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The art of tattooing today almost merges with the art of painting. With one difference: painting is at a standstill, and tattooing is in its heyday. Whereas at a contemporary artist's show you have to flaunt the absurd to be worthy of the critics' attention, at a tattoo you can afford any theme and an honest, solid drawing.

I suspect many born-drawers have fled to tattoo parlors - and rightly so. That's where the incredible variety of symbols and motifs in contemporary "graphic and body painting" art comes from. You can depict anything you want; I haven't seen any iPhones on my back yet, but I've seen cars, and not just once. And what does it all mean?

The car as a symbol

Don't look for it in the encyclopedia of symbols next to the phoenix or the alconost. The car has a symbolic meaning, but it is fresh, not for the books. However, the Internet explains to us that the car in human consciousness has become a kind of semblance of his inner self, the Alter ego. It symbolizes one who lives without controlling himself, but submitting to an external controlling will. For all its power, it does not feel fully alive. The curse of consumer civilization lies on all of us.

Today it is more of a Freudian symbol, from somewhere in the realm of the subconscious. We often see cars in our dreams and are far from always sitting behind the wheel. Today's dream books are said to describe driving in a car as a metaphor for your personal life. The interpretation depends on who is sitting behind the wheel, whether you are moving or towing, pushing the car or stalling.

  • If you have lost control in a dream, it means that in life you are rushing ahead, losing all caution and common sense. It's worth slowing down. And quite tragically, if you have a family sitting in the same cabin with you and rushing towards the inevitable danger.
  • You're out of gas? You've overestimated your vitality and are suffering from exhaustion. You need to rest.
  • Can't get through because the road is blocked by huge cars? Someone close to you is eating you up. Does not give life, freedom.

Tattoo for the car: 19 questions about airbrush

Tattoo for the car

Why the drawing on the car is called "airbrush"?

This word reveals the way of drawing on the body. It is made by spraying paint through a nozzle under pressure. A special equipment is used for this purpose - an airbrush. Its construction is similar to a paint sprayer, but more adapted to the fine art work. By the way, besides airbrushing, other terms are applied: airbrushing, art tuning and car painting. The last two are not quite correct.

Why don't they paint the image with a brush?

For the same reason that they don't paint the whole car: brush strokes remain visible. However, along with an airbrush, a brush can be used for jewelry, "dotty" finishing of drawings with complicated, saturated subjects.

Are there any special, "automobile" subjects and styles of drawings?

We can distinguish two main types of images - commercial and non-commercial. With the first all is clear: it is advertising products, firms, corporate logos, etc.

"Non-commercial" images can be divided into several types. Traditionally, "nature" is popular: images of various animals and their habitats. For example, a shark in waves, a tiger on a tree, butterflies over flowers, etc. The so-called technogenic or "industrial" style is also in demand: for example, the image of the engine device on the hood, as well as various iron beams, forged fenders, hatches in rivets, etc.

Tattoo for the car

Also in demand style "militaristic", which draw all kinds of camouflage paint, military paraphernalia and weapons (right up to stories with soldiers in uniform and in combat). There are also orders for erotic themes, although, as the masters of aerography say, the demand for images of naked girls on the hood has now declined. But Russian folk themes in the form of painting "a la Khokhloma" and also so-called "acid" paintings, which are some combination of abstract, ornamental and surrealistic themes, are coming into vogue.

But of course there are no clear gradations, and the drawing can combine any genres, styles, and themes, just as in fine art in general. There are also no creative restrictions in terms of subject and volume. It can be a small image of a single object and figure: for example, a flame, flowing water, a butterfly, an ornamental monogram, etc. And on the contrary - the whole subject picture in all length of both sides of the car where there are some figures with "characters", there is a setting, a background, and the general idea reveals a certain theme.

Who and how determines the type of a particular drawing?

You can find a drawing by yourself - on the Internet, in magazines - and ask the master to transfer it onto the car. Or pick up something more like your imagination, and then fine-tune it in the studio. And finally, you can just come to the studio with an idea and explain it to the artist. He will make a series of sketches, which can be finalized and tweaked. And until the client signs the final sketches, they will not draw anything on the car.

Tattoo for autos

What places on the body are airbrushed?

Most of these are the hood, front and rear fenders, as well as the doors (both element-by-element and as a whole along both sides) and the trunk lid. In deep tuning, the car is often painted from head to toe: including the roof, bumpers and even the wheel rims. There is a special thing for SUVs - painting of plastic cover for the outside "spare part". Lately airbrushing of exterior side mirrors has become fashionable.

