History and problems of Moscow tattoo parlors by the example of well-known studio "World of Tattoo".

Heroes and villains.

The main hero is you. You are the one who was turned into a killing machine, your wife was kidnapped and for all 96 minutes you are hunted by the whole army. And Ilya Nayshuller has done everything to make you feel it. At least a few minutes of complete merging with the character is guaranteed. Maybe during the pursuit of "Artful Dimitri" through Moscow, or maybe while trying to rein in a horse caught in a field, but it's bound to "cover". I doubt very much that you've ever had a similar experience in a movie theater before.

The rest of the characters in "Hardcore" can be counted on one hand. One hand. And two more fingers to go. The magnificent Danila Kozlovsky personifies the world's evil under the name Akan. He has a mysterious Power, as well as white eyebrows and creepy watery eyes. He's an unbelievable bastard - no wonder you spend the whole movie trying to kill him. The lovely Estelle (Haley Bennett) is very good - a rescued beauty "with a surprise." But everyone is overshadowed by Sharlto Copley. The many-faced Jimmy, played by him, is the best you'll see with your cyborgized eyes. His Colonel, Sniper, Nerd, Bum, and others incredibly embellish Ilya Naishuller's insane narrative.

The other big names on the poster should not deceive you: Sergei Shnurov, Ravshana Kurkova, Svetlana Ustinova and the rest are mere expendables, cannon fodder. Tim Roth appears for the sake of one phrase: "You little pussy. And I never got to see Leonid Parfyonov or Konstantin Khabensky. But they must have slipped in somewhere: a Bekmambetov film without Khabensky is unnatural. However, insignificant roles of interesting artists do not annoy either - "Hardcore" does fine without virtuoso acting. You don't need it here, it would only spoil everything.

What I didn't expect was how much fun the film would be; it's incredibly violent, but the violence in it is video game-inspired - more playful than offensive. The picture has some fabulously innovative ideas and a fair amount of adrenaline. It's action-packed from start to finish and easily deserves the title of the most original action film of the year.

The Action Elite

Teen Wolf: Signs


- A symbol that appears frequently on the show.The spiral has appeared several times in the show. Derek explained to Scott that it is a symbol of blood feud among werewolves.


Trickselion - The tattoo on Derek's back.

A symbol of dynamic energy in the form of three legs connected together. Triskelion is the symbol of victory and progress. Means Alpha, Beta, Omega. A symbol that Beta can become Alpha, and Alpha can become Omega.

Two stripes

Two stripes.
The tattoo on Scott's arm. A symbol of his pack.This sign just took over in his head, but then became much more than just a tattoo.

The sign of the alphas.

The sign of the alphas.- The symbol of the pack of Alphas, led by Deucalion.They left this sign on the door of the Hale house as a warning that they were going after Derek.

The sign of the druids.

The sign of the Druids- A symbol of the unity of the Druids with nature.
Symbolizes the druids' pact with nature. Druid, translated from Guelian, means "wise oak".
The series is filled with many signs.

Tattoo swallow meaning in women

Girls are also interested in the swallow tattoo sketch that you can view on this page of our site. For the fairer half of humanity such a tattoo symbolizes:

  • freshness;
  • youth;
  • tenderness.

Women who choose such tattoos are obviously charming, incredibly romantic people.

By the way! Coquettes prefer to apply the tattoo of a swallow on the lower back, in order to show it unobtrusively to others on occasion.

Most often girls prefer to apply it to the following parts of the body:

  • tummy;
  • neck;
  • legs.

That is, on those places where the swallow will give its owner a special attraction and even more sexuality!

New fight...

To get up off his knees and get his good name back, and most importantly to become a good father, Hope breaks down and goes to work in the most ordinary gym.

The work of the former champion is not related to the fights and the ring. He is hired as a janitor. After some reflection on his life, the boxer decides to train again. His new trainer is Tick Wills, an athlete with a difficult fate, but a very tough character. Hope has to convince the new coach that he's ready to go up again and won't turn down the "vicious" path again. The new coach trains Billy.

