Hummingbird tattoo: exquisite sketches and rich photo examples of the unusual bird

One of the most popular bird tattoos is considered a hummingbird. It is distinguished by its beauty and grace. The main meaning of the tattoo with this small, delightful bird is love and enjoyment of life, the cheerfulness of its owner. As with most bird tattoos, hummingbirds carry connotations of striving for freedom and independence. Do tattoos on the shoulder, forearm, back and other parts of the body. Fashionable and beautiful body art can be done in black and white and colored. Variants of the outline of the paint of a certain color are possible.

Before applying a tattoo, it is worth to think well not only about the style and the image itself, but also about the part of the body where it will look harmoniously. And now we will consider the most popular variants of tattoos with hummingbirds and suitable places for applying images with the graceful and beautiful bird.

The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo

The ancient tribes of Maya and Aztecs believed that the hummingbird carries love, so on its feathers made love potions and potions. It was also said that birds that fly in pairs are the soaring souls of lovers who have died. So sometimes the hummingbird images carry the meaning of this legend, and speaks to the fact that one always strives to live in a pair with one's chosen one. Depicted feathers, carelessly falling out of the bird and coming down is a regret and longing for past joyful moments. Some people try to express their elusiveness, vigor, including sexual ones, by such an image.

The meaning of the hummingbird tattoo: from Native American mythology

But more often hummingbirds symbolize love. And this is due to the fact that the Indians of Central American countries were convinced - birds, flying in pairs, the souls of lovers, reunited after death.

Also in some Indian tribes the meaning of the hummingbird tattoo is a symbol of the struggle against hardship and the successful overcoming of any obstacles that arise along the way. The reason is that in Native American mythology there are many legends in which a small hummingbird saved whole tribes from drought, famine and other problems and difficulties, even fought for righteousness and helped to find answers to the gods.

Beautiful hummingbird tattoos: sketches

Tattooing is a very brave, courageous step for every person. In the selected sketch, a person adds his or her own special, individual meaning. It is worth carefully stopping the choice on the natal drawing, in order not to regret the committed act in the future. Such a delicate and harmonious sketch is most often performed in a colorful, saturated style, including in the drawing a lot of motley and bright colors. Another magical meaning of the bird betrays its ability to float on a flat spot, and it indicates its connection with the soul. Therefore, the most common sketch is a bird that soars in flight a certain message to the flight and free life.

Hummingbird tattoo for girls

In the culture of the East, the hummingbird is a symbol of grace, beauty and purity, so it is typical to apply them to young girls. The compositions with the presence of flowers and a wonderful miniature bird are very popular among girls. Harmonious option for girls will be to perform the tattoo under the chest or on the stomach. Choosing this area of the body for a hummingbird tattoo will tell you that you have a certain zest in you.

Master class of watercolor drawing "Hummingbird Flight".

