Where did the horses with wings come from, and what does Pegasus mean

Pegasus - what kind of creature is this in ancient mythology?

Pegasus is considered a symbol of eloquence, inspiration, glory and spiritual growth. In European heraldry it was reproduced on the coats of arms of philosophers and sages, during the Second World War its image together with the rider was the hallmark of the British Airborne Forces. Today his name is used to indicate speed.

Who is Pegasus?

Pegasus is the son of Poseidon and the terrifying jellyfish Gorgon. This lover of the Muses is the patron saint of the sciences and the arts. He flew through the sky at the speed of the wind, kicked up mountain springs with his hoof and was the object of lust of many hunters who sought to own a winged horse. But as soon as one tracked down the animal and reached out to saddle it, the mistrustful steed would run away and soar into the sky. To this day, the animal lives in the sky, appearing on the clear cloudless nights as a constellation with the same name, though without its huge wings.

The modern history of the winged horse

Pegasus the favourite of muses
Nowadays, the mythical winged horse often appears in modern magic stories. Pegasus can be seen in fantasy movies based on ancient legends and even on the pages of children's books. Sometimes the winged horse is depicted as a unicorn, with a long horn on his forehead. We should not forget that on the modern map of the starry sky Pegasus is a constellation discovered at the dawn of the world's civilizations.
One of the mythical qualities of the winged horse is the ability to fly and develop great speed instantly. It is for this reason that it is often depicted on the emblems of air carriers and aeronautical clubs in the modern world. Creative people do not forget that their patron is Pegasus. The symbol of something divine and boundless inspiration is often found on the signs of associations of poets and writers even today. The city of Zlatoust can boast the image of the winged horse on its official coat of arms.

How did Pegasus appear?

There are two versions of his emergence into the world:

  1. The first legend of Pegasus says that he left the body of his mother jellyfish Gorgon in the company of his brother, the warrior Chrysapor, when Perseus beheaded her and rid the world of a terrible and evil monster.
  2. According to another version, the horse was spawned by the blood of his mother Gorgon the Medusa, which fell to earth.

The father of the winged horse is Poseidon - the mighty and majestic god of the sea and Pegasus was born on the shores of the ocean, so he received this name, which means "turbulent stream" in Greek. This horse was faithful assistant to Perseus in rescuing Andromeda and the Greek warrior Bellerophonte, who took the life of the three-headed Chimera. Zeus later gave Pegasus to Eos, goddess of the dawn, who found him a place in the sky and turned him into a constellation.

Who's a pegasus?

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Pendant is probably the oldest jewelry, which was invented by man. Previously, in the form of pendants were used bones or stones, but over time, this piece of jewelry has evolved into an artful piece of jewelry, usually richly inlaid with precious stones.

Even in primitive times, people wore pendants to indicate their gender, showing wealth and position in society.

Also, pendants served as a talisman, amulet against evil spirits.

Nowadays, this trend remained: pendants became not only a stylish accessory, but also a kind of magic symbol of good luck, prosperity and fortune!

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Elephant - It is a symbol of greatness, strength, power, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, longevity, and faithfulness! In India, the elephant was considered the king of beasts - with its size and important unhurriedness, it instilled in people the idea of its exclusivity.

Since ancient times, jewelers have used images of elephants in their jewelry. These products are the most powerful and positive energy for a person. Such jewelry is suitable for people seeking stability, confidence and stability in life.


The cat attracts money luck, prosperity and new opportunities. The raised paw of the cat is to money, i.e., an increase in wealth and profit.

Also, the cat as a sacred animal in many peoples symbolizes cunning, developed intuition, clairvoyance, sensual beauty, the ability to reincarnate. Figurine cat - a symbol of eternity, independence, grace and grace, the queen of love! It is believed that it protects against the evil eye.

If you buy a pendant in the form of a cute cat, which is made of silver, the effect of such a talisman increases twofold.


Fish symbolize wealth. They are used to attract prosperity and abundance in the home or office. Fish, looking upwards, promotes movement up the career ladder, guarantees high achievements, recognition and fame.

Most often, carp, goldfish, and dragonfish are used as a talisman.


The Heart - perhaps a favorite symbol not only in the jewelry industry, but in all branches of art, because it celebrates the brightest and purest feeling on Earth - love.

The heart symbol has long been used as a symbol for the spiritual, emotional, moral and intellectual foundations of humanity, attracting love and romance!


