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Whale tattoo on the shoulder
Tattoo of a whale on his shoulder

Whale. Amazing and majestic whales have earned a place of honor in the pantheon of iconic tattoos. This animal combines futuristic features and the grace of a sea creature. The sign has positive meanings that also attract connoisseurs of original tattoos.

The symbol of the whale is suitable for peaceful, holistic natures. Or those who wish to acquire similar qualities.

The whale in mythology

Regarding the involvement of the image of whales in the legends and myths of various nations, most people will recall three main themes.

The theory of a flat earth, which from below rests on three whales (The original version in the Dove Book had seven whales). The meaning of the image: the entire current world order is based on more ancient forms of life. And it is the whales that are the ancient beings from previous versions of Earth's civilizations, from which the Creator's experiments with our world and its population of living beings began.

And also when we see the earth on three whales - we subconsciously refer to the formula that any order is based on chaos.. After all, sometimes the whale is associated with Leviathan - a terrible sea monster, symbolizing the elemental chaos, which can rage and pose a threat to humans and even civilization.

Another famous whale story is. the Ancient Testament whale.which swallowed and in three days spit out the biblical Jonah. The symbolic meaning of this story is a kind of resurrection, a rebirth of the hero. In this story, the whale, or rather its belly, represents the cosmic womb, hence the connection with the Moon and its cycles. Being inside the whale is the days of Hecate, when the moon is not in the sky, and then it revives and begins to arrive.

People who lived on the sea - fishermen and sailors - told stories of good whales and evil whales.. For example, this simple division was typical of the folklore of Northern Europe: Scandinavians, Icelanders, etc.

Evil whales could harm, destroy ships and people, it was not allowed to talk about them aloud especially when sailing, it condemned the ship to meet with this monster:

The whales are greedy and ferocious. In them the lust for killing never dies out, and they plough the oceans in search of ships. To move more easily and quickly, they leap into the air, falling on ships from above and smashing them into splinters. They are meant to be the enemy of man.

But there were also good whaleswhich, on the contrary, helped to get food - chased the fish toward the fishermen. And also saved sailors in various shipwrecks. For example, Vietnamese fishermen believe in the God of waters, who created whales so big just to save those who were shipwrecked - the whale sits them on his back and takes them to a safe place.

Some species of whales were endowed with positive qualities, they could confront their own brethren and protect people from mortal danger. But this behavior is rather an exception, because unlike the dolphin, whales do not show interest in relationships with people.

There was also an interesting nuance to the myth of the "good whales": they helped people only as long as there was peace and order on the ship, as long as people coexisted on it amicably.

There was also a story related to whales, when sailors landed on the back of a huge whale, mistaking it for an island. Of fairy tale analogies we can recall The fish-the whale Wonderboy. from Yershov's fairy tale "The Hunchback Horse," on which people lived. Or the cases of Sinbad the Sailor or Baron Munchausen, who was landed on an island that turned out to be a whale.

In Ireland, there is a maritime legend of the Benedictine monk Brandan, who in the 6th century went in search of the Promised Land. The monk and his companions suffered the same story: they landed on the back of a huge whale, thinking it was an island. There is an additional moral to this story - Brandan erected an altar and began to praise the lord. Allegedly that's why he didn't get hurt, like many in a similar situation, when the whale woke up and took both men and ship with it to the bottom.

The Koru spiral

- Symbolizes a new beginning, tranquility and harmony.

The spiral Koru is one of the most popular Maori symbols. Koru represents a twisted yet unopened fern leaf. Koru is a symbol of the beginning of a new life. The bark also represents rebirth, awakening, personal growth, hope, purity, the beginning of a new stage in life, the spirit of change, harmony and tranquility.

The koru symbol was (and still is) very often used by the Māori not only in the making of amulets but also in various designs in woodcarving and as an element of tattooing.

Keith symbol.

More related to the planets Moon and Neptune, as well as Pluto.

The whale as a tattoo, talisman, amulet is suitable for those people who tend to choose for their own life realization such parameters as:

  • eternity and infinity,
  • strength and power,
  • tranquility and peace;
  • depth and empathy;
  • rebirth and transformation.