What is the condition of a car to have it airbrushed?

There is only one major requirement: there must not be any heavy rust and dents on the element where you are going to apply the pattern.

How durable is the airbrush?

If done in a professional studio with high quality paints, the picture will have almost the same durability as the original body paint. But of course, corrosion has the same effect on the airbrush. But it is not afraid of washing and polishing. The only enemy of airbrushing, especially that done on the lower part of the doors, is road rocks and sand, which erases the drawing. In addition, over time, initially juicy and bright, it can fade from the sun.

Tattoo for autos

What does the quality of the airbrush mean?

Besides the artistic component, the technical one is also important. The quality of airbrush, as well as of painting in general, is directly linked to the proper surface preparation, to the observance of drawing and drying technology, to the quality of paint. The durability of the image depends on all these aspects.

Can a drawing be refreshed and updated?

Yes, you can. This can be done at any airbrush studio, not necessarily in the studio where the image was created. Some car owners are trying to paint over the small scratches, but not everyone is able to do it carefully.

How to keep the freshness of the drawing longer?

There is probably only one way: to use various protective polishes. And try to drive more carefully.

Is it possible to change the picture?

It is always possible to draw something on any image and correct it: change the color or brightness of the background, add an element or a character, etc. Finally, you may even replace the design altogether.

Tattoo for autos

Is it possible to remove an airbrush?

There are so-called temporary drawings, which are made with special washed off paints. Such a drawing is easily removed without a trace. Although its application will cost the motorist the same price as a permanent one, because the work in both cases is the same.

How much costs to make a drawing on the car?

Approximately from $200-300 for a small image on the hood or fender, up to $3,000-5,000 and higher for an airbrush on both sides. Of course, the price approach is very individual. The cost depends on both the size and complexity of the image - the number of large and small characters, the thoroughness of drawing the background, the background, etc.

Where do they airbrush?

Let's start with who does it. This is done by specialists, who are committed to this course. For to beautifully and qualitatively make a drawing on the car, you need not only artistic ability, but also practical skills. Masters of airbrush work in or do it privately - "by acquaintance".

Thus, there are several kinds of offers on the market. The first one is from studios, for which airbrushing is their main specialty. The second one is from the tuning companies, which invite artists on a contract basis. And the third is from the artisans. In any case, it is better to apply to specialized companies to avoid misunderstandings.

The airbrush makes the car much less attractive for hijackers - is it so?

There are no strict official statistics, but there is some truth in this statement. First of all, it concerns mass cars, where, choosing a "victim", the thieves can easily find exactly the same one, but without any special features. However, when it comes to a rare expensive car, stolen for a specific order, the car thieves will not be stopped by airbrushing.

Besides, a lot depends on the airbrush area. It is one thing when a car is densely painted on both sides, and quite another thing, a small drawing on a hood or a fender.

What else must not be forgotten, while making airbrush?

First of all, try to understand: may be the painting will dislike you in a week or two and you will regret the "spoilt" car? Airbrush makes a car recognizable and memorable, and even a small drawing may become a "special feature". Damage to the image made on two or more elements, and even more symmetrical on boards, will inevitably lead to additional costs: after changing, for example, a crumpled door, you will definitely have to finish drawing on it the missing part of the image. And finally, the bigger, more individual and expressive is the airbrush, the harder to sell the car.

Tattoo for autos

Is it allowed to airbrush cars that are under warranty?

To our knowledge, there is no resistance from the dealers. Airbrushing is not related to installing additional equipment, nor to the change of standard constructions and prescribed parameters. However, if you are going to airbrush a new car that is under warranty, it is better to call the dealer and consult them.

Is airbrushing allowed by the traffic rules?

The traffic regulations refer to airbrushing as vehicle painting. There are two requirements. First: it must not copy and be similar to the identification coloring and symbols of departmental vehicles - police, traffic police, special services, etc.

Second: in the passport of the vehicle must be a corresponding notation about the presence of the picture on the car.

How are cars insured with graffiti?

Airbrush can be included in a hull insurance policy. In this case, the insurance company covers all the expenses on repairs of the "iron" and the restoration of the painting; however, the policy will be more expensive. In other case, the policy will be cheaper, but the company will pay only for the "iron" repair, and you will have to recover the pattern at your own expense.

