Dagger tattoo with a snake meaning. What does the Dagger tattoo mean? Tattoo of a skull and dagger

A tattoo is a permanent drawing on the skin, which is applied with paint and special tools. Previously symbolized belonging to any caste or social class, however, at the moment, they can be found in absolutely different people. The tattoo is already a fashionable element of appearance. Someone when thinking up a sketch does not put any meaning into it, and for someone a particular picture has a certain meaning. Snake, owl, heart - all these drawings have a certain meaning. There is its own meaning and a tattoo of a dagger. What is it? There are several, the main ones are described below in this article.

Features of the drawing. Why choose it?

Nowadays a very popular and in demand is a tattoo in the form of a dagger. As a rule, it is preferred by men, but there are also women who wish to have it on their bodies. The main character of the dagger is a physical and spiritual firmness, treachery and betrayal. This pattern has many meanings, so often the dagger is supplemented by other elements, such as skull, snake, heart, etc.

In ancient times, the dagger was the primary means of combat, so its owner has never parted with him. In the olden days the dagger was the basic tool of combat, so its owner has never parted with it. In addition, the dagger gave people the opportunity to fight to the end for his honor, to confront life and death.


A sketch is an important preparatory part before a tattoo is applied. The desire to highlight their individuality encourages people to come up with their own sketches or seek help from an artist.

Snake tattoos, depending on the sketch, mean wisdom, tranquility and poisebut at the same time represent evil, cunning, guile and temptation.. Man through the drawing can express the struggle with the negative qualities or attribute positive qualities.

The meaning of dagger tattoos.

The main bearer of the dagger tattoo is a man. Why is this particular design in demand? And what is the meaning of the Daggers tattoo? Such questions are often asked by those people who wish to have this particular image on their body. Stuffing a tattoo with the image of a dagger, a person should know the following:

  1. The heart pierced with a dagger is a symbol of treason and betrayal of a loved one. As a rule, such a depiction is supplemented with drops of blood, which denotes a mental sludge.
  2. A dagger that pierces the heart is a symbol of cruelty, revenge. As a rule, such a drawing is painted on themselves by prisoners.
  3. The skull, near which the dagger is drawn, is a talisman against robbery. Such a designation is considered outdated and not really relevant. For modern people, this drawing symbolizes death or the loss of a loved one.
  4. A skull with a dagger in its teeth indicates that a person is willing to go to any lengths.
  5. A dagger that pierces the body symbolizes a person's suffering and spiritual wounds. As a rule, such images are applied by people who believe that life is unfair to them.
  6. A dagger with meat indicates that the person is cynical.

During the drawing you should also pay attention to the length of the blade and the shape of the hilt. These elements play a very important role. The long blade is a symbol of man's moral strength, and the short one of physical strength. The cross-shaped hilt, in turn, is a symbol of the bridge between the world of the living and the dead.

The best places to place the tattoo blade

Consider the most successful places on the body for tattooing.

Dagger tattoo meaning

On the finger

On the finger most often stuffed with a knife in a minimalist style. Such a sketch shows the purposefulness of the person. Also, the tattoo is a reminder of intentions.

dagger tattoos

On the hand

The hand is an active area and the most prominent place for a tattoo. People, stuffing a dagger on the hand, want to openly show certain traits of their character, their experiences or their intentions.

dagger tattoo sketches
A small concise tattoo on the wrist often inherent in the weaker sex and can show the owner neat and / or secretive.

dagger tattoo sketch

On the leg

Because the legs are a less exposed part than the arms, more aggressive tattoos are tattooed on them so that those around them pay less attention to the design and its message. People who rarely expose their legs choose this spot to hide the tattoo. This can mean that the owner does not want to open up to society, and the tattoo was made "for himself," as a reminder of any events or goals.

dagger tattoo meaning

The meaning of tattoos is.

1. Semi-nude woman

dressed as a hussar, sitting on a cannon with a burning torch in her hand. "Two phenomena are beautiful in the world - love and death". Symbolizes loyalty to a woman and a hidden threat of revenge for treason. Applied on the chest or back.

