Tattoo on the penis: facts, interesting options, consequences

The art of tattooing is developing along with society, becoming more and more interesting and diverse. People have been decorating their own bodies with drawings since ancient times, and today no one will be surprised by a completely scored "sleeves" or even a tattoo on the face. Such drawings have become the norm, and in order to somehow stand out and impress their partner, men and women began to do intimate tattoos.

Drawings on piquant places make a person more relaxed and free and for the opposite sex he becomes more attractive, as an interesting personality with a special oddity.

Tattoo on the penis head

Intimate tattoos

As it is commonly believed that the tattoo on the piquant place is more of a female prerogative. Modern young ladies often order a tattoo on the pubis - it is very erotic, and some drawings are made so that they are not covered completely with panties, and they can be viewed by the general public - on the beach or in the pool.

However men also do not mind to make an accent on an intimate place. Tattoos on the penis are not so widespread, but they still do. And we must say that they are generally much bolder than the girls and much more vulgar. If the young ladies have mostly butterflies, flowers and spiders on the pubis, the men have bananas, dragons, snakes and scorpions.

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History of the elephant tattoo

The elephant has been a part of human culture for centuries, and people have used elephants for various purposes such as transportation and warfare. The elephant is one of the strongest animals on earth, which is why people domesticated them and used them to ferry goods and people to distant places for trade.

During the times of the Great Silk Road, the elephant was one of the main modes of transportation for carriers, as only they had the strength to carry more goods.

Traders adored their elephants, and to show a close connection with their animal, they made drawings on their bodies with this beautiful animal.

The elephant was a tank on the battlefield in ancient times, and by the number of elephants in an army, one could tell if it would be a winning battle.

The Greek king Pyrrhus is one of the most famous men who used elephants in wars, and most historians speak of numerous victories in wars precisely because of his elephants.

Hannibal and the armies of Carthage also had a significant number of elephants in their army and they were very successful in their many campaigns.

Seeing an elephant on the battlefield made enemies fear, tremble, and flee, and so people in the ancient world came to know the beauty of these animals, and those who could not afford to buy even one elephant, the mere image on their body was seen as a sign of strength and courage.

In the culture of India and several other Asian countries, the elephant is a sacred animal which represents their god Ganesha. Unlike other religions and cultures, Hindus like to represent their God on their bodies, and that it will bring them good luck and wealth.

Hindus were among the first people to have this tattoo on their bodies for thousands of years.

Interesting Ideas

Not everyone will dare to get a tattoo on their penis. But if you do something, you need it to be something impressive and grandiose. Here are the most interesting options:

  1. A dragon along the length of the penis, with wings extending to the groin. Sometimes a metal pin is inserted into the penis as beady eyes. The association here is on the surface - a fire-breathing lizard exhaling flame.
  2. Snake - sometimes in a full version, sometimes just an image of scales.
  3. Banana - according to the association.
  4. Tattoos on the penis are often made in the form of inscriptions - "extra-long", "welcome", "Destroyer", "Lover", "The Last Warrior", etc. In general, you can be imaginative and creative, the main thing is to have enough space for the idea.
  5. Monsters of the most different configuration - it's practically according to Freud, so that the partner felt the power and masculinity of his lover.
  6. A cute elephant with a trunk. There are similar swimwear, but some go further and stuff the image of an elephant's head right on the intimate place.

There are actually a lot of variations. Each tattoo on the penis is practically exclusive, piece production, and two identical drawings can't be met. So if there is a desire to make a juicy tattoo, you should not deny yourself. But first you need to weigh all the pros and cons.

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LGBT Movement. History of emergence

Traditionally, it was the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement that gave rise to a new fashion for special tattoos. The society itself emerged as an active social organization capable of supporting the rights and interests of sexual minorities. In addition, this society has two seemingly different goals. In the first place, the LGBT movement stands for the separation of its members into a separate group that is not coddled by society. On the other hand, it is this social organization that has the global goal of joining sexual minorities with other citizens.