Brutal symbol

However, Freud did not explain everything, and thank goodness. If you are completely uninterested in psychoanalytical whining, and you are just a young and impetuous person, the tattoo "car" on your body will mean coolness, love of speed. "I'm not a retard, I'm a racer!", you say with your whole appearance. Such a person is bold and free, does not slow down on turns and acts impetuously. He loves risk and danger. Perhaps he is an adrenaline junkie.

Brightest and most understandable way to report your temperament drawing of the burning car or a monster car. Here you can resort to the technique of "biomechanics," when the mechanical contraption as if sprouting from the body. If your hand "bursts" the bumper - it is impressive.

Let us note at once that more often there are not images of cars of modern models, but retro models - the 20s, 30s, 50s and 70s. They have a unique style, overgrown with many shades of meaning. They refer right away to Hollywood noir movies or gangster action movies of the Prohibition era. Back then, it seems, they didn't value life much and liked to make big bets.

A car in the style of the 30s can refer to the era of "The Great Gatsby" and hint at the fact that its "owner" is a self-made man, but has not lost his romantic illusions.

And if you imagine a car from Stephen King's novels - it's definitely not a Mercedes of the latest model. True, some people get tattoos depicting sports cars - even from Formula 1.

Pros and cons

The decision to apply a tattoo should be weighed. It is necessary to assess all the advantages and possible disappointments from this step.

What belongs to the pluses:

  1. It will allow you to stand out from the crowd. If you manage to pick up an interesting design and get to a good master, the rapturous looks are guaranteed.
  2. The tattoo serves as a personal talisman, which cannot be lost or broken. It will protect the owner from trouble.
  3. It can serve as a reminder of memorable life events.
  4. The drawing will show the social status and professional affiliation of its owner.

But it has certain disadvantages:

  1. Possible harm to health. It is unknown in advance what will be the reaction of the body to the injected paint. The wound may not heal for a long time. With non-sterile needles, there is a risk of contracting an infection and getting blood poisoning.
  2. The process of tattooing is quite painful, although much depends on the part of the body, as well as on the pain threshold.
  3. All people are subject to aging, the skin with age changes its structure, becomes thin, loses elasticity. So you have to imagine how the drawing will look like in 40 years, whether it will remain as beautiful.
  4. The tattoo will remain with the person throughout life. It can be removed, but in this place will remain a scar.

Meaning of tattoos for girls

An unobvious choice for a young lady, agree. However, it does occur. I don't know if street racer scandaless Mara Bagdasarian had a car tattoo, but some girls with similar hobbies get such tattoos.

Fans of Formula 1, which we have already mentioned, can also depict a race car on the back or thigh. Just one thing: the peak of the fashion for this craze is in the past and you might as well give away your true age.

Young women with a sense of humor can put a funny car from a comic book or cartoon on your body, especially if you gave birth to your first child, and even received a gift from her husband's real car with the inscription: "Sweetheart, thanks for the son!"

What are tattoos

A drawing applied under the skin of the human body with the help of dye pigments is called a tattoo. Its history began many centuries ago.

People used them to show important events in their lives, such as marriage, the birth of a child, victory over an enemy. By the tattoo determined the social status of the person, belonging to the tribe.

Natural dyes were used for the application:

  • ochre;
  • antimony;
  • and charcoal, among others.

Many believe that the images on the body change the fate and character of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of a drawing consciously, because it will remain for life.

On a side note! These days, the tattoo is more of an artistic decoration of the body, carrying no special meaning. It can be found on people of different ages, professions, social strata.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Perhaps the man simply loves cars, restores retro cars. Now there are many private workshops around the world that specialize in the restoration and sale of such rarities. And they are doing quite well.

A Steampunk fan can depict a monster car, a fantastic car of the past. Someone makes a tattoo in memory of a departed friend or relative, although this happens very rarely.

And also retro cars speak of danger. It is nowadays that everyone is obsessed with crash protection, while driving used to be very risky and in case of an accident, riders were doomed. It is known that in large cars the front window always broke into dangerous pieces and completed the work of death.

They say that a man in love with automobiles can easily engrave on his body the portrait of his first mechanical horse. But I haven't met any guys with "sixes" and "kopecks" on their backs. However I suppose that someone will ask a tattoo artist to depict a coveted Rolls-Royce or Bentley - for the future.