2. Naked

woman tied to a flaming pole. "Death for treason." Means that the bearer of the tattoo has been convicted of killing a woman. The logs may signify the length of the punishment. The place of the tattoo is the chest, thigh.

3. Executioner

, executing naked women. The tattoo is sometimes supplemented with the abbreviation "GOD" (see). Symbolizes hatred of the laws and administrators.

4. The woman and the devil .

. "Love and hate (good and evil) are always around." Means that the owner of the tattoo was imprisoned because of a woman. Applied on the chest or thigh.

5. Woman on wings .

. A small size tattoo, applied on the wrist. Symbolizes luck, good luck, random luck. Most often seen with thieves.

6. A naked woman with a flaming torch

In the hand, a prison bars, snake, cross, human skull, axe, money. "Nothing is eternal in this world." "God's will for everything." Tattoo of a camp authority. May be accompanied by text about the frailty of worldly existence. Applied only to chest.

7. A fragment of barbed wire

. A generalized symbol indicating that the tattoo owner has been through a correctional labor institution. Applied to the wrist.

8. Executioner with an axe.

, a half-naked woman, a scaffold. The tattoo is found in persons convicted of murder of a relative (or relatives). The secondary meaning is "Death to the traitor". It is applied to the chest.

9. Medieval helmet.

. Symbol of struggle, brotherhood, determination. Originally applied only to the wrist, now found on the shoulder and thigh. Indicates a thief or robber.

10. Bayonet

. The oldest symbol of the thieving world. Symbolized a threat, warning, force. Applied on the wrist, forearm, sometimes on the hip. The tattoo was found among repeat offenders. Today, it is observed extremely rarely.

A naked woman crucified on a cross with the inscription "Amen.Amen

". "I have avenged my treason in full." An abstracted symbol of revenge (not necessarily on a woman). The tattoo is observed among the thieves' leaders and is applied on the chest or thigh.

12. the prison Grate, rose, and dagger

. The owner of the tattoo served time for hooliganism in an educational-labor colony. It's applied to the forearm or shoulder. If a dagger and a rose without bars - "Blood for treason.

13. A girl's head .

. "Majority met in VTC." Place of tattoo - shoulder, less often - chest.

14. Nude woman on a winged wheel. "Wheel of fortune

". Symbolizes faith in luck. Apply to the chest.

15. Skull .

Pierced with a dagger, rose, snake, obvivshuyusya dagger. Thieves symbol. "Our life is a struggle." The crown over the snake indicates a tattoo of a thief's authority - the thief in the law, pozolozhetssya, watching. Meets on the shoulder, less often on the chest.

16. Cross with a chain.

. Poked at the top of his chest and indicates faith in his fate. If the cross is depicted in the form of clubs suits, the owner of the tattoo - the thief.

17. Naked woman

Wrapped in a serpent,
with an apple in her hand.
. The biblical story of the serpent tempter. "It was the woman who pushed him into the crime." "Temptress Woman." Applied to chest, shoulder. The tattoo is sometimes found among passive homosexuals (usually on the back).

18. A hand with a tulip

, wrapped around a barbed wire. "WTC met 16 years old." The place of the tattoo is the shoulder.

19. Shackled hands

holding a rose. "18 years met in the VTC" (shackles symbolize the "full-fledged criminal"). Applied to the shoulder.

The last two tattoos are also common among women.

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20. Mermaid on an anchor

. Occurs in sailors and those who have served time for rape or indecent assault. Less common in passive homosexuals. The tattoo is applied on the chest or back.

21. Pitchfork

. One of the oldest criminal symbols in Russia. At first it served as a distinguishing sign of large raspberries and thieves' authorities. It was left on prison walls and used as a means of communication. Later it was applied to the shoulder, thigh or forearm. It symbolized a threat, strength. It is now rare.

22. Eight-pointed star

. Tattoo of the camp authorities - thieves in the law, deniers, pakhanov. Applied under the collarbone.

23. A half-naked woman sitting on a magic ball.

. Above head - crescent moon. Symbolizes faith in otherworldly forces. Applied on the chest or back. Meet Muslims and Jews.