Video watercolor drawing lesson "Hummingbird Flight". Oksana Mitrofanova Oksana is a professional artist and watercolorist. She teaches drawing to children and adults, and since 2013 she has held more than 100 master classes! In her work the artist tries to always improve, try new things and share her knowledge with her students. She believes that creativity makes our world better! In this video lesson Oksana invites you to observe a hummingbird gathering nectar from a beautiful Chinese rose. It will work for everyone, even for beginners! You will learn ✔ Simple construction of birds using hummingbirds as an example, and drawing wavy flower petals ✔ Working with masking fluid; ✔ Harmonizing shades for your work; Creating light and light watercolor wet fills; ✔ Drawing flower petals with light and shade in one layer; ✔ Watercolor coloring; ✔ Working on accents and details to complete your composition. You learn ✔ How to paint watercolor ✔ How to paint birds in watercolor ✔ How to paint the petals of flowers in watercolor ✔ How to use the masking fluid; ✔ How to make watercolor fills ✔ How to do glaze watercolor The result of the video lesson is a gentle picture with a fluttering hummingbird! Lesson Duration Video Lesson Duration: 2 hours View Lesson All Doodle&Sketch Box owners, as well as Doodle&Sketch Subscription holders can watch this great full video drawing lesson in their Creative Spaces. Art supplies Make sure you have the following art supplies for a comfortable learning experience: ✔ AQUAREL paints Watercolor paints from any manufacturer in the following colors (White Nights paints used in this lesson): - Cadmium Yellow - Cadmium Lemon - Ultramarine - Purple - Carmine - Emerald Green - Pink - Cadmium Orange - Turquoise - Green ✔ Brushes - Round column hair, squirrel or synthetic #2 and #5 brushes. - In this video she uses 100% Fin cotton paper. You may use any other watercolor paper of thickness not less than 250 g that is able to hold water. In this case you need to fix the paper firmly on the flatbed with a paper adhesive tape. ✔ Masking liquid for aquarelle (or white gouache) ✔ Pencil pad ✔ Pen and Tassel ✔ Paper tape ✔ Glass of water ✔ Rag or paper towel ✔ Palette or white trivet Any skill level. The lesson will be of interest to students with beginner skills as well as advanced artists.

ArtProfessor: Oksana Mitrofanova


Hummingbird tattoo: unusual variants with paired birds

Tattoo with several hummingbirds attaches great importance to the concepts of loyalty, love and devotion. Often this tattoo is performed by couples in love as a sign of true love and eternal life together.

Tattoo hummingbirds in popular styles

Add unusual details, a few elements of art inserts an already realistic picture will help the style of application of thrash polka. This style is chosen by people who reject reality. For them, there are no rules, a hummingbird in this style will express the boldness and complete independence of man. Old-school and traditional techniques have been around for a long time, so this style is time-tested. You can put deep meaning into such a drawing, and tell those around you about a certain part of your life or about your general plans and outlook on life. Often there are graceful, subtle drawings done in the dotting technique of detework.

Drawing courses

Learning to paint watercolor on your own is interesting, but awfully long! When there is an experienced artist around to help you see and correct mistakes, things will go much faster.

How to choose an art class so that you won't waste your money and your studies will be effective? Answer yourself the question, "Why do I want to learn to draw?"

If you are determined and want to reach at least Michelangelo's level to enter college or to paint professionally, pay attention to academic drawing courses.

Start by studying the program. What does the school want to offer you? Does it seem too easy or too complicated for your level?

Often art schools will divide classes into thematic blocks like "Head Drawing Basics" or "Tonal Drawing. These blocks can last on average 14 to 72 academic hours..

The cost will also vary: 3,000 to 10,000 rubles..

If you are more interested in drawing as your hobby or want to master one or two techniques, pay attention to master classes. In a short period of time (2-6 hours) they'll explain you the basics of drawing in a certain technique and tell you step-by-step how to draw a picture that you'll create right there at the class.

The cost of master classes depends on the school and teacher and starts at from 2 000 rubles.

Look at the reviews of the school you've chosen. Pay attention to what the students say about the general atmosphere. Drawing in tension is very difficult, because this is the kind of activity for which you need to free your head and give free rein to your emotions and imagination.

Hummingbird watercolor tattoo

A tattoo in the performance of watercolor looks amazing. This style is subtly suitable for the image of a small delicate bird. Smooth transitions of colors will give an opportunity to accurately convey the lightness of the wings and the fluttering flight of the bird. Watercolor performance always looks smooth and precise, ostensibly random splashes and runs give the figure an original look.

Hummingbird tattoo: photo in realistic style

Tattoos in a realistic style will always exceed your expectations. They are sure to attract a lot of admiring looks, because realistic drawings on the body are always widely appreciated. Hummingbirds are usually depicted in color, because there is no other way to convey fabulously beautiful colors of their feathers.

Black and white hummingbird tattoo

Color images undoubtedly look more spectacular, but the most durable are the black and white versions. They do not fade as quickly, which gives them a definite advantage.