The whale is a symbol of intuition, of receptivity, of the subconscious levels of our perception. It is with the subconscious mind that our inner chaos is connected, and with reaching the level of awareness is our resurrection, our release from the belly of Keith.

As a symbol of our unconscious brought out into the open, the whale can be identified with danger and even treachery, with events disrupting our plans and life trajectory. When a man cannot sail further on his way, but is dragged by the sea monster together with the ship to the depths of the past, to the bottom. And only after meeting your own inner darkness, after paying karmic debts, you can get out of the whale's belly.

The whale is an opportunity to go through trials, through the darkness and chaos of your own memory, and come out of there renewed. From there, you can build your own life on this experience, founding your new land, which will build on your past experiences. One that does not consume you, but serves you because it is fully realized and meaningful.

It is not for nothing that this image was chosen by the people who created the so-called game "blue whale".The official explanation of this symbol is that when one whale is unhappy, it trumpets to help others. The official explanation of this symbol is that when one whale is unhappy, it trumpets and calls others for help. But in fact, it is a symbol of an aggregor that devours, like plankton, the still immature souls of children. Who do not have enough intelligence and awareness (blue is responsible for this) to live in reality. And who buy into manipulation and the illusion of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Who is suited for the symbol of the whale?:

  • If your totem is a whale.;
  • if you're in a in a state of transformation.it will help you get through it with dignity;
  • representatives water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces);
  • If you are born on the border between Aries and Taurus, because in the Upper Zodiac there is the Sign of China, the most active period of manifestation of this sign - April 19-21. It is these people who are most suited to the symbol of the Whale.
  • If your horoscope are manifested . degrees with a totem of whales: 26 degrees Scorpio (narwhal), 10 degrees Sagittarius (sperm whale), 24 degrees Pisces (blue whale).

Tips for sketches

To portray the whale as colorfully as possible, use underwater photos. The animal in its natural environment looks artistic and expressive. The plasticity of the body will enrich the drawing with subtle but distinctive details.

Use whale tattoo sketches from the Internet only as inspiration. The very creation of the ocean is a symbol of originality. So why repeat someone else's work instead of filling the drawing with your own symbolism?

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In choosing a color scheme, rely on the experience of the master. He will be able to choose the most attractive palette that will contrast favorably with your body. Take into account the fact that the skin changes color with the change of seasons. Do not abuse the brown and gray shades, otherwise the whale will be poorly visible on tanned skin.

Whale Totem

The whale is a rather complex and mysterious totem, primarily because of its intrinsic secrecy and depth.

A man with a similar image of his own subconscious to some serious life transformations in which he is completely changed. He often feels misunderstood and lonely, it is difficult for him to express himself in the outside world. He needs grandiose goals and broad horizons of life.

There are two varieties of this totem associated with 2 types of whales (based on mythology - these are good and evil whales):

  • mustached whales, which graze in the ocean and filter out plangton;
  • Tooth whales, which are fearless and impetuous hunters.

Totem mustached whale

He does not need to rush anywhere, on the contrary, his task is to feel that he is immersed in eternity and there is infinity around him. He must always listen to his intuition, only then will he be able to realize himself and make his own life full and special. And the people around him will consider him though strange, but a very nice person who is very valuable in society.

In mustached whale a lot of love and affection, he knows how to appreciate a good word and is very grateful.

With the apparent thick-skinnedness, this man can be finely sensitive, capable of mastering the depths of poetry, psychoanalysis, philosophy, history, art. Everything that has to do with the inner life of man, with abstract questions - it attracts him and can become his profession. And he himself is a unique specialist, one of a kind. The more he will help others to solve their inner problems, the easier the transformation processes will go in his own Soul.

If a person with a totem of whale cannot fulfill himself, he is capable of snapping at one point and starting to ruin the world that does not accept him.

As a partner, he needs a special attitude. It is suitable only for a man who is able to understand all the strangeness, depth and beauty of his reverent soul, which will not require him any standard action and achievements. Then in return he will receive a 100% devoted spouse and parent, who will allow his loved ones to live with him through special processes and energies.

