Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on his arm, back, shoulder. Pictures, meanings

Tattoo of a pirate

Tattoo of a pirate

Tattoo of a pirate - One of the most controversial tattoos. At all times, corsairs caused not only horror, but also admiration. Free, seeking adventure gentlemen of fortune. From them always reeked of danger and risk. This is reflected in the art of tattooing.

Meaning of the pirate theme tattoo

There are about 30 tattoos on Johnny Depp's body, in which, according to the actor himself, his entire biography is recorded. Some of them relate to the pirate theme and serve as a memory of the filming of the cult series.

The images, applied to his own body by the irrepressible sea robbers, had a pronounced rebellious character. This theme is still popular with fans of body painting.

Jack Sparrow tattoo on the arm, back, shoulder. A photo, values

Tattoo Jack Sparrow serve as a vivid example of the originality and adventurism of the storm of the seas of the past centuries. Pirates adorned their bodies with personal images, which carried clear information about their owner.

Later this idea was picked up by hardened criminals and all kinds of representatives of the criminal community. Each such tattoo has a specific meaning. A huge number of body compositions and drawings are attributed to this theme.

Among them:

  • A pirate girl, often depicted semi-naked;
  • a colorful character with a metal hook hand;
  • various versions of ships;
  • Jolly Roger, a drawing of a skull with crossed bones beneath it;
  • compasses;
  • nautical charts and more.

Most of the images are dedicated to capricious Fortune, death, and gambling. A significant part of the pirate tattoos symbolizes the eternal struggle and pursuit of wealth. The inseparable attributes of the set are all sorts of cold and firearms.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photos, meanings

Pirate themes include images of fantasy flags, gold coins, treasure chests. Artistic compositions with mythical sea animals, giant octopuses, mermaids are very popular.

Each stroke of the body image is filled with secret meaning and hidden message to others. The unusual symbolism and extravagance of the theme of flibusters imbued with Johnny Depp.

Typical corsair tattoos:

Skull in a black triangleSymbolizes the immortal and cruel lord of the sea.
Rose of the WindsTalisman of pirate fortune.
Skull with crossed swords.Forged, aggressive stance of the wearer, bravery.
Golden doubloon.Embodying gambling and serves as an analogue of gambling paraphernalia for sea robbers.
Caravelle with raised sails.Winning, dominance, and leadership qualities.
Shipwreck CemeteryRelease from the burden of the past.
A pair of sabers in the rope loop.Symbol of triumph, victory over death, good luck and robber excitement.

In the corsair subjects widely used images of anchors of all kinds of varieties and configurations. Generally speaking, they symbolize the unsinkability of the bearer of the tattoo. But in each coded and personal message.

One of the most colorful pirate tattoos is the predatory built up boarding hooks. These patterns of body art symbolize the stakes of victory, the habit of the owner to achieve their goals by force and take the best from life.

The grinning face, often with a black eye patch and a triangle, is used by lovers of bad jokes and people with a stern disposition. The graceful and charming mermaid means blessing and brings good luck in maritime robberies.

A rose pierced with a dirk or dagger symbolizes fatal love. Pirate tattoos abound. Some images are ambiguous and can be interpreted differently depending on the context.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

Leads in demand and recognition of the eternal symbol of flibusters - the jolly Roger. He embodies an aggressive stance on life, rebelliousness and rebellious nature.

It is a symbol of:

  • Reckless desperation;
  • cheerful doom;
  • indomitable zeal;
  • an adventurous disposition;
  • irrepressible courage;
  • wanderlust and adventure.

A separate symbolism acquired pirate tattoos in modern interpretations and trendy trends in body art.

The image of a stern bearded face with a black corsair bandana on his head emphasizes:

  • dashing prowess;
  • a stern temper;
  • a claim to leadership.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

A direct interpretation of most pirate tattoos is the desire to seize wealth at any cost. Some drawings are mocking or downright threatening in nature.

Pirate symbol

Pirates in the movies appear as reckless bandits, robbing gold from the ships. Many people envy them because these robbers lead an interesting life full of adventures. Tattoo holders can do things that others would never dare to do. They like to take risks and often put their own lives on the line. The motto of the owner of the fun Roger tattoo "Life in fear is empty and meaningless. They live life to the fullest.