Miniature tattoo with a hummingbird

Modest and shy people tend to choose the style of minimalism. In fact, this is a laconic, spectacular and modern image without unnecessary elements.

Tattoo of a hummingbird on the hand

Excellent will look naked drawing with a hummingbird, made on the hand. For such a purpose, you can choose the forearm, wrist or hand. This will emphasize your elegance, tenderness and femininity. The location of the tattoo of the bird on the body depends on its type, size and, of course, your desire. If you preferred a hummingbird with a long tail, it will be more appropriate to start the drawing from the shoulder, or spend it all over the arm.

How do I choose watercolor, watercolor paper, and brushes?

You can draw a masterpiece even with your fingers on a stump, but the right materials will make it easier.

And what does "properly chosen" mean? And how do you choose them? Actually, for watercolor painting it's really simple: you need paper, brushes and watercolor paints.

How do you choose watercolor paper?

No revelations, just platitudes: watercolor paper must be thick and rough. Usually such paper is sold as "watercolor paper" in our catalog.

Watercolor paper has a lot of texture, even imitating leather or fabric. It can have different densities depending on the amount of cotton fibers in the paper.

For beginners I would use the most ordinary watercolor paper with solidity not less than 200 g/dm². It is often sold in albums of A3 format.

For professional works artists use other paper with more cotton fibers and it costs from 300 rubles per sheet.

For beginners there is no need to buy such paper, you can start with a simple watercolor paper, which is often sold in albums of 20 sheets.

How to choose watercolor brushes?

Brushes for painting watercolor are used differently. They differ in size and are numbered accordingly. Beginners can use brushes from № 1 (the thinnest) to № 5 (medium).

You can also use larger brushes, but you will need them either for large jobs or for quickly covering basic elements like fields, water or sky.

Equally important is the material from which the brushes are made. They should be soft, so Squirrel brushes are mostly used for watercolor painting.. They are soft and hold water well. When you press them, you can vary the stroke from a thin line to a fairly broad stroke.

How do I choose watercolors?

When choosing paints, don't chase expensive imported brands. Domestic professional and semi-professional watercolors will not disappoint you.

Depending on the price and the goals, everyone can choose the set that he will need.

You can buy individual colors and shades in cuvettes, they are also sold separately in any art store.

These little bricks with appetizing names are the cuvettes.

You will also need a palette and water.

Palette - A palette is a very handy tool for mixing paints to get new colors without ruining the paper. You can use either a separate sheet of watercolor paper that you will dedicate specifically for this case, or you can buy a plastic palette in an art store.

You can't do without a jar of water either, you can't paint with water. Buy a special non-pouring jar at . or find an old glass pickle jar at home.

"That's it?" - you ask. Well, let's answer: these were just the basic tools for working with watercolors. In addition, depending on your future masterpiece you may need:

  • A pencil and an eraser. They will outline your future masterpiece - draw a sketch.
  • Ruler. In case drawing lines by eye is not for you and you like utmost accuracy.
  • The tabletOn which you can attach a sheet of watercolor paper so that it does not run away from you in the process, and clips to it.
  • Paper towels. Whether it's wiping water and paint off brushes or saving your drawing from a flood, paper towels can do it all!

Hummingbird tattoo on your foot

The hummingbird tattoo on your leg is a fairly popular option. It is performed in the hip, calf or ankle area. Keep in mind that this bird is small, so it's best to depict it in full size, without sacrificing detail.

Drawing courses for children

Keep in mind that your child needs time to figure out if he likes to draw. Maybe he's a natural-born skier, and you're sending him to art school!

Don't rush to enroll your child in an academic drawing class, where they will boringly explain to him what perspective is, and over and over again will make him draw the same ball.

