Ace of clubs: the meaning and combination of the card in divination

Surprisingly, very often people who are absolutely far from the criminal concepts and the world of thieves, are drawn to know the meaning of this or that tattoo. Of course, no one is safe from prison, everyone knows that. "Show me a man with a tattoo, and I will show you a man with an interesting past," wrote Jack London.

Well, sometimes, on your way home on public transport, you may indeed notice a person "with an interesting past" when you see a finger or hand painted with cheap paint. In this article we will talk about the meanings of common prison tattoos, and we will start with finger ring tattoos.

Ace Description

The Ace is a one-point card for the game. In the game he is a high or low ranking card. In a game such as poker or blackjack, it is possible to choose how an ace is played. In solitaire, it is most often a junior card.

According to existing facts began to play cards from the eleventh to the twelfth century. And in Asia, famous for its excitement, there are even documents that describe the game using paper pictures. And even earlier played with bamboo and other tablets. Over time, the game industry has become popular in India, Persia, Egypt, and from there came to Europe. On Russian soil cards were in the twelfth century. And already in one thousand six hundred and forty-nine years, the government banned them.

However, after a while Peter decided to legalize the card game, as he understood that people are still playing them.

The Christian religion called cards a real blasphemy. So clubs (crosses) supposedly mean the very cross on which Jesus was crucified. Ace cards also have a negative meaning for Christians. Spades, for example, are the spears used to pierce Jesus' body. Diamonds represent the nails in the body of Jesus Christ. Worms symbolize the sponge that was used to drink and wipe all those who were crucified on the cross. And yet, in spite of this, tattoos in the form of an ace are still chosen today.

What other tattoos in the zone mean

The rings are not the only kind of prison tattoo. Before I show you other inmate tattoos that are applied to completely different parts of the body, I must say that prison tattoo culture is changing as rapidly as the art of body painting.

The meanings we're talking about in this article were current by the 90s and 2000s. There is no doubt that the tradition of the tattoos is still alive in Russian prisons and will be alive for a long time to come. Tattoos are still beaten with homemade paint made from burnt soles with iodine added. But whether it will stay that way for long, it's hard to say.

By the way, there are also owners of such works among famous personalities. One of them is the controversial mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko, about whom you can read in a separate article.

Thief in LawWomen's ring "thief"Women's "first conviction" tattoo"Always remember the zone."

Growing up in an orphanageAnarchist badgeBadge of FatherlessnessBadge of the White Guard

RacketeerBadge of the thief (patsanka)WafflerSix
Thief authorityDeniedMurdererCathedral

Served full timeThief in Law"Round orphan"Kum's suit.
Convict deniedConvicted of rapeBadge of the White Guard"Not satisfied with the verdict."

Symbol of thief's luckBorn in prison."Hello thieves!"
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Blackwork tattooThe image of traditional subjects in the form of black and white patterns. This style is characterized by symmetry and clarity of lines.

Real pictures of prison tattoos

Surely you have heard about the famous thieves star tattoo on the lap. We wrote about its meaning in a separate article. This is the most famous thieves' tattooFor which the prison administration without unnecessary questions beats the prisoner (based on the stories of former convicts), in order to check whether they do not get on their knees. Below you will find some photos of common prison tattoos.

What style to do a tattoo with an ace

Wrist drawings with cards always look spectacular and unusual. Sometimes choose a drawing of a card with a particular suit, and sometimes give preference to a tattoo of 4 aces.

And the first and second option will look equally spectacular in the style of oldskul. Such a tattoo will be spectacular and colorful.

No less original will look tattoo in the style of graphics. Such images are most often chosen by supporters of minimalism.

If you like to walk through life freely and not follow stereotypes, make a tattoo with an ace and other interesting elements. These can be skulls, jesters and more.

Tattoo in the form of an ace do on different parts of the body - on the leg, arm, back, forearm, neck, wrist.

