Aster tattoo meaning. Flower tattoo and its meaning

Throughout history, flowers have attracted and enchanted people. They play an important role in our lives, as they are present at almost every significant event: whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a funeral. In tattoos, flowers have been popular among men and women for many years.

While many associate floral patterns with femininity, they have also found resonance in men's hearts. Flower tattoos can include a variety of plants, varying in size, number of flowers, variety, style and location, with each sketch having its own appeal and unique meaning.

What does a flower tattoo mean?

The main meaning of a flower tattoo is love, joy, freshness, togetherness and vitality. However, depending on the context, can symbolize loss and sadness. In tattoos, each flower has its own meaning, thanks to which, the picture on the body will not only be beautiful, but also carrying deep meaning.

Choosing a flower for the tattoo, it is worth remembering that their meaning in different cultures may differ. For example, the lily tattoo - in Russia symbolizes innocence, in Europe - sadness, and in the East - joy. Such differences can occur with different flowers and you need to be careful not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Regardless of culture, the meaning of flower tattoos expresses the cyclical nature of life. With the onset of spring they blossom, bloom and by autumn they fade, thereby personifying the life course of a person. Such meaning was put in the flower our ancestors thousands of years ago, but it is still relevant today.

Meaning of flowers in tattoos

A few popular flowers used in tattoo art with meanings below:

  • Tattoo roses. One of the most meaningful flowers is the rose. It signifies love, beauty and hope. A rose with thorns symbolizes pain and loss. Depending on the color, its meaning may also vary. By adding other symbols to the tattoo sketch, it is possible to achieve a unique meaning for each of its owner. Similar about the meaning of the tattoo rose.
  • Tattoo of a lotus. The meaning of the lotus flower is associated with purity, knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. This flower grows in a muddy pond, maintaining its purity and beauty. Lotuses are especially popular in Eastern countries, and in Buddhism this flower is considered sacred. Lotus tattoos are often chosen by girls for their symbolism and eye-catching appearance. Learn more about the meaning of the lotus tattoo.
  • Tattoo Sakura. One of the main symbols of Japanese culture is the sakura. It symbolizes the transience of human life, as its blooming period is very short. The sakura flower is small, so it is perfect for small tattoos. In Japanese tattoos, it is often complemented by images of wind or water.
  • Tattoo of a lily. Like the lotus, the lily flower signifies purity and spirituality. In different cultures, the meaning of the lily tattoo can vary. In ancient Egypt it was a symbol of fertility, while in medieval times it symbolized innocence. In some cultures, lilies are an obligatory attribute of weddings, as they represent the union and lasting relationships. Different varieties of lilies can be found in tattoos: the tiger lily speaks of pride and prosperity, while the orange one expresses hatred.
  • Tattoo of a peony. The main meanings of the peony are good luck, wealth and love. This flower is especially suitable for men, because in the East it symbolizes masculinity. Girls also did not ignore it and apply juicy tattoos of peonies on the hip and other parts of the body. Learn more about the meaning of the peony tattoo.
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo. This flower is most commonly used in Japanese tattoos. The meaning of the chrysanthemum in the land of the rising sun is often associated with power and perfection.

There are other flowers that are often used for tattoos:

  • Azalea - restraint;
  • White lilies - A symbol of purity;
  • Cornflower - Delicacy, refinement;
  • Gardenia - delicacy, refinement;
  • Carnation - fidelity, love;
  • Geranium - nobility, sobriety of thought;
  • Hibiscus - Symbolizes delicate beauty;
  • Gypsophila - purity of heart;
  • Hydrangea - Boastfulness, callousness;
  • Jasmine - happiness;
  • Yellow Narcissus. - deceitfulness, hopefulness, love without reciprocity;
  • Honeysuckle - bonds of love;
  • Iris - passion;
  • dogwood - forgetfulness;
  • Bell - constancy;
  • Crocus - joy, merriment;
  • Lantana - steadfastness, inflexibility;
  • Buttercup - wealth;
  • Magnolia - kindness, love of nature;
  • Daisy - innocence;
  • Narcissus - self-love;
  • Night Beauty (Mirabilis jalapa) - timidity, shyness;
  • Dandelion - coquetry;
  • Orchids - mystery;
  • Sunflower - A symbol of pure beauty;
  • Rhododendron - Means "I am dangerous."
  • Tulip - Charm, charm;
  • Violets - fidelity, modesty;
  • Orange blossoms - Chastity, eternal love, marriage;
  • Cherry blossoms - spiritual beauty;
  • Thistle - austerity, firmness;
  • Saffron - voluptuousness, sexual energy;

Tattoo sleeve of flowers Dmitri Skribans
A flower can adorn the name of a person of great importance to the girl. In addition, flowers can overlay an old tattoo. They are perfect for covering up a tired or ruined drawing. Sketches of floral tattoos can be any size and shape, which allows you to peck them on any part of the body: arms, legs, stomach, back and even fingers. And the variety of styles will allow anyone to choose a suitable flower.