Totem Tooth Whale.

In nature, this particular type is a predator, a killer whale that feeds on living things and is even capable of attacking its own kind in packs. They are extremely intelligent and know how to settle in society, creating closed societies and groups.

1977 film poster. "Death Among the Icebergs."

This is an extremely dangerous totem that reveals rather dark tendencies in a person. At best, he can make a good financier who just feels the benefits and successful directions of investments. He is quite brutal and concrete, able to use other people and their weaknesses. He destroys opponents.

After all, it's not for nothing on the financial and stock markets, players with large amounts of assets and bending the market under themselves, are called Whales.

Such a man has an inner strength and ability to keep his plans secret from others for a long time. They are difficult to calculate and even more to stop. They like to live wide and play big. They are real business tycoons and political bosses.

Everything that they do not yet understand is dangerous for them - modern technology, forcing them to give up their usual ways of acting and hunting. Anything related to artificial intelligence scares them and attracts them at the same time.

As partners, they like to live and unite in clans, because they love power and everything that strengthens it. They distinguish their own from the strangers: they protect their own, and use the strangers.

On this topic - the heading "Totems".

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Tattoo meaning for men

Men at all times have wanted to show themselves as strong, powerful and reliable. That is what the whale means to them. Also invincibility and calmness of the leader.

The whale is huge. He is respected by all, but he does nothing for it. A man with a tattoo of this animal is respected subconsciously. Just his appearance alone causes awe and awe. A calm, strong, loyal to the family, the case, the undisputed leader - the characteristic of those who wear his body image whale.


Photo review of tattoos with whales, whales soaring in space and sailing near the lighthouse, as well as all styles and trends.

Living in the depths of the oceans, this giant mammal has always been a peculiar symbol of masculine charm, both positive and negative. For a long time sailors have had a fear of whales, fearing their imposing size, strength and mysterious, unperturbed movement under water. The most famous of these "ocean monsters" is, of course, Moby Dick, the famous white whale from the American novel by Herman Melville. Now whales are still being hunted, putting them in danger of total extinction. Nevertheless, many people are trying to protect them. The Sea Shepherd Association, for example. Sea Shepherd,

often collaborates with and international tattoo conventions to raise money for the conservation and protection of marine life.

And yes, the whale has its rightful place in tattoo art. Of course, thanks to the sea wolves that influenced . Now this peaceful and beautiful animal, with its harmonious forms, can also take its place on your skin once and for all. This deep giant often appears in sci-fi literature (for example, in the book "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy") and - flying in the sky, as elegant as floating in water. If you want to score a ruthless whale, thereby showing your strength, then you might consider or , since it is in these styles that the whale often sinks ships or fights an equally cruel octopus. You might want to capture the religious meaning about the prophet Jonah and how he was swallowed by the "big whale" (don't think, whales don't eat people!). But if you prefer the more poetic, peaceful side of this mammal, you can find inspiration in , and . Nor should you forget about , where the depiction of whales is also significant to the peoples of the Pacific, who thereby show great respect for their silent neighbors.

I think you're now completely ready to dive into the underwater world of tattooing! Take a look at these beautiful and varied whale tattoos

...And remember: conservation of not only whales, but all animals, is critical to the future of the Earth and our own.

(Hei) Matau - fish hook

The fishhook is a talisman, a symbol of strength and courage.

Fishing was traditionally part of the Maori way of life, so a good fishhook was considered a valuable item. A fishhook indicated one's dependence on the sea for food. The amulet (hei) matau, worn around the neck, was a symbol of prosperity, wealth, good health, strength and power. Wearing the amulet (hei) matau was a demonstration of respect for the sea and sea creatures.

Maori symbols and their meaning: the fish hook

It is also (hei) matau - a talisman that protects one when traveling on the sea, and a symbol that brings good fortune.

Kotuku - Kotuku (White Heron)

Kotuku is the Maori name for the white heron bird. Kotuku is one of the rarest birds in New Zealand and Maori mythology attaches particular importance to it.