Look at the programs in children's art studios: Let your child playfully do what he or she loves, drawing blotches and fluffy blue elephants! Gradually they will be told and shown how to draw correctly and won't discourage them from further development in this area. In addition, drawing is an excellent way to develop fine motor skills and children's imagination.

When you have already realized that your child has a talent and enjoys drawing, feel free to take him or her to a more serious art school.

The total duration of courses for children is usually the same as for adults, But the classes themselves can be shorter so as not to overwork your child - one or one and a half astronomical hours is quite enough.

In terms of cost, children's courses are slightly cheaper and start in the price category of from 2 000 rubles.

Pay attention to the teacher - he or she should not only draw well, but also be able to explain to children why we draw the sun the way we do, and the rabbit the way we do. The whole process of teaching should be built from the simple to the complex.

Already bought yourself some watercolors? Ready to conquer the artistic heights? Now you're ready with the theory, it's just a matter of trying! Do not be afraid of mistakes, because in the drawing nothing happens without practice.

Hummingbird tattoos on the neck and behind the ear

Original tattoos with a hummingbird on the neck or behind the ear are quite popular. Such a tattoo is most suitable style of minimalism, because the picture will add modesty and mystery to the owner.

How to draw a hummingbird on a flower for beginners. Step by step. Watercolor.

In this video you will see how to easily draw a hummingbird on a flower for beginners. Watercolor. Step by step drawing. Soon super bright and beautiful video hummingbird drawing in gouache or acrylic. VERY SIMPLE How to paint birds easily. More birds

My drawing lessons for beginners and children will help paint crafts made with their own hands. And drawing for kids, diy, handmade will teach you how to create. How beautiful paper flowers are! Use my diy painting tips. Tips for school children will help you make a presentation and a creative project. For school and for projects my paper crafts will be very useful. Subscribe to my channel and ask questions! Drawing lessons with Olga! With love to you, Olga Mishina! I recommend the PAPA CAN channel Flowers from paper Drawing spring by step by step Easter crafts and drawings paper crafts Drawing winter by step New Year and Christmas crafts and drawings Handmade paper toys Drawing with wax crayons and watercolors. GIFTS GIFTS and Decorations for home and garden Creating and drawing for children Drawing cartoons How to make angels Lessons in drawing landscapes step by step Drawing lessons. Step-by-step drawing easy drawing by schemes drawing ink drawing the cartoon three cats drawing bunny pepa drawing the smeshariki drawing the barboskins drawing the fics Masha and the bear tips for schoolchildren. To help schoolchildren. Pig, the symbol of 2021 Halloween crafts and drawings Handmade Valentines #how-to-draw-birds#birds#easypainting#how-to-draw#olgamishin#birds#draw-spring

Unique hummingbird tattoos on your back

If you decided to make a large-scale, wide drawing with a background and a lot of details, then perform it on the back or scapula. In this case, you will have enough space for the realization of the conceived sketch. Looks great option when the hummingbird's head takes the beginning in the area between the shoulder blades, and the end of the tail is near the waist line.

How to draw a landscape in watercolor?

After you've practiced drawing individual elements, try something a little more complicated.

Nature is the best inspiration for an artist. Why not capture nature on paper then?

To draw a simple landscape, follow 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Pick the right size paper and brushes you feel comfortable painting with. Choose the basic colors that will be present in the landscape.

Step 2. At this point, create a pencil sketch. Don't sketch out all the details, just mark the location of objects.

Do not put too much pressure on the pencil. The lines should be barely visible, so that the watercolor hides them.

Step 3. Apply basic background colors: paint the sky, earth, water, or plants in basic colors.

Step 4. Add details and shade existing elements. Add clouds to the sky, draw foliage on the trees, make highlights on the water.

Step 5. Work out very small details, if necessary, and correct any visible imperfections.

Voila! If you do everything step by step, no matter what you draw, you'll have a masterpiece.

What could be more beautiful than a sunset in the mountains? Here's a step-by-step step-by-step drawing of a vivid evening landscape:


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