Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

Tattoos are a very interesting option for decorating your body. But not enough just to choose the drawing you like - it is necessary to find out what your tattoo means. After all, the self-inflicted symbols can have both positive and negative impact on your health and life in general. Therefore, in the following material I suggest you to study the meaning of the skull tattoo.

Tattoo skull photo

Styles and colors

A tattoo artist can perform a body drawing of a skull in a variety of styles. Some of the most popular include realism, old skool, minimalism, tribalism, chicano, thrash polka, neo-tradition, watercolor, dotwork and blackwork.

Realism .This style is characterized by the complexity of execution. All the small details of the image are carefully worked out. Only experienced masters are able to embody quality realistic tattoos. Images are obtained volumetric thanks to the shadows and halftones. The main feature of the color palette in realism is a smooth transition from one shade to another. The tattoos are large in size.
Old skool.Characteristic features of the style are thick black outlines, simple saturated colors, concise images without detail. The color scheme consists of black, red, blue, green and yellow. Old-school style drawings are made flat, not volumetric. Instead of gradients and penumbra use an absence of color or a transparent background.
WatercolorTattoos made in watercolor are abstract, bright, contrast and soft outlines. The image turns out unique due to the imitation of strokes. To create drawings a variety of color palette consisting of dark and light shades is used. In the style of watercolor also combine incongruous colors. Watercolor tattoos can be either small or large.
TribalThis style of tattoo is considered the oldest. It is characterized by flat and clear contours with pointed ends. Drawing in the style of trayble turns out patterned and monochrome. For imposing a tribal tattoo choose black and gray shades. Such a tattoo printed in view of human anatomy and physiology. Trible tattoo can accentuate the dignity of the body or hide its flaws.
MinimalismThis style creates small inconspicuous and colorless tattoos with minimal gradients. They are very easy to hide from prying eyes. The minimalist image is often chosen as the first tattoo.
Thrash PolkaThis style is characterized by gloomy motifs. It is dominated by black, which is most often combined with red. The other colors are used quite rarely. For thrash polka is characterized by layering, sharp contrast, the scale of the image, the addition of various fonts, inscriptions and combination with other styles.
ChicanoThis style of tattoos was originally preferred by Latin American gangs. For Chicano style tattoo sketches use black color and gray gradients. No bright hues are added to the design. Characteristic themes of the style include faith, wealth, the underworld and girls.
Neo-traditional .This style is a modern interpretation of the traditional tattoo. It combines crisp edges, neatly made outlines, bright volumetric images and many small details. The technique allows you to make the drawing funny and amusing. It can be combined with realism.
DotworkDotwork drawing is made with dots. Their location determines the density, contrast and richness of the lines. The dots are applied close to each other. When applying respects symmetry, proportions and a certain order. The size of the dots can be different. Dotwork tattoos are made large. In case of a small size, they lose their attractiveness.
BlackworkIn this style, black is the only dominant tone. The technique involves the complete painting of certain parts of the body in black. Also the painted over areas are diluted with large three-dimensional images. Such a tattoo helps to hide scars and other skin defects. Choosing a blackwork tattoo, you need to remember that it can not be overlapped.

The color of the tattoo depends on the style chosen.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

Male representatives most often give preference to black and white tattoos. Women are attracted to more colorful tattoo designs.

The meaning of the bat tattoo

Bats are some of the most common mammals and the only ones that can fly. Among them there are both harmless nectar gatherers and real vampires, which go to work at night. They belong to the category of man-wings, as you can already guess we are talking about bats. There are many species of these animals in the world and it is quite difficult to mix them up with other animals, because their appearance is very specific and distinctive. Bats inhabit almost all continents. These nocturnal animals are actually not dangerous, the smallest bat weighs only 1.7-2 g and has a body length of 29-33 mm. Because of their appearance, people since ancient times have treated these creatures with fear and disgust, there are quite a few legends and mysteries, some, some say that bats are the helpers of Dracula himself.

So what can What does the tattoo of this amazing and frightening animal mean? This tattoo is very controversial and ambiguous.

What are the most common places for a tattoo with skulls

Tattoo with the image of the skull is applied to different parts of the human body depending on preference, pain threshold and semantic message.

The drawing can be stuffed on:

  • fingers of the hand;
  • palm;
  • hand;
  • wrist;
  • forearm;

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

  • shoulder;
  • neck;
  • face;
  • chest;

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

  • back;
  • abdomen;
  • legs.

The most common place to place a skull tattoo is in the shoulder and back area. On the leg, the tattoo is applied in the area of the shin and calf muscles.