It would seem, well, what is special in such an ordinary object as a key? But strangely enough, there are many people who choose exactly key talisman.

In fact, any key is not quite a simple thing, but actually a clue to a mystery. And more often, as a talisman, one chooses not just a key, but a key that has a secret - an elegant and ancient one. A person who chooses such a key as a talisman is an incorrigible romantic prone to daydreaming. For him, the key is a sign that someday he will be able to open the door of his dreams and find himself in a fairy tale.

A silver key most suitable for students and schoolchildren as a talisman, because such a talisman helps to better absorb knowledge and to be guided in the received information. It makes sense to buy a silver key for beginning businessmen as well - it will help in favor of banks.

The key in the form of a pendant around the neck will help to bring the dearest person closer to you. Only it will be necessary to wear it only with the groove down, passing through the upper ring of a lace or chain.


SnakeAs a talisman, the snake gives its owner strength of will and determination. Any case will be brought to an end. Snake talisman bestows wisdom and patience. The person who carries this talisman will not be afraid of the intrigues of "friends", dangers, and frustrations. In this way, you will be able to use the power of the snake as a talisman, and the power of the snake as a talisman of the snake. In the East, the Snake is a symbol of feminine beauty, a symbol of mysterious powers, telepathy, clairvoyance and clairvoyance.

In the East, the snake is a symbol of feminine beauty, a symbol of mysterious powers, telepathy, clairvoyance.


A talisman in the form of dragon The snake is the symbol of wisdom and courage that unites men and women. Chinese philosophers say that every person living on this earth has a soul mate. And truly happy man will be when he finds it. And this is very difficult to do, because there are so many people and it is very difficult to find your love. This talisman in the form of a dragon will help to find true love - beloved one.

A man wearing a talisman in the dragon form will be very popular with women, but it does not mean that he will cheat, on the contrary, he will be faithful to his beloved.

And a woman wearing this talisman, even grudgingly, will create around herself an atmosphere of complete harmony. She will be admired.

Only it is impossible to wear a dragon near the heart - do not wear the pendant on a long chain. However, the dragon on the neck provides protection, so you can wear the pendant on a short chain.


Since ancient times. owl Since ancient times the owl has been a symbol of learning, insight, wisdom and enlightenment, and in China it was also a sign of wealth. In Greek mythology, the owl was an attribute of the goddess of wisdom Athena, who bore the epithet "sovokaya. As a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, the owl became a symbol of wisdom and knowledge because its natural behavior reminded the Hellenes of the way of life of philosophers seeking solitude, and the ability to see in the dark made the owl a symbol of discernment. In Slavic myths, the wise bird sometimes appears as the guardian of the legendary rip-grass, enabling the hero to find treasures hidden under the ground and possess enchanted treasures.

And nowadays, an owl is considered a symbol of wisdom, protection from black forces and evil spells, the evil eye, preserving wealth at home, and attracting good luck.

Huge luminous eyes of the bird look into the very essence, they reflect bad thoughts, envious glances and bad wishes like a mirror. To make an owl a talisman - a talisman against the evil eye and magical powers, you must choose a figure with wide-open eyes. You can buy a pendant or pendant, the main thing is that the jewelry should attract the attention of others. It is better, if the eyes of the nocturnal bird will be made of precious or semiprecious stones.


In Greek mythology Pegasus - The winged horse of Zeus. Pegasus is also the winged horse of the Muses, which emerged from the neck of Medusa when Perseus cut off her head. From the blow of the hoof Pegasus scored a wonderful source, which gives inspiration to creative people. Symbolizes inspiration, contemplation of beauty and eloquence. In European heraldry, Pegasus was used in the coats of arms of thinkers and creators. Pegasus, like a unicorn, can only be caught with a golden bridle.

Nowadays, a talisman in the form of a winged horse is considered the talisman of all lovers. As the ancient Greek Pegasus helped Perseus to save Andromeda, so the talisman helps to save love. Give to your beloved such a talisman and he (she) will never part with you, because through the talisman your love will pass to him (her), which your beloved will always feel.