Usually such drawings are most often inherent in the female half of mankind. Any flowers are

The meaning of aster tattoos

One of the most popular options for tattoos around the world. The buds habitually represent symbols of femininity and beauty. Such a tattoo can be performed in different styles and color compositions. There is a variety of shapes and sizes. Each of these images has a huge symbolism and semantic load.

The meaning of the tattoo "save and save".

Tattoos "save and preserve" have been mentioned in the Orthodox faith for decades. Surely you have seen them on rings and body crosses. Later this word combination began to be used by believing people as a tattoo. In general, it signifies a person's desire for protection from God and higher powers. Also, this inscription protects a person from making wrong decisions, gambling and other temptations. Often such protection is needed by people whose lives or professional activities involve risks: rescuers, racing drivers, travelers, firefighters, etc.

save and save tattoo

"Save and Save" is a tattoo, which is often supplemented with some elements: crosses, angels or their wings, images of holy people, heavenly gates, etc. Basically tattoo is printed on Latin - "Salva et serva" or old Slavonic language.

save and save tattoo on hand

As tattoo inscriptions are widespread in criminal circles. They were initiated in abundance in the 90s when the country was in a tense criminal situation. In the penal zone these tattoos are usually found on the back or on the chest. And one of the most common designs is a tattoo of a cross with an inscription or text on the background of a church with domes.

The meaning of the tattoo of asters

Since ancient times the meaning of the aster tattoo

- is an abstraction of love and feminine beauty. A symbol of modesty and purity, a kind of humility and malleability. In Christian beliefs, this flower was a symbol of the Feast of the Trinity. In addition, this bud is dedicated to and glorifies the goddess of love Aphrodite. Thanks to this analogy, the symbol conveys all the tenderness and sophistication of the goddess.
The meaning of the tattoo aster
Has its roots from the time of ancient Greece. It is also a direct association with the old belief about the goddess Asteria.

Aster is an image of pleasure, wild energy and wisdom. It is a symbol of strength and sensual nature. Most suitable for girls or women, as well as all people with a delicate mental organization and a creative bent. It looks great on the body if done in small sizes. Although there are also options, when the pattern looks beautiful even in larger sizes. It all depends on the place where the image will be located. Where to get an aster tattoo

What is the question in such situations? This is an eternal question in such situations. For recommendations, you can go directly to the tattoo artist, trusting his experience and professional eye, or to decide for yourself in what area of the body is best to do it. Options may include.

The phrase "Through thorns to the stars" in different languages"

The language in which the tattooist will "write" on your skin the famous saying will not change the meaning of the inscription, but can characterize you as a person. The Latin for "Per aspera ad astra" refers to the tattoo as a scientifically minded and intellectually advanced individual. The jerky sound of the German version of "Auf rauen Wegen zu den Sternen", reminiscent of the rhythm of a march, characterizes the wearer as a confident person who, through hard work and meticulousness can overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal.

  • Tattoo on the back

The French "Par des sentiers ardus jusqu'aux étoiles" will tell others that the "thorns" encountered on the path of the romantic tattoo owner are most likely of a personal nature. The English-language version of the aphorism "Through hardships to the stars" describes the bearer of the tattoo as a modern businessman, who among difficulties, like a fish in water. The melodious Italian version "Attraverso le asperità, fino alle stelle" describes the wearer as an emotional person with a strong sense of humor.

Font and meaning of the tattoo

To give the inscription on your body an additional semantic shade, in addition to the usual "male" Gothic and "female" Calligraphic fonts you can use for the application of tattoos and other options of lettering:

  • Typewriter, which imitates a typewritten text, will emphasize your optimism and confidence that the "thorns" are irrelevant to you, when the "stars" loom on the horizon.
  • Girls will probably like it better than Calligraphic if they associate the aphorism "Through thorns to the stars" with romantic triumph and effort.
  • A little old-fashioned AquilineTwo will remind those around you of their favorite Harry Potter series and hint to them that you can achieve what you want, using the secret knowledge and extraordinary abilities given to you by the universe.
  • Finger Paint's unusual strokes will emphasize your sense of humor and mocking attitude toward difficulties that come your way with the grotesque flamboyance of the utterance applied to your skin.
  • An inscription in the aggressive font of BloodOnMyBlade West Coast bully tattoos will let those around you know that the word "thorns" has a special rebellious connotation for you.

An overly complex, overly pompous font like Bodega Script will suit someone who likes to overcome obstacles so much that they sometimes create them themselves in their own way.