The Jolly Roger was originally a character in a fairy tale, which translated means "never give up without a fight." The tattoo symbolizes the constant struggle and achieving goals by any means necessary. This does not always indicate a negative meaning of the tattoo. The main idea is that you should not give up if the goal seems unattainable. It is necessary to try in any case. Giving up the dream because of its impracticability - the lot of the weak.

Body painting may have additional elements, then the meaning of the tattoo will be different. The jolly Roger, depicted with a snake, means immortality, gained through the wisdom of the snake. People with such a tattoo have a well-developed intuition, which is safely used on the way to the goal.

Who is suitable for pirate tattoos?

The flibustering theme goes back to the beginning of the XVI century, when in the midst of the era of colonization of the open lands and the development of overseas possessions by European monarchies, galleons full of treasures and natural resources were plying the seas and oceans.

Jack Sparrow tattoos from the cult TV series date back to the days of pirate romance, when dashing people had something to gain. Such on-the-skin images, often performed in an old-school technique, contain a charge of aggression, reckless excitement and outlaw cheerfulness.

Such odious tattoos are suitable for people with:

  • a developed sense of humor;
  • a specific philosophy of life;
  • desire to win and dominate;
  • desire to control their own destiny.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

Signs and symbols of gentlemen of fortune are designed for natures with an expressive ego, bright personalities. People with a rebellious character, nihilists and anarchists give preference to such natal images.

In the flibusters' drawings laid down a powerful energy. Pirate images on the body are suitable for people who do not imagine their life without the not always justified risk and desperate excitement. They play big with fate and are willing to put their own lives on the line.

The connoisseur of this direction of the art of body painting is prone to bluffing and gives preference to dizzying action every day. They are people of a special kind of character, moral organization and ethical qualities. They are commonly referred to as antisocial personalities.

The fate of most people who decorate their own bodies with corsair signs, drawings and symbols is reminiscent of a poignant novel. This is a charismatic nature, striving for independence, dominance and leadership. They do not tolerate competition and rivalry.

Pirate tattoos can be seen on the body and outright criminals, and some decent members of society:

  • professional boxers;
  • arm wrestlers;
  • bodybuilders;
  • creative bohemians;
  • rock musicians.

Brokers and poker players adorn their own bodies with such images. Ideas of eternal struggle and desperate risk are also close to other social categories. Such drawings are common among members of youth subcultures.

Pirate images suit hackers and cyber-sportsmen. Sketches from the flibusters kits and the pantheon of gentlemen of fortune gravitate to the professional auto and motorcycle racers.

Who better not to do a tattoo with pirates?

This theme is considered extremely odious. Often such tattoos have criminal content. It is not recommended to apply on the body corsair signs and symbols to people who do not want to be associated in the eyes of others with the criminal world and antisocial life position.

It is undesirable to make such images, especially in the open areas of the skin, to those who hold a prestigious position or specialize in working with clients. Pirate tattoos do not add to a person's decent reputation.

They symbolize the following negatively perceived aspects of society:

  1. Violence. Such tattoos are made by natures who do not reckon with others and are used to suppress the will of others.
  2. Brutality. Corsairs theme is associated with aggressiveness and the ability to achieve their own goals by any means.
  3. Rebelliousness. Pirate tattoo declares antisocial position of its owner and the trampling of social foundations.
  4. The hunt for material values. Pirates were engaged in robbery. Therefore, these symbols and signs are associated with greed, adventurism, and a desire for illicit enrichment.
  5. Lure for good fortune. Some such tattoos are inherent to gamblers and desperate card players.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on his arm, back, shoulder. Pictures, meanings

The flibuster theme can generate unwanted associations in others, damaging the business reputation and human reputation of its bearer. Such tattoos look brutal and contain the corresponding meaning.

They indicate not the best moral and ethical qualities of their owner and his ability to do anything for profit. It is not worth doing characteristic pirate images to those who wish to avoid such associations.