24. Bear .

Holding an axe with the image of the middle aged three of a suit of clubs. Indicates a bear cub - burglar. Could also mean that the convict was serving a sentence at the "lumberyard" - in an institution specializing in logging. "The law is the taiga, the scoop is the norm, the bear is the prosecutor."

25. Crossed arrow and key .

. Symbol of a burglar. Applied on the forearm or thigh.

26. Woman with naked breast and index finger pressed to her lips. "Silentium!" - "Silentium

!" Symbolizes distrust of women. "As long as there are women in the world, there will be no secrets." Applied on the chest.

27. Star of David.

The owner of the tattoo is Jewish and belongs to a winged serpent. The owner of the tattoo is Jewish and belongs to the winged - camp authorities.

28. A saber without a scabbard.

. The tattoo symbolizes aggressiveness and secret threat. It is applied on the forearm, wrist. A saber in the scabbard means that the criminal "tied up. Happens very rarely.

29. Inscription Hoc est in votis

. "Do not love money - they will destroy you, do not love women - they will deceive you, but love God (or freedom).

30. Woman, gun, money, bottle, syringe, knife, cards .

. "This is what we love" or "This is what ruins us." Symbolizes a dissipated life, wastefulness.

31. Lion

surrounded by medieval weapons - sword, axe, bow, arrows, mace. Symbolizes power and authority. The book lying in front of the lion means wisdom. "Cruel but fair." Tattoo of authority. Applied almost always on the chest.

32. Flying demon.

. Drawing can be complemented by the inscription "Fatum" (rock). Applied on the chest and means cruelty. "My god is an evil Demon." "Sins shall be paid for by Satan." Occurs in bulls, fighters, deniers.

33 и 34. Tattoos of drug addicts. Genie

The one that flies out of a jug. Applied on the chest, shoulder or front of the thigh.
A spider in a spider's web
Can be poked on the head under the hair. Spider without web means pickpocket.

35. Three cards.

, pierced with an arrow. Wear a sign of card cheats.

36. The eagle

on top of the mountain. Symbol of power and freedom. The tattoo of the camp authorities.

37. Devil

. Nakolka refers to the so-called "grins" and symbolizes hatred of the administrative structures. It is applied to the chest. It is accompanied by texts of anti-state content.

38. Cupid

with a bow, a serpent tempter, doves, an arrow through the heart. Artistic tattoo. "Tempted by you forever." Applied on the chest or back.

39. Dragon

Flying over the castle. The tattoo is found on the embezzlers of state or collective property, "shopkeepers". Means also full confiscation of property. It is applied to the chest and back.

40. «KOTH - the native inhabitant of the prison

". The image of a cat is applied by recidivists who compare themselves to this animal. The cat combines pride and attachment to home (the thief's home is prison). The drawing may be accompanied by texts such as "And here I am home.

41. A symbol of Pharaoh's power.

. At first, it was only found among the camp authorities. Then the tattoo began to stab thieves reselling stolen goods. Now rare. Applied on the hands.

42. Burning . crucifix

With a woman. "A woman pushed to the crime." "Avenged for treason." "Convicted of killing a woman."

43. A running deer.

. "I was born free and will die free." Applied to the chest and indicates a tendency to escape.

44. Knights

. "Strength and loyalty." Applied to the chest.

45. Cowboy

With a naked girl on a horse. Drawing may be accompanied by the acronym "OMUT" ("It is difficult to escape from me"). Means a propensity for risk and adventure. The tattoo is applied to the chest.

46. «Cowgirl

" - cowgirl. "Gold and boldness rule the world." Common among the worst offenders of the camp order.

47. A woman, a rose, a dagger.

. "Revenge for treason." Place of tattoo - forearm.

48. Woman with sword, stringing hearts. "Broken heart. "Heartbreaker

". The tattoo is dedicated to the lady of the heart and is applied on her chest or thigh. It is also found in women. The number of hearts indicates the number of conquered men.

49. Woman in a horseshoe

, wrapped in barbed wire. "Prison owes a woman."

50. The hand in shackles.

...clutching a knife. "Hand to thief, knife to prosecutor." "I shall be reformed by firing squad." Symbolizes cruelty and violence. Nakolka encountered in the denial, the swordsmen.

