Tattoo "scorpion": a graceful curves and spectacular look in one drawing

Tattoo scorpion today is experiencing a second wave of popularity. Today in the world of tattooing there is a growth and development of styles. If before the scorpion tattoo was mainly associated with tribal or ornaments, now the scorpion is being stuffed and in the style of oldskool, in the style of dotwork and realism.

The new reading and execution of the tattoo allows people who want a scorpion tattoo to make an interesting and non-trivial sketch. Different variants of new scorpion tattoos you will find in our selection.

The meaning of the Scorpion tattoo

The general symbolism of the scorpion has to do with the ability to carry deadly poison. Scorpions in many cultures are considered creatures that bring death, but at the same time the image of a scorpion can symbolize justice, transience, awareness. It was worshipped by warriors. The scorpion was considered a judge, who can kill or heal at the same time, but healing must be earned.

The scorpion is interpreted positively in Japanese tradition: Wisdom and justice.

For many people, the meaning of the scorpion tattoo is reflected in the famous phrase "everything is poison and everything is medicine."

Abuse of anything is ruinous and moderation is salvation. In any case, tattoos with a scorpion have deep meaning, and everyone will find something in this plot for themselves.

Tattoo Scorpion - tattoo Scorpion meaning - tattoo Scorpion what it means

Modern meaning of the scorpion tattoo

Today, the scorpion tattoo can often be found in men associated with the army. The presence of such a tattoo indicates that its owner served in the ground forces or took part in hostilities in the Caucasus. Today, many consider the tattoo of a scorpion as a guardian amulet. In addition, the tattoo of the scorpion is considered a symbol of fidelity in married life. It is common for married people to apply the scorpion in combination with the lotus. Also, the scorpion is considered a symbol of high morality and justice. In prison themes, the scorpion denotes loneliness, that is, a person has spent a large amount of time in solitary confinement.

Tattoo Scorpio Zodiac sign.

People who were born under the sign of the scorpion very often tattoo the astrological symbols of the scorpion. This can be a letter designation of the zodiac sign, a constellation or just a picture of the scorpion itself.

It is believed that the tattoo can be a talisman and enhance those qualities of character that are inherent in all Scorpios: perseverance, moderation, determination, the ability to always achieve their goals.

Tattoo Scorpio and Flowers

Tattoo with the image of a scorpion and flowers has a very beautiful and positive interpretation: long love and loyalty. This symbol has its roots in Japanese culture, but has become sought after all over the world.

tattoo scorpion - tattoo scorpion and rose - rose and scorpion tattoo

Tattoo Scorpion and Rose

Such a tattoo can have the meaning of love and fidelity. Or it can be explained as a destructive love, a feeling that hurts.

If a rose is depicted on the tail of a scorpion instead of a poisonous sting, such a tattoo can mean the peaceful nature of a person who wants to carry love and beauty into the world.

scorpion tattoo - tattoo of scorpion and rose - rose and scorpion tattoo


Girls are gentle and refined creatures. The tattoo should be performed in an elegant style. Excellent choices are traditional and neo traditional. A more brutal choice - old skool and new skool, and, of course, oriental. For especially refined creative natures will do watercolor.

Men's tattoos can also be performed in all of the above styles except watercolor - too peaceful will look like such a scorpion. The bravest members of the stronger sex can experiment with a thrash-polka. Photos and meaning of such tattoos can be found on our website.

Men's Scorpion Tattoo - Sketches of Tattoos with Scorpion for Men

Men most often choose the following styles for a scorpion tattoo:

  • Scorpion realism tattoo
  • old-school scorpion tattoo
  • scorpion dotwork tattoo

The tattoo can be placed on any part of the body, depending on the wishes and composition of the sketch.

Women's Scorpion Tattoos - Scorpion Tattoo Sketches for Women

Today, girls get a tattoo with a scorpion not less often than men. This can be a tattoo tied to the zodiac sign or just a picture of a scorpion, which suits the girl in meaning and reflects her ideas.