Jack Sparrow tattoo designs on the arm and back.

Corsair symbolism is applied to any part of the body. Especially impressive look large-scale compositions, which are suitable for the back and the entire area of the skin of the hand - from shoulder to wrist.

Small size tattoos are used as a talisman or amulet, but they do not have such a striking appearance. Sketches of images, which decorated his body colorful character of the pirate film epic Jack Sparrow, offer many salons.

On the back you can put a portrait of the movie hero with a boarding saber in his hand, a scene of a fierce sea battle from the movie or a treasure map in the XVI-XVII centuries style with special signs woven into the picture canvas.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

In a classic composition from a Hollywood movie saga add a fun Roger waving on the mast of a filibuster corvette - a black flag with the image of a skull and crossed bones beneath it.

Often additional symbols and sullen pirate faces are applied. Artistic possibilities are limited only by the wishes of the customer and the imagination of the master. For a colorful flibusterskaya tattoo use any part of the hand or its entire surface.

Effectively looks colored pattern on the shoulder or triceps. Horrifying pirate skull or sullen, salted by sea winds and bevelled wrinkles physiognomy veteran flibusters harmoniously fit into the body area between the shoulder blades.

Jack Sparrow tattoo on the arm, back, shoulder. A photo, values

The choice of the place for the thematic drawing and the sketch itself is sometimes conditioned by the peculiarities of the skin. The most extreme variant - a tattoo on the scarred part of the body or on the trace of a knife wound.

They become a natural fragment of the art composition, giving it an even more frightening look. The pirate theme is considered ideal for depicting around scars or other visible traces of a turbulent life.

Flibusters sketches are sometimes used to hide scars and traces of knife or bullet wounds. Women demand drawings in pirate style on stretch marks of skin, left after childbirth or sharp weight loss.

Inscriptions and a poem

On the body of Jack Sparrow can also be seen a large amount of text. This tattoo is a quote from a poem by Max Ehrmann. It is interesting that the action takes place long before the author of the text was born. However, there is an opinion that the author of the lines is people from the 17th century, but this is not supported by anything. The tattoo is a row of lines in italics in the native language. The meaning of this kind of sketch is difficult to imagine. For this you need to know the translation of the poem.

Another angle of Jack Sparrow's tattoos

The title of the work itself can be translated as the phrase "that which is missing." The poem is a series of advice, among which you can find one that refers to behavior with people. Also, the author recommends to be yourself and not to adjust to other people's norms and rules. What is characteristic, it very accurately emphasizes the behavior of Jack Sparrow throughout the film.

Also in the text there is advice about lying, caution in business and the pursuit of fame. All these recommendations can be considered the mottos of the hero. Therefore, it becomes clear why the filmmakers settled on this particular piece.

Jack Sparrow with a Polynesian tattoo

Jack Sparrow tattoo ideas for men

Such specific patterns of body painting are suitable for anti-social personalities, creative natures and ready for anything for the sake of profit, hardened adventurers. Particularly popular in the corsair themes that resonate with the movie epic "Pirates of the Caribbean", are images of ships.

Ordinary sailing ship is associated with sea romance and distant wanderings. Picture of an aggressive pirate ship symbolizes the ease of movement, a fierce rebellion against conventional morality, legal laws and social rules.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photos, meanings
Sketch of the tattoo Jack Sparrow on the background of a ship

It is intended to emphasize the hooligan character of its bearer. The pirate ship "Black Pearl" can be successfully incorporated into a large body image of Jack Sparrow. Such a drawing will look especially spectacular in a realistic style. Such a technique will make the image as natural, photographic and detailed as possible. To achieve such an effect will help a rich color palette. Such tattoos are appropriate to do in a strict monochrome version.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

Effectively look different images of Jack Sparrow, made in the technique of dotwork or engraving.

Of the additional elements, the colorful drawing of the charismatic hero of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" is supplied with:

  • a skull in a black triangle;
  • a skeleton in typical corsair attire;
  • a chest full of treasure;
  • a large parrot;
  • a bottle of rum.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

Expressive and expressive looks image of Jack Sparrow, made in the technique of thrash polka. Apply black ink and a red hue to faithfully imitate bloody stains.