  • Tattoo on the shoulder

  • Tattoo on the back

Women's tattoos: history and the reason for their popularity

Decorate the body with drawings began many centuries ago, back in the days of primitive society. Tattoos marked the belonging of people to this or that tribe. At the beginning of XX century, drawings on the body were mostly for men, but about 20 years ago, this passion was picked up and the fair sex. Today many girls not only seek to decorate their bodies with tattoos, but also to show them to the world.

Tattoos for girls are an opportunity to emphasize their individuality and show their own self. It is also a way to increase their attractiveness and emphasize their sexuality. In some cases, drawings on the body are the result of important life events, when a girl tries to capture in these symbols of love, separation or the emergence of a child. In addition, the tattoo is an opportunity to hide unwanted defects on the body, such as scars or birthmarks.

Styles and colors for tattoos with Latin inscriptions

Many different styles are used for Latin inscriptions, but the most common are the following options:

Thresh polka dot.





Brutal men with a restrained character and conservative views on life suit tattoo in black and white scale. Color sketches more often prefer creative people and young expressive guys.

Types of popular tattoos for girls

Representatives of the fair sex most of all prefer small unpretentious patterns on the body, which in the first place should carry aesthetic appeal. Among girls especially popular tattoos a flower, butterfly, star, fairy, heart, Japanese characters and a variety of ornaments. Quite often compositions of several drawings are used. Thus, names are commonly combined with hearts, flowers with ornaments and stars.

The most popular places for tattoos are the back, shoulder blades, ankles and wrists. The lower back and ankles are considered the sexiest. In this case, pay attention to the fact whether you can hide the figure under clothing, as, for example, at a business event the open back with a pattern will look completely inappropriate.

Tattoos for girls: flowers

Every year, more and more popular among girls win drawings in the form of flowers. But before you put this, it would seem, a completely harmless drawing on the body, it is worth knowing its meaning. After all, in the most ordinary unpretentious flower can be hidden an incredibly deep meaning. In addition, the location and colors of the pattern are of great importance.

Since ancient times, the inflorescence in the form of a bowl is considered a feminine symbol. The flower tattoo was the embodiment of nature's flourishing. Traditionally, such drawings symbolize the cycle of birth, development of life, reproduction of offspring, extinction and rebirth. However, in different cultures the same sign can be interpreted in its own way.

Flowers are one of the most mysterious and enigmatic symbols. They are a reflection of the inner world and character of its owner. By sight, coloring and composition of floral drawings you can guess the desires and preferences of a girl, as well as try to uncover secrets.

What do the tattoos of flowers hide? The meaning of each symbol will be considered separately.

Rose - the brightest and most popular flower, which is "worshipped" by millions of women around the world. She is a symbol of eternal love. In this case, the tattoo implies a pure pure immaculate feeling, able to withstand the test not only of distance, but also of years.

According to ancient Greek legend, originally all roses were white. One day the goddess of love, Aphrodite, injured her finger on a sharp spike, and as a result, the rose was considered by alchemy to be a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment. In Christianity, it is a symbol of sacrifice. In ancient Rome, the flower was used to add an air of mystery to conversations. If we consider it in terms of the Tarot cards, it is an indicator of balance and equilibrium.

Young fashionistas choose the flower primarily for its beauty. In terms of means beauty, which can only be contemplated, but cannot be touched. In addition, even strong men prefer this beautiful flower to decorate their bodies to make a vow of eternal love.

If you decide to get a rose tattoo, you should know that the flower without thorns means pure love, with thorns - a difficult relationship with a lot of obstacles. Black rose means romance and sadness, pain of loss and loss, red - passion and desire, white - tenderness and purity, maroon - spiritual harmony, blue - the desire for perfection, blue - the denial of principles and rules.

Save and Protect: photo

Below you can see pictures and photos of finished works from different masters. We hope that these drawings will help you decide on the idea of your future tattoo. But remember that a tattoo is a serious step, especially when it is a religious text. The Orthodox inscription means that you will not be able to treat it as an ordinary "partak". Choosing it, you should weigh the pros and cons, as well as assess your inner readiness to become the owner of such a tattoo.


The lotus flower tattoo has many different interpretations. First of all, it is a sign of perfection, purity and purity, boundless happiness and tranquility. It is believed that a girl with a lotus on her body carries the light and beauty, can overcome many obstacles to reach the highest point of perfection. Often this flower is also considered a balance between the forces of nature. In India, it is a sign of femininity and fertility.

Lotus is very popular among girls, because this flower allows you to emphasize your intelligence, beauty and even greatness. Many cultures consider it a sign of immortality and mental harmony.