51. Cross

with the inscription "Believe in God, not in communism". A political tattoo. As a rule, it was applied by political prisoners (see the chapter on "Political Tattoos").

52. «Here is what is left of us

". The owner of the tattoo had spent many years in prisons and camps (the number of barbs on the wire may indicate a correctional labor experience). The secondary meaning of the tattoo is "I will avenge everything on the cops. Occurs on the chest and back.

53. A convict crying behind bars .

. "Cursed be he of the century and up to the century, who by imprisonment has decided to reform a man." Applied on the chest or back. Like the previous tattoo, indicates the camp's old-timer.

54. «Well, a cop, wait!

" A caricature of a police officer. Often the wolf is depicted in a uniform cap, tunic and with a portmanteau. Applied on the hip and waist.

55. Dancing skeletons.

. Symbolizes risk, fearlessness, contempt for death. The tattoo first appeared in Mexico and was "imported" to the Soviet Union in the 60s. The place of tattoo - the shoulder or chest.

56. Neptune

. Power and authority. "Pity for man humbles the thief." Drawing is also found in sailors.

57. Indian

. "Disenfranchised." Similar tattoos were applied by political prisoners and dissidents.

58. Sailboat

. "Eternal Vagabond" or "Eternal Wanderer." Indicates a touring traveler. White sails indicate a thief, black sails indicate a gopnik. Sometimes the number of masts indicates the number of convictions. It is applied to the chest and thigh.

59. Fighting bulls.

. "Who is stronger is right." Symbolizes aggression, power struggle. Applied by camp authorities. The picture can be accompanied by text. The place of the tattoo - the chest.

60. The head of the tiger.

. "Brutality and Fury." The bearers of the tattoo are bulls and fighters (persons who are physically maiming by order of a thief in law). Occurs on the chest and shoulder.

61. Latin letter "D".

Tiger, a tiger holding a skull in his paw, the crown, the suit of spades. Symbolizes violence. The tattoo is characteristic of gopniks.

62. Gladiator

. Applied by bulls and fighters. Most often on the chest. With the sword can drip blood, indicating a fighter with "experience".

63. Pirate

With a knife in the teeth. The knife bears the inscription "IRA" ("Going to cut up activists"). The tattoo is found in denialists. The camp activist is the Internal Order Service ("IAS"). This service is called "Bitch Out for a Walk" and "Bitch Half Out" (early release) by deniers.

64. Shackled hands.

Clutching the cross with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Symbolizes faith in the criminal brotherhood, devotion to thievery.

65. Monk

With goose feather. Indicates a "scribe" - pickpocket, committing theft by razor-sharp objects - razor, coins, rings.

66. The eagle

with a suitcase in his talons. Means gastroller. If a woman is in the clutches - "Convicted of rape. Tattoo may indicate a tendency to escape.

67. Woman with snake

around her neck. Implies cruelty and violence. Occurs among the Oriental peoples.

68. Napoleon

. Symbol of power and adventurism.

The art of tattoo (tattoo) is a language system where each part of the applied drawing is a peculiar letter, or rather a hieroglyph, which carries some meaning. The owner of a tattoo, going to put a tattoo on his body, thinks about its meaning as a whole and its separate parts, so that another knowledgeable person, looking at him, could learn a lot about his fate and character. There are many examples of how, thanks to the language of the tattoo, people found like-minded people and developed friendships or love relationships with them .

The dagger tattoo is a strictly masculine symbol. Girls rarely impose itself such an image, but there are exceptions.

The main character of the dagger is spiritual or physical fortitude, betrayal or treason. Scattered meanings (from pride to treason) is the main disadvantage of the tattoo, but it is easily corrected with additional symbols, such as a snake for a proper reading.

Let's break down the meanings below.