Styles of execution

"Pirate" tattoos can be created in a variety of styles. Consider some of the most popular options.

  • Old skool.. In this case, the image will be distinguished by the presence of various bright colors, as well as wide contour lines. This trend appeared quite a long time ago, so it is often considered fundamental. Such drawings are supplemented with elements in the form of anchors, roses, swallows and hearts.
  • New Skool. This style direction is also distinguished by the presence of different saturated and maximum bright colors, a bold outline. But it combines elements of philosophy, abstraction and humor, and in some cases, graffiti.
  • Oriental. This style belongs to the Oriental group. Tattoos are often performed with elements of Japanese or Chinese culture.
  • Dotwork .. The image made in this style will consist of a large number of dots of different sizes. All of them are gradually imposed on the human body, with a certain distance between such elements, so that eventually formed a single whole picture.
  • Realism. These tattoos are quite difficult to perform. The master must have excellent skills in the application of body art. Realism is characterized by a clear and most accurate drawing of every detail, so the result is the most natural picture. And such drawings can be both black and white and in color.
  • Treble. This style direction is considered one of the most common. These tattoos will look like a complex pattern that includes a large number of intersecting lines with sharp ends.
  • Minimalism .. In this case, the tattoo is most often performed using only black pigment. Images in this case can be a variety of sizes. Often only the outline of the figure is made.
  • Watercolor .. This direction is in great demand. Externally, a tattoo performed in this style will look like a watercolor drawing. When applying several bright colors at once is used. At the same time the entire image and its individual parts do not circle the black outline. This kind of body art can also have a variety of sizes.
  • Traditional. To the group of traditional pictures should be attributed a body image, which are carried out in a simple traditional technique of application. In this case a sketch is necessarily made beforehand.
  • Linework .. In this case, the tattoo will consist of a large number of continuous lines, connected with each other. This style direction is considered one of the youngest, but it has already managed to gain great popularity.
  • Neo-tradition .. This style is also considered one of the youngest. It is distinguished by the presence of unusual bright images, patterns.
  • Ornamental .. This style allows you to perform drawings that look a bit like wood carvings. They are usually made with various complex patterns, each of which has its own hidden meaning.
  • Organic. This direction is created with the use of different bright colors. The image is decorated with a black thin outline. The style allows you to create whole beautiful subjects with additional decorative details.
  • Graphics. Tattoos designed in graphics will look like beautiful prints. This option will be great for both men and women.
  • Sketch. The direction is gaining increasing popularity among young people. Tattoo is designed, as a rule, in a simple black and white palette. In this case the image itself will look like a simple sketch to the drawing. The picture can be any size. Sometimes in this technique they create entire large plots on the human body.

Sketches for women

In modern art and culture, the image of pirates of the past centuries is enveloped in romance. Therefore, some tattoos of such content are suitable for girls. Representatives of the fair sex give preference to bright colored drawings without gloomy overtones.

Jack Sparrow tattoo girls are recommended to do in a playful and colorful style. Such images on a woman's body look interesting, appropriate and effective. It is desirable to give preference to drawings that occupy a small area of the skin.

Representatives of the fair sex complement images of the charismatic and extraordinary hero of "Pirates of the Caribbean":

  • ribbons;
  • floral elements;
  • symbolic inscriptions;
  • Graceful birds with bright plumage.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

Girls decorate their own body with just the face of the cinematic character, talented played by Johnny Depp, or depict him in full height. The artistic composition can have a pronounced romantic character or have a playful and humorous content.

Tattoos of the actor

When selecting Jack Sparrow's clothing, the fact that the actor had many tattoos on his body, which had to be hidden, was also taken into account. For example, several tattoos emphasize the fact that the actor has Native American ancestors. Such images include the figure of a representative of this nationality, located on the actor's biceps. Also on Johnny Depp's body is a snake, which is considered a symbol of the Indians for its wisdom and cunning.

In addition, the actor, like his character from the movie, has text tattoos on his body. One of the inscriptions spoke of his love for Winona Ryder, his former spouse. However, after the breakup, the actor slightly corrected the sketch, removing part of the beloved's name.