Men most often choose the chest, forearm, back, neck, or hand for a tattoo. Women prefer to get a skull tattoo on the shoulder, leg, as well as in the intimate areas. They decorate the neckline or buttocks with the drawing. The brush is chosen much less often as a place of application.


A few tips for those who can not yet decide on such an unusual tattoo:

  1. First, choose a suitable place for the application. If you want your beautiful tattoo to remain inconspicuous, then make it, for example, on the back or on the ankle. If, on the contrary, you want to show off the drawing, then put it on your arm. Often such tattoos are done on the calves or thighs. And some choose the back. But it is not recommended to apply such an image on the chest, because it is believed that close to the heart should be only the most intimate.
  2. Even the most somber tattoo more vibrant and interesting do bright colors, so bring a little juicy colors to the skull, and it will be perceived very differently!
  3. To choose a suitable option, you can study the examples presented on the Internet or in the catalogs of tattoo masters.

Now you know everything about such a tattoo!

Skull with additional elements

A skull tattoo, complete with different elements, can tell more about the wearer. Depending on the chosen element, the tattoo can become more or less intimidating.

Tattoo of a cross and skull

You can get a unique tattoo by depicting a skull together with a cross. The main meaning of the skull is death, and the cross is resurrection and renewal. The composition of these symbols can be depicted in different ways, giving the tattoo its own meaning.

The most interesting options are:

  • A skull with an open mouth embracing a cross;
  • A cross placed inside a skull with rays emanating from the eye sockets and mouth;
  • a skull with a St. Andrew's cross, resembling a pirate flag;
  • A cross, printed on top of the skull.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm
The meaning of the skull tattoo depends on the accompanying drawings
A tattoo of a skull with a cross in its mouth means denial of rebirth and renewal. The cross, towering over the skull, symbolizes faith in the immortality of the soul and victory over death. Such sketches can be applied to the arm, shoulder and back.

With a snake

A skull depicted with a snake is no less popular tattoo option. The creeping creature represents the highest temptation, temptation, cunning, and crossing between worlds because of its ability to be reborn after shedding its skin. However, other meanings are encountered if the snake is depicted with a skull.

Popular sketches:

  • A snake emerging from the eye sockets of a skull;
  • skull and snake swallowing its tail;
  • Skull and snake at rest.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

The image of the skull with the snake crawling out of its eye is the embodiment of wisdom, overcoming the difficulties of life and the eternity of the soul. In the 2nd case, the tattoo denotes the endless cycle of life, and in the 3rd - a sharp mind. Skull tattoo with a snake can be applied to the arm, leg, chest, back, neck and stomach.

With a rose.

A skull tattoo means something terrible and beautiful when combined with a rose. It denotes love, beauty, courage and sacrifice. Together with the skull, the flower takes on new meanings.

Common designs:

  • A rose wrapped around or lying next to the skull;
  • A rose in the teeth of the skull;
  • a skull with a black rose;
  • a rose sprouting through the bones of the skull.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

The combination of a skull and a rose, curled or in the vicinity, in a single tattoo reports the loss, death of a loved one. Such a tattoo reflects deep sadness and grief. A skeletal head holding a flower in its teeth indicates a carefree attitude toward life and a desire for thrills.

A skull adorned with a black rose symbolizes survival, avoidance of death and the beginning of a new life. A rose growing from the bones signifies the triumph of life over death. Similar compositions are applied on the shoulder, wrist, back, neck, thigh or chest area.

With other colors

Tattoo of the skull can be decorated with other different colors. The image will turn out more picturesque, beautiful and creative.

The skull is complemented by:

  • Lilies;
  • sunflowers;
  • orchids;

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

  • Peonies;
  • carnations;
  • tulips;
  • sakura.

Skull tattoo with flowers instead of eyes symbolizes love and passion. Flowers can be monochrome or multicolored. Such a drawing is often chosen by girls. It is stuffed on the back, shoulder, neck, wrist or other desired part of the body.

With a crown.

A skeleton head topped with a crown looks great on the hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder, back and chest. It usually attracts people associated with the criminal world. The skull, complemented with the crown, indicates a desire to occupy a high position in society or the current high status.

Such an image can also be embellished with:

  • dice and cards;
  • roses;
  • daggers;
  • crosses;
  • diamonds;
  • pistols.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

A skull with a crown can also denote the frailty of everyday life or fortune in the next life. This design can be chosen by lovers as a couple's tattoo. It will be a symbol of a strong family relationship. In such a tattoo, names or romantic expressions can be added.

With wings

Skull drawing with wings will be a more original tattoo option.