Scorpio man in love, compatibility

How to understand the Scorpio man? It is impossible to answer this question without an in-depth analysis of the Scorpio character.

Heart shaped engraved castle
Scorpio man in love: Pxhere

Let's talk about the love relationship with Scorpio, as well as the principles of zodiac compatibility in more detail:

Scorpio man in love

The character of the Scorpio man is not sugar, so you need to think carefully, choosing such a man as a partner. His behavior in a relationship is characterized by:

  • jealousy, a sense of possessiveness;
  • Creating emotional swings;
  • the constant desire to find out about the relationship.

But there are also advantages: a strong corporeal attraction, passion, flashes of bright feelings, constantly bubbling in the blood adrenaline and emotional lift.

Scorpio man in intimate life

Sex for Scorpio is a manifestation of love, so this zodiac sign is ardent and passionate. Representatives of the zodiac sign Scorpio are ready and open to experiment, wonderful lovers who have no taboos.

They like to discover the world of amorous pleasures together with their partner, getting closer spiritually and physically. Of course, Scorpio, whose characteristic indicates his leadership qualities, prefers to dominate in intimate life. He likes power and personal freedom at the same time. Therefore, a shy and sweet girl suits him perfectly.

Scorpio man: compatibility

The external attractiveness of Scorpios hides a bold temper, which not every girl will be able to withstand. Let's take a closer look at the probability of zodiac compatibility of this sign:

Scorpio and Aries

Both Aries and Scorpio are very similar. They have in common:

  • Persistence and tenacity;
  • The desire to constantly grow and develop;
  • Similar life values;
  • A thirst for a bright and eventful life.

Couple on a bench
Scorpio and Aries: Pxhere.
They will never be bored together, and with mutual support they can overcome many obstacles.

Scorpio and Taurus

An ambiguous relationship arises in the pair of Taurus and Scorpio. Diametrical opposites, antipodes, two polar points - this is how you can characterize such a union.

Most likely in such a relationship Taurus will feel depressed and constrained, so it is better to avoid them.

Scorpio and Gemini

A promising and interesting tandem, in which prevail:

  • Respectful attitude;
  • inspiration and motivation;
  • thirst for travel.

In such a union the two lovers will have no time to be bored, they are in perpetual motion, which they truly enjoy.

Scorpio and Cancer.

Both Scorpio and Cancer are water signs, so they have a good chance of a long and serious relationship. The main thing is not to let Scorpio dominate, defend his position to the end and thereby earn the respect of a strong-willed man.

Scorpio and Leo

Leo and Scorpio - open war, which will not bring anything good to either sign. They have different interests, values and worldviews, which leads to contradictions and resentments.

Scorpio and Virgo

The Scorpio man has a good, warm relationship with the Virgo girl. She will admire him and be faithful to him, and he will protect her from the world and provide a comfortable life.

Scorpio and Libra

Notes folded in the shape of a heart
Scorpio and Libra: Pxhere
Scorpio and Libra are a good option for a friendly tandem, but by no means lovers. The diplomacy and restraint of Libra cannot arouse the sexual fantasy of Scorpio. Soon the lovers will get bored with each other's society, and they will start looking for new sensations on the side.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Scorpio and Scorpio are a wonderful couple, in which the partners know all the pitfalls of each other's character. They both crave praise, both love extremes and vivid sensations, and are willing to take risks for the sake of the one they love.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Such a relationship is possible only if Sagittarius suppresses internal anxiety and stops looking for problems where there are none.

Scorpio and Capricorn

Scorpio and Capricorn are not a good match, but they are attracted to each other with unstoppable force. There is a chance of a long-term relationship, but only when the man and woman discuss common goals in life.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius is an example of a complicated union, in which no one wants to make concessions or change for the sake of a partner. It will be difficult for such people to find common ground and coexist harmoniously.


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