Images and meanings of tattoos like Jack Sparrow in the movie

The brilliant adventurer with an extraordinary nature was famous for his recklessness and irrepressible craving for adventure. One of the visual manifestations of the charismatic personality of the pirate ship captain are considered unusual tattoos.

Although there are about 30 of them on Johnny Depp's body, only 3 relate directly to the image of Jack Sparrow. Each has its own unique meaning and adds even more color to the appearance of the cinematic flibber.

The swallow on the captain's arm

On the right forearm of the king of the South Seas is a monochrome drawing of a bird on the background of the sun disk floating over the horizon. Some fans of the film epic and Johnny Depp talent fans are convinced that this is a sparrow, which gave the nickname of the hero of the film.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

In fact, the tattoo depicts a swallow, as eloquently evidenced by the clearly visible on the screen and numerous photos of the split tail. It was originally drawn by makeup artists, but the actor decided to capture the bird on his body forever.

He added the name Jack to the drawing. The difference between the real tattoo and the drawn one is in the fusion of the flight. In the permanent design, the swallow is pointing toward the body, not away from it. The tattoo has many meanings.

In China, it is considered a symbol of:

  • recklessness;
  • audacity;
  • Courage;
  • dangers;
  • anxiety.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

The swallow is depicted on the body of people who deliberately take a deadly risk. In Western culture it is positioned as a symbol of domesticity. The image of the swallow against the background of the sea on the pirate's arm eloquently alludes to his life, which is closely connected with the water element.

A quote from a poem by Max Ehrmann

On the body of the brave captain of the Black Pearl, one can notice textual tattoos that are completely uncharacteristic of pirates and not directly related to the flibustering theme. This is a quote from the poem "Desiderata" by American poet and writer Max Ehrmann, who lived in the 20th century. The film "Pirates of the Caribbean" takes place almost 200 years before the birth of the writer.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings

The title of the poem, a quote from which graces Jack Sparrow's body, can be translated from Latin as "that which is wanting" or "that which is missing. The colorful textual tattoo is in italics.

It can be clearly seen in one of the episodes of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End". This lyrical poem reflects the captain's state of mind. It calls for staying calm amidst the hustle and bustle, living by one's own rules, and other topical advice.

Verse on the back of the captain

Another textual tattoo on the body of the brave captain of the pirate ship that ploughed the Caribbean Sea is an excerpt from William Saroyan's poem "The Time of Your Life".

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow on the arm, back, shoulder. Photo, meanings
Sketch of a tattoo on the back of Jack Sparrow

The charismatic and resilient Jack Sparrow is a philosophical character who wears on his back a call not to yield to anyone and not to allow himself to be exalted. This is the meaning of the expressive text tattoo on the body of the storm of gold-packed galleons and the king of the Caribbean Sea.

Tattoo of a swallow

On the hand of the captain you can see a bird, against the background of the setting sun. Many sincerely believe that it is a sparrow, which gave the nickname of the hero. However, this is not the case. The tattoo depicts a swallow, which you can tell by the bird's split tail.

Jack Sparrow tattoo on his arm

It is this tattoo that the celebrity decided to carry into his life. Johnny Depp got a similar tattoo, changing the direction of the bird's flight. Now it is heading in the direction of the actor. Also, the sketch was supplemented with the name Jack. This is not only a reference to the actor's famous role, but also a diminutive nickname of Johnny's son. Therefore, the direction of the flight was also changed. The actor explains this by the fact that no matter how far away his son is from his family, he is always welcome back.

The tattoo with the image of a swallow refers to the sea swallow. They were often depicted on the body of those who were engaged in ships and sea voyages. It also has a number of meanings:

  • A symbol of boldness and danger. It was these nimble birds that were considered in China as harbingers of trouble. Tattoos with their images were applied by those who partially faced dangerous situations. This bird was thought to represent all determined people capable of taking risks;
  • Home. Swallows were associated with comfort in Japan. It was believed that these birds nest, which can be compared to the family hearth.

Tattoo of Jack Sparrow


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