Why and who they are necessary for

First of all tattoos serve as a decoration, an opportunity to make a statement about oneself, to stand out from the crowd. Often the decision to make a tattoo coincides with the completion of an important period in life. It gives strength, encourages to look forward boldly. In addition, a truck is a house on wheels, which can be marked in a special way.

A picture on the body is often a talisman for life, helps a person feel permanently protected and gets rid of the inferiority complex. They often cover old scars, scars and other visible defects on the body.

Here are the three main reasons for the drawing on the body:

  1. Finding freedom. At this point, it is done by people who have been under someone else's influence for a long time and finally got rid of it. For example, one girl got a tattoo on her arm on her first day of college.
  2. A message to the self as a reminder of an important event in life or a sign understood by the wearer. Serves as proof of strength and the ability to get out of any situation with dignity. For example, one girl has her ex-boyfriend's initials on her hand. When she looks at them, she thanks fate, which helped her in time to get away from him.
  3. Memorable notch. A tattoo as a permanent reminder of a person or event. For example, one trucker, who is seldom at home, tattooed an exact copy of his little son's drawing on his arm. In this way he created the feeling that his son was always around.

"Green-Eyed Taxi."

The man seems to hint at the fact that he does not care about the opinion of others - he is with you for a while, to linger and start a permanent relationship is not going to. In contacts with people looking for benefits, nothing more.

Or it could be that "green-eyed cab" from Boyarsky's song. It is an irony, a parody of the American retro cars of the 70's, applied by someone else. I haven't met any real cab drivers with such drawings. However, not everyone can be asked to lift up his shirt and explain himself.

Tattoos amulets: a protective pattern for men and women

Tattooing in ancient times was not a tribute to fashion, not a way to stand out from the crowd. The ancient tattoos kept in themselves a special magical power and action. They were called amulets tattoos for their ability to influence a person's destiny, change character traits, protect from diseases, and bring happiness. Each sign and symbol had its own unique meaning, so it was dangerous to apply the picture thoughtlessly.

Truck .

Such a tattoo can make a trucker - it is a working man with great pride in his business, professional dignity. Especially in the United States. In the 70's, for example, Hollywood made a whole series of "production" movies about truckers, in which this pride was over the top. If the picture shows a large vehicle blocking the road, it means the bearer of the symbol is asking you to be careful with it: "I'm going, I'm going not whistling, and I'm not going down!".

Possible consequences

The worst thing that can happen is blood poisoning. After the procedure, there will be redness of the skin and swelling in the area of the drawing, but this passes in a couple of days. If pus appears on the wounds and fever rises, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Allergic reactions to paint are also common. Moreover, it may occur after a few years, then it will be difficult to determine its source.

In addition to the disadvantages of tattooing, relating to physical health, there are also possible psychological problems. Often, after the picture is done, there comes disappointment. It can occur immediately after the procedure or after several years. The way out will serve both its complete removal and overlapping with a new drawing.

The symbolism of tattoo amulets

The variety of ancient drawings to be applied to the skin strikes the imagination. Among them are ancient intricate symbols, runes of ancient alphabet, images of pagan gods and elements of amulet attributes.

In the olden days the body symbols had several functions, on which depended the choice of future tattoo:

  • Special symbols denoted the belonging to a clan and emphasized a person's status;
  • compositions with deities protected from misfortunes, gave strength, pointed the right way;
  • powerful energy of runes could turn over the destiny of a person;
  • drawing sacred symbols had a protective value.

The ancient priests had the right to apply tattoos. Only they mastered the art of tattooing perfectly, knew the hidden meaning of amulet symbolism.

The meaning of Slavic tattoo amulets

Tattoo culture of ancient Slavs was developed even before the appearance of Christianity. Pagans believed in spirits, gods, unclean powers, spoilage and evil eye. They filled their hearts with fear and caused a desire to ward off evil forces with an insuperable barrier using amulets.

Old Slavic tattoos possessed powerful energy and great power, and the Slavs' ideas about the world were embodied in the ancient body art. Slavic hands were decorated with trees, it was a symbol of fertility and longevity. Tattoos ensured a life without diseases, sorrows, and leaves were a magnet for good luck.

Images of pagan gods and related symbols had a special protective value. They were chosen taking into account a person's sex, character and the purpose of the Slavic tattoos:

  • Veles - for wealth and intuition;
  • Yarilo - for male power, spiritual rebirth;
  • Perun - gives courage, militancy;
  • Makosh - female Slavic tattoo for family happiness, prosperity;
  • Svarog - conveys strength and wisdom.


For women

For men