The wings behind the skull can be depicted:

  • elevated;
  • lowered;
  • Straightened.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

The skull tattoo means quite a bit with wings. From a religious perspective, the flying skull tattoo signifies liberation from the burdens of life and the movement of the human soul into the afterlife. Also, these combined symbols can indicate that the person has let go of the past, freed from it. Alternatively a flying skull could be a symbol of personal freedom or freedom from everyday life. Preferably, the image should be placed on the shoulder, chest or back.

With a clock

Symbols such as a clock and a skull go well together.

Some of the most interesting designs include:

  • A skull holding a watch in its teeth;
  • A clock placed inside a skull;
  • a skull in the form of a clock;
  • a clock placed next to the skull.

Tattoo skull. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

The skull and clock represent the transience of life. Such a tattoo will be a reminder that life is not eternal and the remaining time should not be wasted. It is imposed on the hand, shoulder, forearm, chest or. The best place for the application is considered a brush, so the owner of the tattoo does not forget about its significance and live life to the fullest.

With horns

Skull tattoo can be complemented with the horns of various animals.

With the skull is usually combined:

  • ram horns;
  • antlers;
  • goat horns.

Skull Tattoo. What it means for men, girls, sketches on the hand, arm, shoulder, forearm

The image of the skull with horns symbolizes greatness and power. The image of the skull with horns symbolizes greatness and power, as well as perseverance and determination to achieve the desired goal. Another picture is a personification of decay, death and the end of life's pleasures.

A skull with ram's horns can be a demonstration of power, danger and mystery. This tattoo can refer to Satanism, signify death and sacrifice. Often it is decorated with a pentagram. In order to soften the meaning use flowers. The tattoo is supplemented with blooming flowers to create an interesting contrast between life and death. The image is often worn on the chest or back.

Other options

A symbol of secrecy is the image of a skull with a hat or any other headgear. A full-length drawing of a raven sitting on a skull suggests membership in a particular subculture. The tattoo of the skull with bones, resembling the image on a pirate flag, indicates that the person is characterized by freedom and invincibility in life. Skull on fire is a symbol of a bright personality who does not want to sit in one place.

The bearer of such a tattoo considers life as an adventure. The image of a skull with a butterfly is interpreted as spiritual death or readiness for something new.

A skull pierced with a dagger indicates a desire for revenge by striking back at an opponent. A skeleton head painted on high-voltage poles represents danger. Such a tattoo warns others of the danger emanating from the wearer of the wax drawing of the blow. The Indian skull shows unity with nature and the desire to engage in self-knowledge.

The image of the skull in the hood with a scythe reminds of the cyclicality of life and death. The tattoo will turn out not gloomy, but funny, if instead of a scythe you add a guitar.

Complemented by other elements, the skull tattoo can have different meanings. Many sketches allow you to find a suitable version of the tattoo. The image is placed in the most prominent place or hidden as a personal symbolism.

The history of the symbol

In Christianity is an important symbol. In some movements, such as Orthodoxy, the skull is depicted on the crucifixion at the feet of Christ. This is explained by tradition, according to which Christ was crucified on the cross and his blood flowed on Adam's skull, thereby atoning for the sins of mankind.

In Buddhism, it is used in amulets and amulets as a symbol that recalls the sacredness of human existence.

Among the inhabitants of the Maya tribes, only shamans possessed the ability to control evil. This was confirmed by a ritual bowl made of a skull. It was believed that only a shaman could hold it in his hands.

The ancient Celts believed that the place of residence of the human soul is the skull. Therefore, carefully guarded the skull of their deceased ancestors and distinguished warriors. Among these people was believed that together with the skull to its owner goes bravery and other important qualities of the deceased.

In Latin America, tattoos are often accompanied by the inscription "don't forget that you must die. The meaning of such a phrase is that you should enjoy every moment and live to the fullest. because the end is the same for everyone. There is an annual celebration of death in this country. Here it is really a holiday, i.e., a very fun event.

Bat tattoo meaning in a positive way

From another point of view, the bat has a number of positive qualities that, in one way or another, help the creature to live. In ancient Rome and Greece, the skills of cute little animals were appreciated. Thus, its ability to navigate in the dark, excellent vision, has become a symbol of insight and vigilance. Homer in his work praised the ability of the animal to fly, giving the souls of the deceased part of the animal: the wings. China differs in its perception of the world in many ways. So the image of the bat, so terrible for all, here has found only positive features. The animal became a symbol:

Both interpretations have the right to exist. For the person who makes the choice in favor of the bat, one of them is correct. Which one? It all depends on the attitude to the tattoo: for some it is pure luck, for others - a terrible future. To believe or not this or that interpretation everyone decides for himself. It is he who makes the choice! A separate popularity of this symbol and received after the acclaimed movie "Batman", however, over time, it came to naught.


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