In different peoples of the world dragonfly has completely different meanings. For Europeans, the dragonfly is a symbol of lightness, grace, the onset of summer, as well as frivolity and selfishness. A symbol of a woman easy and beautiful, who loves to have fun and does not think about the future. It is this symbol used in Krylov's fable Dragonfly and Ant. Later, during the Decadence, the dragonfly became a symbol of a femme fatale - beautiful, light, but calculating and predatory. The combination of lightness, impetuosity and predatory nature inspired artists, poets, and jewelers - they created many beautiful works of art, identifying the dragonfly with femininity and the inscrutable feminine nature. In Latin, the dragonfly is called very poetically odonatum - born of the fragrance of the universe. In ancient art the dragonfly was depicted as a symbol of idyllic tranquility and beauty. In medieval Europe, the dragonfly was a sinister symbol. They called it "the devil's needle" and believed that its sting was poisonous. The dragonfly was one of the symbols of witches. The dragonfly was also considered a symbol of fairies. According to ancient Celtic legends, small people sometimes turned into dragonflies to hover over clear streams and deep pools and lure hapless trappers into dangerous traps. Some paintings depict fairies with dragonfly wings. In Japan, the dragonfly (tombo) is a masculine symbol. The dragonfly is revered as a symbol of courage and is considered the national symbol of Japan. Honshu Island is sometimes called Dragonfly Island. The red Japanese dragonflies were sacrificed to the gods, asking for courage and victory in battle. In North American Indians, the dragonfly - a symbol of rebirth, recovery from hardship. This is the meaning of the dragonfly symbol in the United States. As a symbol of the wind, the dragonfly symbolizes the element of air, immortality and rebirth. It is used when we need to revive a relationship that has become routine.

Decorations in the form of a dragonfly gives a person ease, relaxed, sociable, helps attract new people.


Bird feathers - Their symbolism is based on the weightlessness of feathers, the ability of birds to fly, and the spiritual qualities endowed to birds.

Bird feather symbolizes truth, lightness, Heaven, height, speed, spaciousness, flight to other areas of the world, the soul, the element of wind and air, opposed to the principle of moisture, dryness. In a broader sense, the feathers worn by shamans, priests or rulers symbolized a magical connection with the spirit world or divine power and patronage.


Butterfly- symbol of the soul, immortality, rebirth and resurrection. It symbolizes the ability to transform, to transformation, as this beautiful winged creature comes to light, transforming from a small crawling caterpillar. The butterfly is a creative force that helps to easily perceive the reality around, its rainbow colors brighten up the gray of everyday life.

This is a symbol of creative people: artists, writers, poets, musicians. This talisman will also help those who want bright changes in their lives.

Pendant in the form of a butterfly for women can become a real amulet (amulet). It is believed that thanks to such jewelry, women can attract a worthy man in their lives and keep him around.


Yarilo is the god of the ancient Slavs, who is revered to this day: at all times, he occupied the central place on the celestial slope. His talismans gave their owner prosperity, guaranteed a strong manhood. Also, such a sign helped to restore one's inner energy and brought balance to one's life. But in addition to the above-mentioned functions, such a symbol gave protection from any troubles in life, both physical and energetic. This magical symbol can increase the stock of vital energy, at this time, people turn to this very talisman to replenish the stock of vital forces. Amulet helps everyone to get rid of troubles, sorrows and just small troubles, and its value depends on the internal needs of the person.

From the sun comes the need to live, create, lead an active life.

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What does Pegasus look like?

Pegasus is a horse with wings, which was depicted with white, raven, brown or golden fur. His enemies in mythology were thought to be hippogriffs, having the form of half-horse half-birds and griffins - animals that had the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. This free-loving animal soared above the highest peaks. There is a legend of Pegasus, according to which Mount Helicon, delighted by the singing of the Muses, began to stretch up to the sky. Then, at the will of Poseidon, the horse struck its peak with a hoof, and it froze in place.

The meaning of tattoos for girls

For girls related to creativity, a tattoo with Pegasus is a personal talisman, a source of inspiration and good luck. Artists and poets often need the support of a powerful deity who, with a tap of his hoof, could create a spring of inspiring magical water. A winged horse helps those who love and know how to contemplate, to notice the beautiful, to keep it in memory. It is believed that the tattoo aggravates intuition, opens the ability of eloquence, expands the imagination.

For young romantic girls are attractive drawings of Pegasus, made on the body in bright colors in the style of "watercolor". Such subjects immediately catch the eye, informing others of the cheerfulness, cheerful character of the owner. The image of a horse with rainbow-colored wings denotes an explosion of imagination, the ability to find creative, interesting ideas and think outside the box. Usually such girls easily find friends, easily communicate with people of all ages and genders.