Tattoo Gay Man on Arm
Gay tattoos on the arm

However, the goals of the movement can sometimes differ depending on the time and country of residence. For example, the German movement used to oppose marriage in general. Gay men also believed that they should not be required to serve in the military. By the 21st century, however, the view of most LGBT groups was that same-sex marriage should be legalized and that service in the armed forces should be available to all. Gay tattoos, the significance of which is in their belonging to the movement, also use the symbolism adopted by the described community.

Gay chest tattoos
Example of gay tattoos on the chest

How do you get a tattoo on your penis?

How do they do tattoos on the penis? This area is incredibly sensitive and painful, and tattoos are painful to do even on regular places. In addition, it is not clear how the master will make the image - on an erect organ or not? And if not, how will he place the drawing?

First of all, it is necessary to understand that not every salon can do a tattoo on the penis. This service is specific and it is necessary to discuss it in advance. In general, the cost of such a procedure will be higher - because of the peculiarities of the location of the drawing. It is not even about the fact that the master will embarrass the visage of the intimate zone - simply on the penis the skin is different in structure, it is mobile and on it badly lays the paint. Because of what tattooist should be especially attentive.

The drawing is made not on the erect penis. The master just pulls back the skin and paints the image. Because of this, in the state of erection, the image often has defects in the form of gaps.

The most painful is the tattoo on the head of the penis. And although the master applies anesthetic gel, it is not possible to get rid of unpleasant feelings completely.

In addition, before you make an accent on an intimate place, you should think about the consequences of such a decision.

Tattoo on penis head

Best Placement Ideas

Tattoo placement is just as important as Choosing an elephant tattoo designBecause if you apply it in an inappropriate place, it won't look as attractive as you want it to.

The versatility of this tattoo and its availability in many designs and sizes means that you can get it on almost any part of your body.

But, the most important thing is to know exactly where different variations of the elephant tattoo will look best. For example, on the wrist, on the ankle, behind the ear and even on the finger are ideal places for a small elephant tattoo.

Massive God Ganesha or colorful circus elephant tattoos are perfect for your back. You will have enough space in the back for these tattoos and so you can fix all the details related to the image.

In 3D realistic style, the elephant will also look perfect on his back because of the ample space to draw other objects, such as trees, that you would find in his natural habitat.

The shoulders and upper back are good places to place a medium sized elephant head with a trunk. Some tattoo enthusiasts prefer their totem to be in unique locations such as the knee, shoulder, stomach and even the chest.

An elephant tattoo can also look fantastic in these unusual places, but you must choose the right type and pattern. For example, a small elephant head would be perfect to place on your stomach, but a huge 3D can't look attractive in the same spot.

Consequences of intimate tattoos in men

Tattoos on the penis are done most often at a young age. And sometimes over the years regret their decision. So the bartender from Grimbsie (Great Britain) - Lewis Flynn has not been able to have a relationship for a long time, and he has not had sexual intercourse for a very long time. And everything is to blame for the intimate tattoo depicting a vacuum cleaner, with a hose along the length of his penis. As soon as the potential chosen one sees it, she immediately dumps Lewis. The British man would be happy to get rid of the stupid drawing, but the removal procedure is so painful that he can't stand it.

The story of a young Iranian man, 21, who got a tattoo of his girlfriend's initials is also noteworthy. Because of the unfortunate puncture, he now has poor blood drainage from his cavernous bodies, and he constantly walks around in a state of semi-erection. He needs surgery to correct this condition, but so far the young man has refused medical attention and says he is not experiencing any discomfort.

In addition, after the tattoo on the intimate area possible complications in the form of infections, strong reactions to the dye pigment, a long healing period and other unpleasant surprises. So before the procedure, be sure to once again weigh the pros and cons.

The meaning and symbolism of the tattoo Elephant

Not all animals carry any meaning, and there is no more symbolic animal than the elephant. It is the largest animal on earth, as well as the strongest, and therefore these tattoos can be a symbol of strength..