The white heron is the personification of prestige, purity and uniqueness. Comparison with a white heron was considered a compliment among the Maori.

Kotuku symbolizes communication with the world beyond and is considered a messenger of the spirit world. The Kotuku, like the tiki, is a symbol of the Maori as a people because, like the Maori tribes, this beautiful bird came to the land of the Aotearoa to stay.

The image of the kotuku can be seen on the two-dollar New Zealand coin.

Origin and species [ edit | edit code ]

Cetaceans, particularly whales, have the largest sizes among animals: the blue whale (blue whale) reaches an average body length of 25 m as an adult (the largest up to 33 m) and a mass of 90-120 tons. All cetaceans, including whales, dolphins and porpoises, are descendants of land mammals in the order of cloven-hoofed mammals. According to molecular genetic data, cetaceans are an infraorder of cloven-hoofed mammals [5]. Moreover, according to these data, hippopotamuses are among the closest living relatives of whales; they are descended from a common ancestor who lived about 54 million years ago [6] [7]. Whales transitioned to an aquatic lifestyle about 50 million years ago [8]. Cetaceans are divided into three suborders:

  • Moustache whales (Mysticeti), distinguished by their whiskers, a filter-like structure located on the upper jaw, consisting mainly of keratin. The whisker is used to filter plankton from the water, filtering large quantities of water with its comb-like mouth structure. Whales are the largest suborder of whales.
  • Tooth whales (Odontoceti) have teeth and prey on large fish and squid. This is their main source of food. A remarkable ability of this group is the ability to sense their environment through echolocation. Toothed whales include dolphins and porpoises.
  • Ancient whales (Archaeoceti) are now a completely extinct group.

Pikuroa - the twisted spiral

symbolizes unity, connection and relationship, infinity.

It is probably one of the most popular Maori symbols. There are spirals twisted once, twice, and even three times.

Pikuroa, spiralized once, denotes the uninterrupted paths of life that are emerging before a person. It symbolizes the close relationship between two people (and if the spiral is wound three times - between a group of people, communities and entire cultures), loyalty and friendship.

A spiral with one twist signifies the spiritual unity of two people in eternity. No matter what paths the two people took, they will always remain bound by strong ties and will return to each other.

Maori symbols and their meaning: the twisted spiral

If you give an amulet in the form of a single twisted spiral to a loved one, you thereby express your friendship, loyalty and love.

Spirals twisted twice and three times similarly indicate the relationship between groups of people and cultures. Traditionally, the Mori gave double and triple twisted spirals to friendly tribes. During the colonization of New Zealand, such Maori spirals were presented to Europeans as a symbol of good intentions.

The symbol of the double twisted spiral is a reference to the so-called "three baskets of knowledge".

According to the legend, "three baskets of knowledge" were presented to people by the god Tane, the god of forests, birds and the progenitor of mankind, who created the first man Tiki. These baskets contained everything humans needed to live.

Toki (Adze)

- symbolizes strength, determination, power, and control.

The Toki shape represents the tip of an axe. Chiseled from stone Toki was used by the Maori in their daily work for chopping and hewing wood, and sometimes as a weapon. The Toki was handed down as an inheritance.

Toki symbolizes strength, power, determination, certainty and the ability to focus.

Traditional amulets in the form of Toki were made of stone or green stone and braided with a special cord. They were given only to very close people. To get toki as a gift was considered an honor.

Tiki - the symbol of Tiki

- the first man who gave birth to the first woman, a symbol of fecundity.

Tiki is probably the most recognizable symbol among Maori symbols. Tiki is known not only in Maori culture, but also in the cultures of most Polynesian peoples. From Hawaii to New Zealand, the tiki is considered the first mortal man to appear on Earth. He descended from the stars and created the first woman in his image.

Maori symbols and their meaning: tiki

Tiki is considered a symbol of fecundity and a talisman that brings good luck and scares away evil spirits. In this way, it is also used as an amulet, which helps to bring clarity and purity to the thoughts of those who wear it.

Tiki represents the human embryo, so he is often depicted holding his hands at the loins.

The tiki is a symbol of the Maori as a people.


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