Pegasus - Mythology

It becomes clearer who Pegasus is in ancient mythology if we remember the story of his rider Bellerophonte. There are two versions of how he became his master:

  1. According to the first, the horse was given to the hero by Poseidon himself.
  2. According to the second, he had the animal spotted near the spring of Pirena, which is on top of Acrocorinthus. But Bellerophonte was not immediately able to ride the horse. This only became possible after Athena, daughter of Zeus, gave the hero a golden bridle. Throwing it around the neck of the horse, Bellerophonte bravely climbed onto it and subsequently killed the fearsome monster Chimera with its help.

This is who saddled Pegasus, but when Bellerophonte set out to climb to the very top of the sky on his horse and fly up to Olympus, Zeus became furious with him and sent a horsefly to sting Pegasus under his tail. The animal, driven mad with pain, threw Bellerophonte down, and he died. According to other accounts he fell himself, having looked down from a bird's-eye view and being very frightened. But the horse stayed to serve Zeus faithfully and for a long time he brought to Olympus thunder and lightning that Hephaestus minted for him.

Pegasus and the Jellyfish Myth

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Aphrodite Medusa Gorgon Zeus

This story begins with the son of Eurinoma and Glaucus (or Poseidon). The young hero was distinguished from childhood by his good health, warrior skills, and courage. However, as a result of an accidental murder, Bellerophonte was forced to flee his homeland. He found shelter in the house of the king of Tirinthi, Preetus. Legend has it that Pretus' wife wanted to make Bellerophonte her lover, but the latter refused, as he was an honest and conscientious young man. Then Anthea (the wife of Pretus) loudly accused Bellerophonte of molestation. The king himself could not break the laws of hospitality, so he sent the hero to his father-in-law, Jobat, who asked him to "solve" the problem with him (to kill him by any means). Jobat also dared not break the laws of hospitality, but he set it up so that Bellerophonte himself volunteered to fight Chimera, the horrible spawn of Typhon and Echidna, who was terrorizing the neighborhood.

Bellerophonte had heard legends from his childhood about Pegasus, the magnificent winged horse, who could level his chances against Chimera, since the latter lived high in the mountains. But, as we said above, finding and taming Pegasus was an impossible task. But the gods took pity on the young prodigy. Athena sent him a vision according to which Bellerophonte was to wait for the winged horse near the spring of Pyrene, from which Pegasus preferred to drink water. Athena also sent a vision to the soothsayer Polyidas who told Bellerophonte that the hero would need a golden bridle to capture Pegasus. He subsequently found it and restrained Pegasus. If you have read our article about Chimera, you probably know that the hero managed to defeat the monster and it was Pegasus who saved him. For many years Pegasus served Bellerophonte, until a great misfortune happened.

pegasus ancient Greek mythology

The Fate of Bellerophonte


Bellerophontus lived a long time and did many feats that made him famous throughout Hellas. But it was so until the hero was ruined by pride. Inspired by his successes, he began to consider himself equal to the gods. And if so, what prevented him from elevating himself to Olympus, especially since he had his own winged horse.

Nothing could restrain the proud man. He climbed on his faithful Pegasus and flew into the sky. But the gods were not at all happy about this turn of events. No matter how well they treated Bellerophonte, but his impudence and pride exceeded all reasonable limits. Then Zeus, determined to stop the madman. He sent a gadfly to Pegasus, which stung the horse. In pain, Pegasus lost his mind and threw the rider off, who fell to the ground and was badly crippled.


Ask a question

Question to the expert

Why did Zeus create the constellation Pegasus?

Apparently, he wanted to immortalize such a beautiful creature for ages. Only a select few were honored with such a distinction.

Legend has it that pride ruined Bellerophonte. No one has needed him since. In the fall he was badly crippled and even blinded. Thus, lame and blind, he wandered through the Alei Valley until he died. While dying, he nevertheless admitted his mistakes and made peace with the gods, but his life was at an end, and reconciliation with the gods was no longer a solution...

Pegasus' Role in the Hereafter

who is pegasus in ancient mythology

Despite being bitten by a gadfly, Pegasus still reached Mount Olympus. According to the legends it was Pegasus who provided Zeus with the thunderbolts that Hephaestus forged for him in his workshop. Later on, for these services Zeus placed him in the sky as a constellation, which is now called the constellation of Pegasus. Some sources said that Pegasus was one of the horses harnessed to the chariot of Helios. Others said he was harnessed to Apollo's chariot. But whatever the case, he did eventually become a constellation.

What does Pegasus symbolize?