Love, family, loyalty

The love theme is touched upon in the art of body painting most often, because this feeling accompanies us throughout our lives. Tattoos can be a declaration of love, to tell about the attitude of the owner to this feeling or demonstrate his expectations from his loved one or chosen one. Many designs demonstrate the wearer's relationship to family, to loved ones and serve as an indicator of family values:

  • Finis vitae, sed non amoris - Life is capable of ending, love never.
  • Dam spiro, amo atque credo - As long as I breathe, I will love and believe.
  • Familia mea arx mea est - My home, my fortress.


The orchid flower tattoo is considered the strongest in energy. The sophistication, pride and originality of this flower captivates a large number of girls who want to show their inner strength. In the East, the orchid is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. To the Chinese, the orchid is a sign of beauty, love and harmony. In addition, many consider it a talisman that gives vitality.

Girls choose for the opportunity to emphasize their originality, sexuality, as well as fragility and vitality. Very often the flower is combined with insects, ornaments and leaves.


Along with bright popular flowers, you can often see ordinary wildflowers. So, a simple dandelion has a huge hidden meaning.

A girl who chooses such a flowery pattern will immediately attract attention to herself. This simple, but at the same time very is an indicator of cheerfulness, joy and determination. It can usually be seen in bright positive natures. Romantics choose a flower with flying "parachutes. The dandelion is considered an indicator of true unfading beauty.


A simple yellow and white flower is an indicator of purity and tenderness. In the world of tattoos, daisies are considered a symbol of youth and naivety, freshness and purity. Traditionally, the daisy is used for divination, and therefore the tattoos with it have a certain magic. Usually, the cheerful cheerful girls choose this tattoo, who are loyal to their principles and value friendship. But sometimes this flower is applied as a symbol of loneliness and parting.

Tattoos in the form of flowers are incredibly beautiful and attractive. Every girl can put on her body such a picture, while giving it a special meaning. The variety of options for tattoos in the form of flowers is huge. At the same time they can be combined with each other or add new symbols.

On what places do men more often apply tattoos with inscriptions in Latin?

On what place will be located the chosen sketch of the tattoo inscription in Latin - an important choice, because it can affect the meaning and emotional message of the tattoo.


On the shoulders, a man can apply any phrases and quotes in Latin, concerning faith, love, family.


A tattoo on the forearm will often come into the sight of others, so personal and deep meaning is rarely put into them. Usually it is a demonstration of faith, principles, positions.

Tattoo on the wrist

On the wrist, put a small tattoo of the inscription, as long phrases can be poorly viewed and distorted. Ideally will look one word.

Tattoos on the palm, hand and fingers

On the palm of the hand nabituetu text personal, on the hands and fingers can nabitu motivational phrases, as the hands are the most active and influential part of the body.

Tattoo sleeve

The sleeves are tattoos that cover the entire arm along and across, so there will be a whole composition in addition to the inscription. The semantic message of the picture and the inscription on the arm should be intertwined.

The tattoo inscription in Latin can be on the neck, if the man seeks a change and a new life with such a body drawing.


On the chest, tattoos should imply a purely personal nature. Here you can put phrases that will make the man lucky, turn Fortune to his face, protect him from darkness and evil.

On the side of the man causes a non-trivial tattoo inscription, it can refer to religion, devotion to God, love and loyalty to one woman or family.


Inscriptions concerning love, passion, family, kinship and friendship are appropriate on the thigh. Religious text, on the other hand, may not be inscribed here.


This area is suitable for tattooing long phrases on a large scale. Therefore, the inscription can be in the form of a quote, a philosophical saying, religious views and prejudices.


The energy center responsible for a man's ego, ambitions and needs is concentrated in this part of the body. Therefore, here you can stuff a religious text, preventing from temptations and weaknesses, motivating phrases to push.

On the legs tattoos inscriptions in Latin can be about motivation and forward movement, so here the text that gives strength, good luck, purposefulness is applied. Religious tattoos on the legs are depicted very rarely.

Tattoo Flowers: Meaning

The main tattoos of flowers and the secret meaning enclosed in them:

  1. Aster - beauty, humility, modesty.
  2. Azalea - restraint, purity.
  3. Orange - immortality and luck.
  4. Bamboo - constancy.
  5. Cherry - hope, beauty.
  6. Clove - love and devotion.
  7. Geraniums - tenderness and calmness.
  8. Oak - longevity, wisdom, endurance.
  9. Jasmine - happiness.
  10. Iris - wisdom.
  11. Cedar - strength and greatness.
  12. Clover - unity of body, soul and spirit.
  13. Lily of the valley - purity and modesty.
  14. Lily - purity.
  15. Lotus - elegance, perfection, beauty.
  16. Magnolia - beauty and charm.
  17. Daisy - purity and innocence.
  18. Narcissus - pride.
  19. Orchid - luxury, elegance, beauty.
  20. A palm tree - primacy, victory.
  21. Tulip - tenderness and charm.
  22. Chrysanthemum - determination and confidence.
  23. Saffron - sexuality and passion.


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