The elephant is also a peaceful animal and he is not an aggressor unless he is protecting his young or unless you provoke him. Therefore, an elephant tattoo can also mean that its owner can be calm and peaceful no matter how powerful it may be.

Elephants are family men, and they are very loyal and protective of their congeners, so you can use the totem to show how much you appreciate your loved ones.

These creatures also have a powerful maternal instinct, and so you can use this symbol to show the power of femininity or the importance of motherhood.

In Indian culture. the elephant symbolizes success and this meaning comes from the god Ganesh, whom Hindus depict with the head of an elephant.

Ganesha is one of the most popular deities in the Hindu religion, and he brings success and removes obstacles in the lives of people who believe in him from the heart.

Ganesha is also very wise and so this tattoo can also symbolize that you are intelligent. In other cultures, the elephant is a sign of fertility, chastity and patience.

The elephant lives for many decades, and it has one of the longest lifespans of any animal on Earth. In fact, scientists claim that it would live even longer if it were not for the fact that the elephant loses its teeth as it ages and therefore cannot eat.

And therefore, an elephant tattoo can also mean longevity. Memory is another universal symbolism that people associate with elephant tattoos because this animal has an excellent memory.

An elephant will always remember important things, such as the route to the watering hole, as well as faces, such as the trainer at the zoo.

Other meanings and symbolism of the elephant tattoo

  • Wealth
  • Masculinity and strength
  • Compassion
  • Happiness
  • Devotion
  • Family bonds
  • Wisdom

  • Renewal
  • Loyalty
  • High Intelligence
  • Spirituality

Main varieties of gay tattoos

Options for tattoos used by gay men include:

  • The use of symbols of the LGBT movement, which are described above;
  • Using the colors of the rainbow flag in any image;
  • Tattoos from places of detention.

This last point is characteristic of the Russian community, in which people who prefer same-sex love who have been sent to places not so remote are branded with special tattoos.

Gay men with body tattoos
Gay men with spartacus tattoos on their bodies


A tattoo that reveals your sexual identity can be used either overtly or in places that are not very visible. My tattoo is visible to everyone, but I just used rainbow flag colors to represent the stars. So not everyone understands what it's about. Otherwise, I would obviously not be given a pass by those who do not consider gay people.

Mikhail, Moscow.

Gay hand inscription - different look
Tattoo of an inscription on a gay man's arm

Symbolism of the LGBT movement

As mentioned above, the signs chosen by this community often serve as the basis for tattoos of gays, lesbians and other sexual minorities. Such symbols allow members of the movement to define their own, emphasize common interests, and symbolize unity and openness to society. Traditional LGBT signs include:

  • A triangle of certain colors. Usually pink and black shades are used. This is due to the fact that in Nazi camps these were the signs used to identify prisoners who were intimate with members of their own sex. At the same time, pink is used by gay men and black by lesbians. It is also worth noting that the triangle is most often depicted upside down, that is, with the top down. The choice of the color pink for gay men is logical. This is due to the fact that the color itself is traditionally considered the choice of girls, so the ratio of man and pink emphasizes his femininity and belonging to sexual minorities;
  • Lambda. The Greek letter in its lowercase form has been officially recognized as a symbol of the gay movement in many countries. A gay tattoo, the sketch of which contains this sign, speaks of a tendency to advocacy. Experts differ in their opinions when deciding exactly why this letter was chosen. For example, according to one version, the meaning of this symbol has to do with latent potential, which emphasizes the LGBT community, emphasizing its great future. According to another version, in ancient times, the lambda was used as a symbol of balance and equilibrium. So too, the community being described seeks to equalize sexual minorities with other citizens in an attempt to achieve rights and freedoms;
  • An axe with two blades. This symbol, also called the labris, is less well-known to the public. Although it is currently one of the main tattoo options for lesbians. In the first place, this weapon emphasizes autonomy and the ability to stand up for oneself; on the other hand, it was considered a symbol of the goddess Demeter, whose rituals often included lesbian motifs.

Gay men with tattoos on his arm
Gay man with multiple tattoos on his arm


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