Perseverance, great ambition and tireless work on himself gives Hope not only the opportunity to return to the big ring. The former champion is offered the prospect of a fight to win back his title and prove to himself and others that he has not given up! In this difficult fight, "Lefty" defeats his opponent and triumphantly returns to the podium.

The story ends with a slight understatement. But you can tell from the ending that Billy's life has gotten better. Billy's daughter returns to Billy, which is his major victory.

Left Behind was supposed to star Eminem.

This sports drama was conceived as a sequel to the notorious movie "The Eighth Mile". The main character in "Lefty" was supposed to be played by a white rapper - Eminem. But, in 2012, it was reported that the rapper decided to concentrate on music and refused to continue working on the film. In 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal was cast as the famous boxer Billy Hope.

The meaning of the swallow tattoo depending on the location

Of course, the meaning of the swallow tattoo does not particularly depend on what part of the body it is located. However, the part of the body still need to choose with some caution, clearly thinking through what you want to say with a tattoo. For example, a swallow on the wrist of a girl talks about her freedom. Moreover, the picture will look incredibly touching and will give the beautiful lady extra grace.

If the tattoo is placed on the neck, it indicates that its owner believes in his success, but the swallow also acts as a talisman. To increase magical properties of such a talisman, a horseshoe (necessarily "horns" upwards) or a four-leaf clover are pricked near the bird. In any case, the swallow is a rather delicate and beautiful drawing, which indicates the lightness and purity of nature of the person who chose such a sketch.

One of the most scandalous fights in boxing history led to tragedy, video

On June 16, 1983, a boxing bout took place at New York's Madison Square Garden between Louis Resto

и Billy Collins, Jr.

. Collins, who had not lost a single fight, was considered the clear favorite. However, unexpectedly, the young Irishman lost: his Puerto Rican opponent showed monstrous punching power and won by ten rounds. When the fight was over, Resto approached his opponent and his trainer father to pay his respects. Collins Sr. lightly embraced the boxer and accidentally touched his gloves with his hand, after which he grabbed them and screamed loudly. One of the biggest scandals in boxing history began.

Billy Collins Jr. was a real favorite of the American public. In spite of being 21, the Irishman had 14 wins, 11 of them by KO. Billy's bright and aggressive fighting style was instilled by his father, who had previously built a solid career in boxing. Luis Resto was supposed to be the next trophy of Collins Jr.'s career. The 28-year-old athlete from Puerto Rico was considered not bad, but he was frankly out of the stars. With a record of 20-8-1 he was slowly turning into a juggernaut and was not too well known to the public.

The fight followed a very different scenario than the 25,000 spectators in the arena had hoped for. Collins was indeed faster and lighter on his feet, throwing a lot of punches. Resto didn't defend himself with much skill, but he was able to hold his punches with ease. The slow-moving Puerto Rican, on the other hand, relied on hard punches, the power of which was visible even through the television screen. Already after the first round serious bruises appeared on Collins' face, growing by the minute. The Irishman was moving forward stubbornly, he was throwing fast series, but frankly he was passing before his opponent's mighty "cannon". Towards the end of the fight it was pathetic to look at Collins: his eyes swelled, he was exhausted and took more and more damage. The trainer's corner didn't throw in the towels, however, and the fight went its proper 10 rounds.

Immediately after the gong, Resto found himself in the arms of a lucky trainer, the charismatic Panama Lewis.

. After the hug, Luis nobly went to his opponent's corner, hugged and kissed him. The winner then paid his respects to Billy Collins Sr. with a few warm words and a clap on the shoulder. The coach smiled back, but he didn't like the touch of his glove. He grabbed Resto's hand, crumpled the glove momentarily, and started yelling, "Inspector, inspector! There's no padding in these gloves! There's no padding at all in these damn gloves! Judges, over here, look!" Resto tried to break free, but the former boxer's grip proved firm. A minute earlier, the glowing with joy fighter looked helplessly toward the trainer, a look of consternation on his face.

