certain part of it.

Tiger claw marks

Claw marks are often depicted as a tattoo. The drawing shows resilience in the rivalry. Such pictures are preferred by belligerent, cold-blooded people. The tattoo signifies resilience to any hardship.

Painted claw wound on the chest indicates mental exhaustion. Usually men tattoo such a picture after a difficult parting with a life partner. It is almost impossible to win the heart of a cavalier with such a tattoo.

The drawing of claw wounds allows you to "play" with color. The picture can be made as realistic as possible: such a plot will be appreciated by everyone. Claw marks are placed on any part of the body. The picture can depict only the wounds or a combination of paws, claw marks.

The main styles of black and white tattoos

Drawings made in a monochrome palette are characteristic of the following styles:

  • Engraving. In creating the image, the main reference point is the complete impression that you have in front of you a print with straight lines and shading. Black tattoos are best suited for this.
  • Blackwork. Black is used as a base color. It is painted over most of the skin. The pattern is created by leaving unpainted areas.
  • Dotwork. Patterns and designs are created by thousands of dots applied by the master.
  • Treble. Patterns typical of Native American tribes. Complicated, with many scrolls and intersections. Celtic crosses, traditional Maori and Polynesian tattoos are often created in b/w.
  • Minimalism. Because the direction uses thin, as if drawn with a pen or pencil lines, only black allows you to make them really noticeable on the body. Most often such tattoos are applied on the wrist or neck.

Black ink tattoos are a separate trend. Many subjects drawings, such as sacred and religious symbols, subtle ornaments, geometric patterns, look aesthetically only in it. The same can be said about the stylization of the graphics.

Paw print: a tattoo sketch

Ideas for performing tattoos depicting the footprints and paws of animals, many. Objects are placed singly, in groups or as part of the composition. To understand own preferences will help tattoo the sketch of a prospective picture. It is possible to familiarize with different variants, to compare, to choose the closest copy.

Is it possible to combine with other styles

Experienced masters often weave fragments of other directions into the subjects of realism. Portrait is compatible with graphic elements where there are clear contours, or with watercolor backgrounds. And trash polka is considered a symbiosis of black and white realism, contrasting details and graphic inserts.

With tattoos in the style of realism are successfully combined:

  • chicano;
  • organic;
  • Oriental;
  • Biomechanics.

Biomechanics is successfully combined with the tattoo in the style of realism.


For women

For men