The animal represents the vitality and power of the horse along with overcoming earth's gravity, as birds do. This conjures up associations with the poet's unbridled, overcoming everything in his path inspiration. Considering that the source of the Hippocrene that emerged after the hoofbeat was the source of the muses, this gave rise to the winged expression: "To ride Pegasus. Those who wonder what a man becomes when he rides Pegasus should answer that he becomes a poet, a creator, a man who rises above the mundane and creates works of genius.

On what places is better to do such a tattoo

On the body for the winged messenger of the gods it is best to choose spacious areas. For example, drawing on the floor of the back in the techniques of watercolor or realism will decorate the skin with a real painting.

The wings can be deployed to the shoulder blades area, placing the body of the horse in the center of the composition. Some tattoo owners stuff the sketch on the chest. Pegasus can fit on the forearm, if you work with the composition. The scapula, subclavian area and ribs are suitable for small works.

Tips for tattoos

Pegasus sketches look favorably when the master uses photos of real breeds of horses and swans. In the drawing you need to convey the grace of flight and expression of the wild power of the horse. Otherwise, you need imagination and a clear understanding of the effect you want to achieve a drawing.

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Description of the mystical animal

Dictionaries do not give an exact definition of the meaning of the word "pegasus". According to one version, it is translated from Greek as "unstoppable current".

The mesmerizing beauty of the pegasus is described in several Greek myths. It has broad snow-white or golden wings. When he takes off, you can hear the clatter of his hooves, which resembles thunder. Thanks to its power, one can find a source of water and escape imminent disaster. Mythology describes how much Zeus, the god of thunder, loved the wonderful beast that was not only fast but also beautiful.

The image of the winged horse, flying fast as the wind and controlling lightning, has several versions of origin. According to one of them, Pegasus is the child of the secret bond between Medusa and Poseidon. According to another, the animal jumped out of the torso of the Gorgon before her death. In mythology, there is a legend that says the creature was born with the blood of the dead lord. She gave him all her powers.

The role of Pegasus is also significant: he is famous for coming to the aid of only the most worthy heroes. He is able to knock out a spring of healing water with his hoof. He was once used to kill Chimera.

Pegasus Appearance

The magical horse is similar in size to a thoroughbred racehorse. He is as fast as a bird.

General description of the animal:

  • The suit is always light - he is so white that he sometimes looks brighter than daylight;
  • his body is covered with thick silky wool and his wings are completely covered with white feathers;
  • He has a long and beautiful blond mane;
  • sometimes the racehorse is depicted with golden wings - according to legend, if someone finds a golden feather, he will be very successful and good luck will never leave him;
  • The hooves are golden and as strong as stone.

Pegasus is fast and nimble. He is famous for his luck - he cannot get into trouble. The clatter of his hooves can be heard for hundreds of kilometers ahead. When he flies, he becomes brighter than the sun: Under the sunlight, his golden mane throws a million rays of light to the earth.

The challenge and temptations of the sign of Pegasus

The living water of the Upper World fills the creativity of people of this sign of the Upper zodiac. Inspiration and prophetic abilities are not given to them for selfish motives, but to point the way for other Souls - how through inspiration and art man can ascend to the heavensand draw water from the eternal source.

Such a person with his creativity gives wings to others, can set an example of the power of the Spirit, instill faith in them.

Pegasi are available various forms of harmony, and if we rely on the Greek mythology, all the Muses patronize them, helping to bring the ideals of harmony and beauty into the world.

The temptation can be associated with a preoccupation with matter and money, which inhibits the development of these people, cuts them off from the upper source, then their creativity degrades and negatively affects those around them. Their whole life becomes rigid, stagnant, there is no intellectual and cultural development.

Because of the height of flight, there is the temptation of superhuman hubris, in which the fulfillment of their life task is impossible. With this tendency it is necessary to constantly work internally - to strive for humble fulfillment of his own duty. Otherwise his creativity and scientific discoveries can harm the world around him, humanity.

With the gift of prophecy, they can look into the future and see - who and how will use their discoveries, whether it will develop humanity, or vice versa will bring harm.

Also, people with the manifested sign of Pegasus need to know their past, their own geneticsOn which they are strongly linked. And its dangers, such as including negative deeds, mistakes, up to and including crimes. To work with the past, they are given great strength and energy, it is necessary not to "step on the rake" of past generations, not to be led by negative emotions and not to stand in opposition to other people.

Representatives of the sign Pegasus: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Daniel Kharms, Charles Lindbergh, Porfiry Ivanov.

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