Prison tattoos rings on the fingers and their meaning

The criminals in the family. Traditionally associated with the acronym GREAT, which stands for "Testament of the beloved father".
Minor over the shoulders. Childhood spent in penal colonies and detention camps.
As a rule, such rings are "worn" by Muslims. A crescent and a diagonal line denote a sentence served in a high-security correctional facility.
A solid black ring. Means time served "from bell to bell." Released according to a court sentence, without parole.
It can be found on both men and women. The identification mark of those who have served their sentences in the famous Kresty, a prison in the city of St. Petersburg.
The ring of a person sitting for robbery.
One of the tattoos of the "lowered" and "parashnikovs". Mostly done by force. In the 90s, you could meet card debtors with such a ring. After release, convicts with such a stigma often painted over the white part of the square, turning the tattoo into a black solid black square (its meaning is written above).
A black square with a transverse white stripe on the diagonal. The wearer of such a ring has passed the zone and has been released.
A tattoo in the form of a diagonal white stripe with three black dots inside on a black background. This is the so-called ring of the "cock"-homosexual. Such a tattoo refers to the caste of the downtrodden and offended in prison.
A black and white peak separated by an oblique line. Usually deciphered as "I met adulthood in the penitentiary.
The ring with the heartsuit on the bottom right. The suit of a pedophile - convicted of lewd acts against a minor.
Sign of authority. The ring shows the hearts and clubs suits in staggered order.
Bicolor ring, separated by a slash. In the white part is the sign of the clubs suit. The tattoo refers to "passed through Kresty," the famous prison in the city of St. Petersburg.
Most often, such a ring is applied forcibly. Its presence on the finger denotes a sentence for the rape of a minor - "Tselkarik.
Tattoo "ace of diamonds. Characterizes the owner as a professional card cheat.
Such a symbol can be found not only on the fingers. Denotes a "cormorant" sitting for hooliganism. The ring looks like an inverted pike on a white background.
Both male and female tattoo. Denotes a prison sentence for theft. A common thief's tattoo.
Tattoo with an image of a tulip on a white background. Its owner has served his sentence in a penal colony. Around the flower may also depict rays, denoting the term or the number of strokes.
One of the tattoos is "denied. Owners of such tattoos are characterized by the phrase "To live means to fight". The owner will not back down, will not give up, is ready to resort to violence.
This ring designates the "outlaw", the thief in the law. Tattoo looks like a crown on a white background. Can be depicted with diverging rays, the number of which denotes the number of convictions.
Swastika tattoo in a white circle. Sign of denial, has nothing to do with Nazism. Symbol of anarchism, brutality, aggression in the zone.
Ring with the image of sickle and hammer. Its owner disagrees with the verdict. The tattoo is found in conjunction with the abbreviation GOD: "was condemned by the state.
Ring in the form of a figure cross. Denotes the memory of deceased parents.
The famous "cathedral". Applied in the form of rings, as well as on large parts of the body. Applied by convicts with at least three strokes. The number of domes symbolizes the number of terms.
A black cross with diverging rays, also denotes a criminal record and the number of prison terms.
Tattoo in the form of a black cross on a white background. Also means time in prison. Can be displayed with numbers indicating length of sentence or number of strokes.
The ring of someone who began criminal activity as a juvenile. The tattoo looks like a black cross with a dot and diverging rays. "Alone in the circle of friends."
The grave cross is an ambiguous tattoo. Sometimes found in deniers. Can denote the memory of deceased relatives.
Black cross on a white background, as a rule, is applied to the index finger. Indicates time served. Can be found in both men and women.
Distinctive mark of the six - a convict, following the orders of the authorities in the zone.
A rather rare tattoo denoting a crime committed for religious reasons. An inverted star is considered a sign of Satanists.
A ring that denotes affiliation with the Jewish community. The classic Zionist Star of David. "Passed the zone, but did not betray the faith."
According to prison concepts, the pacifist sign has a very different meaning from the classic one. It is a tattoo that is applied to the most vicious violators of the prison regime, and serves as a sign of aggression.
A dagger stuck into a shoulder strap. Indicates a criminal record for a crime against a law enforcement officer. Deciphered as "death to cops".
The ring "COT": the native inhabitant of the prison. The tattoo signifies a long stay in prison. Thief Symbol.
Originally a maritime tattoo. The ring features a heart, an anchor, and a heart. Deciphered as "love and freedom."
The tattoo on the finger in the form of a hare characterizes its owner as prone to lewd acts or connections with prostitutes.
Such a tattoo can be on the finger of both men and women. Two stripes denotes two strokes.
The sign of a man serving time for murder. A dagger with a snake denotes aggression, cruelty.
A very common ring. On the back of the spider is a white cross. A symbol of convicted robbery.
A characteristic symbol of the "muzhik" - observing neutrality in the zone.
Often a woman's tattoo, indicating the lost youth. The ring depicts the sun and seagulls.
"Passed the Bitch Zone."
A former thief who abides by the thief's code. The tattoo depicts two white triangles on a black background. The number in the top denotes time served, the number in the bottom denotes the number of convictions.
One of the thieves' tattoos. Denotes a criminal record for theft.
Classic female prison tattoo. Denotes a conviction for hooliganism.

Ace of Diamonds on her back. Meaning in prison

You can hear about this symbol in the song "Golden domes" by Mikhail Krug. There are the following lines: "There was an ace of diamonds on my back, and became an ace of crosses in my feet." So what does this ace of diamonds mean? There was a flap in the shape of a diamond on the back of the prisoners' robes back in the times of the tsar's prison camps. That was done to make it easier to aim at a prisoner in case of escape.

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Ace of Diamonds on my back

There were certain requirements for the ace of diamonds on the back with the meaning described above. First, our flap had to differ in color from the entire robe. In the Sakhalin convicts it was originally yellow (the color of the Cossacks from the Amur River), and later such a patch was made black. In addition to the ace of diamonds on the back, the convict's head was half shaved and the letters burned on his forehead ("KAT" - "convict," "hard laborer") were also significant. Later, of course, the branding was abandoned, leaving only the patch and the shaved head.

Ace of clubs: Love and relationships

Straight Position.

When guessing for love, the Ace of Clubs shows that you are affectionate towards your other half (paired with 9 of Hearts), can meet an interesting person or are devoted to your partner. If we talk about the nature of the romantic relationship, we are facing a couple where both people compromise and are willing to work on themselves.

The Ace of Clubs card is also capable of pointing to a marriage bond in the near future. And this union will turn out to be incredibly successful, happy, and secure if the Ace of Diamonds is present.

Inverted Position

Unfortunately, reversing the card signals that your romantic feelings will go unanswered. Perhaps your soulmate isn't right for you because of different income levels or intellectual baggage. This all leads to the possibility that you will simply break up or get a divorce in the near future.

Also, the Ace of Clubs may indicate that only one person is interested in this relationship. And he behaves incredibly persistent, trying to manipulate and pressure to get his own. The presence of Jack of Diamonds signals that the other half is destroying the diviner.

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