Dagger tattoo in men

Men are the primary bearers of the dagger tattoo. By inscribing such a tattoo (tattoo) men lay down the following meanings:

  • Treason or betrayal of a loved one is depicted as a dagger pierced heart, usually with drops of blood, a symbol of heartbreak.
  • A dagger piercing the heart can also mean vindictiveness and cruelty, but its value is rarely laid in the tattoo and is often found in prison symbols.
  • Obsolete value, which is worth mentioning, this amulet against robbery. A skull is depicted with a dagger next to it.
  • To tell people about his cynicism, they often stuff the dagger with meat. Also more common in prison symbolism.
  • A laughing skull with a blade in its teeth speaks of the fearlessness of the owner, a willingness to do the most desperate things. This symbol was drawn by pirates on their flags.

The shape of the hilt and the blade also carries its own meaning. The long blade speaks of the spiritual and moral strength of the wearer, while the short (often broad) blade reflects a person's physical strength. The cross-shaped hilt symbolizes the bridge between our world and the world of the dead.


Place for a tattoo

The location of the snake tattoo depends on the size of the sketch. Small pictures can be placed on almost any part of the body - on the fingers, wrist, forearm or behind the ear. Most often, tattoos of a small size are chosen by girls - they add a certain mystery and elegance to the owner.

Large tattoos of snakes more often do in the traditional or Japanese style. They are tattooed by both men and women on all sorts of body parts that have a large surface area for drawing. Japanese snake tattoos can be located on a person's arms, legs, back, chest and abdomen. Often the snakes wind around the arms or legs, moving to neighboring parts of the body. For example, one of the classic variants of tattoos in men begins on the chest and moves to the shoulder. Such tattoos are difficult to hide, and their owners are not particularly eager to do so.

Snakes in the traditional or old-school style are smaller in size than Japanese snakes. They are often depicted with other symbols such as a dagger, skull or flowers.

On the Zone.

In the zone, the tattoo, or more accurately, the tattoo shows the status and reason for the convict's sentence, as well as the amount of time he served and years . The dagger plays an important role:

  • A dagger wrapped in a snake, or piercing the skull, means that its wearer has lived a life of struggle, stealing. More often struck the ringleaders of thieves' gangs and gangs. Thieves in the law over the head of the snake is stuffed with a crown.
  • A dagger wrapped with a thorny rose means that its owner is a murderer who spilled blood for treason, and the murdered can be not only a woman.
  • The rose and the dagger depicted on the bars speaks of the convict's article - hooliganism.

This is the meaning of this tattoo.

The sword is a weapon of the warrior. He is one of the oldest symbols of struggle and justice. But the modern meaning of the sword tattoo is not so unambiguous. Today it means:

  • willpower;
  • courage;
  • fury;
  • fortitude;
  • honor;
  • inevitability and tragedy (in women).

The meaning of the sword tattoo among Buddhists is wisdom fighting ignorance for centuries.


The origin of the individual parts and the original purpose of the caduceus is not entirely clear. Most often it is seen as a messenger sign (messenger of the gods) in ancient Greece, or as an ancient magical rod (contributes to the ease of the path . ).

According to legend, an early form of the caduceus is decorated with waving ribbons, which can be seen as an illustration of the ancient method of secret writing by means of a staff and a strip of cloth[1].

According to the rationalistic views, the kadducee originated as a sign of messengers, heralds and/or parliamentarians and was an olive rod with two leaves or branches at the end. Subsequently, it was equipped with a tip in the form of a disk and a crescent, which over time (under the influence of other symbols) transformed into snakes wrapped around the rod.

Another point of view suggests that the oldest part of the caduceus was two intertwined snakes - this double spiral is among the very ancient symbols; borrowed by Greek culture from Mesopotamia[2]. Heinrich Zimmer finds traces of them in Mesopotamia,[3] and regards the entwined snakes as the embodiment of the all-healing god Similarly, Schneider[4] believes that a pair of snakes represents illness and recovery.

  • A rod entwined with serpents, both with and without wings, is more often a medical symbol;
  • topped with a winged helmet - g.o. trade symbol;
  • with wings below the snakes;
  • topped with a cone - the phallic symbolism is strengthened;
  • a rod topped with two rings or a vertically oriented lemniscape - infinity symbolism is introduced;
  • a rod topped with a ring (disk) and a rising crescent moon - astrological, solar-lunar symbolism is introduced.