The boxing bout was the cause of riots in the United States. The unrest spanned 25 states.

The incredible story of Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion in history.

Resto and his coach wanted to slip out of the arena unnoticed, but their way was blocked by the match inspectors. Panama Lewis began shouting that the gloves had been issued by the fight organizers. The initial inspection yielded shocking results: almost all the padding had been removed from the gloves. That's why Resto's punches, never known for their power, instantly turned Collins' face into one big bruise. We can only wonder at the strength of the Irishman, who for 10 rounds was punched with his bare fists. Years later another detail came to light: the bandages of Resto had been soaked with a plaster solution, which hardened and turned his fists into real clubs.

The outcome of the fight was overturned, after which a criminal investigation began. The police suspected that the boxer's team did not go for dirty tricks just to win. As it became known much later, serious people from the criminal world profited from Resto's victory. They bet on the underdog, knowing he had an ace up his sleeve, and literally made a fortune. Of course, the boxer and his coach got their share. The verdict of the court was harsh: Luis Resto was found guilty and sent to prison for two and a half years, Panama Lewis got two more years.

The fight between the famous heavyweights ended in a mass brawl. The coach was carried away on a stretcher. Video

Andrzej Golota repeatedly kicked Riddick Bowe in the groin and was disqualified because of it.

What's the point of the movie?

"Lefty" is a true sports drama that tells the story of a simple guy who made it out of the bottom twice. Once - it happened in his youth, when thanks to his great love for the sport and tender feelings for his girlfriend, Billy becomes a true champion and quickly takes his place in the "big ring". For the second time, the boxer rises from the bottom, where tragedy brings him - the murder of his wife. This time it's his love for his daughter, a great desire not to let the girl live the life that Billy himself had in his youth.

The message of the film's author is that you should always fight! You can be a boxer not only in the ring, but also in life. When life knocks you down, you have to find the strength to respond with accurate punches. Momentary weakness and emotions can derail one's life.

The story told in "Lefty" has drama, romance, and a lot of sports drive. Even the most pretentious critic will notice that a decent job was done on the image of the story's protagonist. According to stories, actor Jake Gyllenhaal was very seriously preparing for his role. He regularly visited the gym and devoted a lot of time to practicing his punches. Scenes in the ring in the film are so realistic that even professional boxers will be pleasantly impressed. "Lefty" is a movie worth watching with great acting by Jake Gyllenhaal.

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General meaning

Tattoos with swallows are suitable for men and women and have many meanings. Realistically, however, such an image denotes home, protection from all hardships. A more common meaning is a sign of good luck, such a swallow is also depicted with a horseshoe or a clover with four leaves.

For couples, the swallow in the nest will symbolize love for the family. If the bird on the tattoo is depicted in flight, it means that the person wants to be free and independent. Famous people are also very fond of swallow tattoos. They bring them popularity and success. Also swallows are tattooed by followers of religions or people who have someone died. The solitary feathered creature will represent hope and awakening.

Who is Billy Moore?

The script is based on Billy Moore's memoir, "Predawn Prayer. My Nightmares in Prisons in Thailand." Moore appears in the film as his own father - only for a few moments, but the man's brutality and charisma melt the screen.

Moore is now 45 years old, 18 of which he spent in 22 different prisons. Billy grew up in Liverpool in a poor, large family, his alcoholic father beat him constantly. As a teenager, Moore was addicted to drugs, constantly stealing and breaking into homes. His first time in prison was at the age of 17.

Moore came to Thailand in 2005 after treatment for drug addiction. Billy taught English by day and fought Thai boxing in the evenings. He even worked as an understudy for Sylvester Stallone on Rambo IV, but he didn't last long. Billy got hooked on meth and got into another petty crime spree. In "Klong Prem", the most trashy prison in Thailand, he decided to write his book - even such an experienced prisoner was struck by the everyday cruelty, indifference to the suffering of people and the speed of their degradation.


For women

For men