The symbolic interpretation is also influenced by the number of coils of snake bodies around the rod (most often three).

As symbolic analogues of kadukei different authors consider:

  • Brahman's staff, representing three rods tied together;
  • The kalumet is decorated with two eagle's feathers and intertwined with women's curls;
  • stone tablets with the image of intertwined snakes - nagakals, placed (as votive offerings) at the entrance of Indian temples.
  • A schematic representation of the kundalini ascent in the hatha yoga tradition - sushumna, the two nadi channels, ajna and sahasrara chakra.

Meaning of the dagger tattoo

The dagger has at all times been considered a status object. It was often used by the titled and nobility. It is a cold weapon of close combat for quick and silent striking of the target. Therefore, the meaning of the tattoo dagger is swift and inevitable death.


In Aztec times, it was made of obsidian and used in ritual sacrifices. In medieval times, the significance of the dagger tattoo was considered to be a symbol of divine power. In the Middle Ages, a dagger with a short blade was considered a weapon of last line of defense, and the owner never parted with it.

The dagger blade was often ornamented with ornate patterns and gems that emphasized the wearer's status.

Such a weapon was not only used in battle, but also allowed the owner to part with his life on his own, so as not to get to the enemy and preserve his honor. Since then, the tattoo blade and a drop of blood flowing down the blade means fearlessness and willingness to die.

Snake tattoo photo

Traditional snake tattoo Traditional snake and knife tattoo

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The meaning of the tattoo knife

The meaning of the knife tattoo is very multifaceted - it is and power, and revenge, and dexterity, and loneliness, and betrayal. It may symbolize determination and wit and be a symbol of military duty. In this case, the wearer is attributed fortitude, freedom, protection, achievement, suffering. Tattoo knife Is rarely a single object.

. It is often complemented by a heart, a snake, a rose or a ribbon with an inscription. For the owners of such tattoos can embody a variety of semantic interpretations.

Snakes in the culture of the world

In most cultures of the world, the snake has a positive meaning. Snakes were respected and revered in different countries. In Egypt, the cobra was considered a sign of power and secret knowledge, in Greece - wisdom, renewal and healing. The people of Oceania recognized the snake as the creator of the world, and also associated with the birth of man.

The negative meaning of these reptiles is present in Christian culture, as the Bible identifies the serpent tempter with evil. In the Old Slavic culture, the snake was a positive sign of intelligence and connection with higher forces.

The image of the snake has its own meaning in the criminal world as well, which is worth considering when choosing a pattern.

The basic meanings of the tattoo "Dagger"

  • Revenge;
  • Dexterity;
  • Power;
  • Loneliness;
  • Betrayal;
  • Military Duty;
  • Determination;
  • Sharpness;
  • Achievement;
  • Defense;
  • Fortitude;
  • Impeccable clarity;
  • Clarity of action;
  • Suffering;
  • Freedom;
  • Dexterity

For the most part, the dagger is a masculine symbol. As a deadly edged weapon in the Middle Ages, it was considered an instrument of defense, giving the opportunity to fight to the last. In many cultures it was a shame for the warrior to die at the hands of the enemy and was considered an honor to part with his life. Thus it took away the joy of victory and triumph from the enemy. The sword contrasts life and death. Many nations give it meaning as a symbol of ultimate justice. The dagger is depicted in black and white, color, blue. The most common is the "old school" style. Areas of application: arms, legs, shoulders.


The color scheme of the caduceus tattoo is varied, the image is well perceived as in black and white, and in a colored version. The monochrome version of the main figure with colored additional elements is widespread.

The variants of the caduceus tattoo are incredibly numerous. There are sketches where the role of the rod is performed by a sword, a dagger, a traced spine. Often the wings at the top of the staff are carefully derived with biological precision, they are replaced by an eagle, dove or raven. Snakes can change position, the number of rings around the staff also varies.

There are unusual versions of the caduceus tattoo, where each intersection of snake bodies marks the point of one of the seven chakras on the back - an obvious link to the world of energy and esoterics. Often the tattoo is accompanied by an inscription.


For women

For men