Tattoo points - the origin and interpretation, options (including three dots, five dots, with a comma), the location of application (on the hands, fingers, under the eyes), funny photos

Tattoo points: meaning

The meaning of dots on the hand knows not everyone. To help understand the encrypted meaning, invested in the tattoo, we advise to read the material written below.

In everyday life, a single dot on the fingers of a girl or guy means a goal to achieve. The more goals, the more tattoo dots are placed on the fingers near the nails.

Often the tattoo does not carry any semantic meaning and is printed as a body "accessory".

In numerology, the number 1 means the following: the value of one's own opinion, authority, leadership, self-confidence.

Nakolka dot in the zone means that the convict has escaped from prison. As a rule, 1 symbol is applied on the hand in a fairly large size, about 2 mm. If the tattoo is applied near the lip or eye, it is a sign of homosexuality. A tattoo on the nose denotes a snitch, on the chin a "rat", on the ear a blabbermouth.

Three dots is a classic prison tattoo. The triangle-shaped tattoo of three dots on the arm or under the eyes can represent a criminal lifestyle related to gang membership or serving time in the zone.

It is a peculiar way to intimidate others both in and out of the zone. It is also a way for other gang members to quickly recognize one of their own. Also, the tattoo represents the code of honor of criminals: "I see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.

The number 3 in numerology carries the following characteristics: carelessness, artistry, optimism in life.

However, a tattoo of three dots does not necessarily mean that people are associated with a gangster lifestyle, even if they are arranged in a triangular shape. Often these symbols attract girls and guys with their minimalist design, allowing them to symbolize important moments, events, people, etc.

For religious people, such a tattoo represents the Holy Trinity or faith, hope, love.

In literary terms, the three symbols, lined up in a single line, represent the ellipsis, a grammatical element used to indicate the incompleteness of a thought or phrase. Thus, three dots on the wrist, fingers, or other part of the body are a symbol of a continuation or new beginning that leads to something greater.

The four dots, most often on the hand or ring finger, signify that a person has served time in the penitentiary. This conclusion follows from the fact that the 4 symbols form the towers that line the perimeter of the zone. Also, tattoos can mean a cell. That is, in most cases, the owner of such a tattoo is associated with the criminal world.

The five dot tattoo represents time spent in prison. The four symbols on the outside represent the walls, and the dot inside the resulting square represents the prisoner himself in solitary confinement. In prison lingo, this tattoo translates as "one in four walls". The five dots are actually an international prison tattoo. It is common among American, European and Russian prisoners.

The origin of the dot tattoo

This tiny mark is hardly applied by people for the sake of beauty. The dot serves as a certain tool to mark a person's position in certain communities. Its origin is criminal, from the prison environment, which is always worth remembering when choosing an image for the body.

The symbolism of the tattoo point largely depends on many things - the number and size of dots, the figure that they constitute, the place of the tattoo. It can be a horizontal line of dots, circles and squares, triangles. The combination of signs can be used as a basis for interpreting the drawing as a whole. The fact is that such dots were not always applied voluntarily, but forced on the prisoners.

Five tattoo dots - picture and explanation

Tattoo - is such a process of introducing certain ink into the subcutaneous tissue in the form of a certain symbol or pattern. The history of body markings or tattoos goes back centuries. The first bearers of tattoos were Indians. The tattoo entered the culture of many nations and tribes as a sacred symbol, and the process itself became a very important ritual. Translated from the Polynesian language means drawing.

In Europe, the history of the tattoo dates back to the time of the Cooks and the time of the pioneers.

Interpretations of dot tattoos

Generally, the number of padded dots means the number of "walks" to the zone, as well as the number of years behind bars. These can also be marks of escape attempts - a kind of notches in the memory. Prison guards always keep a special eye on these people.

  • A dot near the lips or the eye is a symbol of sexual subordination, as is a black square with three dots inside. One tries not to approach this character, so as not to encroach on someone else's property, otherwise one can join this category. The drawing immediately makes it clear with whom you should not contact, it is applied forcibly.
  • The dot in the circle is a caste of untouchables engaged in dirty work.
  • The dot on the nose is a sign of a thief who is capable of stealing the belongings of fellow cellmates.
  • A dot on the ears is a lover of lying, not keeping his word.
  • A mark between the eyebrows - a violator of the thieves' laws, possibly an informer.
  • A square with four dots inside is a sign of a loner, sitting in isolation, also a sign of a 5-year term of imprisonment. The place for such a tattoo can be different, but in a prominent place - on the fingers, the bones of the wrist.
  • Dots along the veins and arteries - a reminder of drug addiction, in combination with commas - there are thoughts and intent to commit suicide.

The basics of the right choice

Tattoo for girls on finger

In the recent past, a tattoo on the fingers of the hand was considered a sign of indelicacy and to show off with it could only people from the prison zone. In prison life, such a tattoo meant superiority over others, was a symbol of seniority and greatness. Who would have thought that only a few decades would pass and people's opinion about such pictures would change dramatically.

Today, fashionistas and fashionable women of all countries, nationalities and ages tend to adorn their hands in this way. Images of feathers, birds, animals, household items, symbols and inscriptions are now at the peak of popularity.

But even if you are far from prejudice and no problem to go through seven circles of hell for the sake of the next newfangled chip, carefully think through all your actions. Such tattoos require special attention at a choice of a place of application and the master, after all to hide a bad spot of paint under a layer of cosmetics or clothes will not work, unless in the winter.

Before you take such a responsible step, think about a few positions:

  • The size of the future jewelry. It must be in moderation: not too big and not very small. Do not put in a small sketch all your thoughts and ideas, it is better to leave them for volumetric tattoos.
  • A specific location of the pattern on your finger. If you want everyone to see the tattoo, choose your index or middle finger. But you can hide the image on the thumb on the inner side of the palm.
  • The right color and design. Keep in mind that our hands do a lot of work during the day and are often in the water, as well as exposed to chemical detergents. Because of this, the bright colors on the tattoo can fade over time, so the masters recommend using white or black color.

Symbolism of tattoo dots for men and women

In the criminal environment, the meaning of the tattoo dot for does not differ depending on gender. And in a civilized environment, girls often put dots on their fingers to emphasize their elegance and simply to attract attention. But much depends on the meaning that the person himself lays down. Perhaps it is the number of children - existing or desired. A drawing of dots on a woman's shoulder is a sign of alienation from material interests.

For men, the dot tattoo is mostly a symbol of a completed "gestalt," of some important project, of achieving a goal. And the more dots, the more successes were on the way. If large enough signs are in the heart area, then the man has met his half and is going to be faithful until the end of life.

What does a tattoo with an outline of fire mean?

Sketch of fire (An intense process of oxidation accompanied by radiation in the visible range and release of thermal energy
) is among the top five most favorite signs in all of tattoo culture. The image can have any meaning, from the protection of the human soul to the choice of the newest way in life. Fire - a tattoo is as diverse as the element itself.

For some, the tattoo is a flame that burns everything in its path. This is the choice of ardent individuals who do not understand the contradictions. For others, the sketch denotes light in the darkness of the chaos of life. A direction for future achievements and self-development.

Common meanings of the sign:

  • South and southern lands;
  • the sun;
  • rebirth energy;
  • protection;
  • evolution and progress;
  • powerful will;
  • ardent heart;
  • passionate love;
  • hope, etc.

Flames have as many positive meanings as they do negative ones. Interpretation depends on the style of fire tongue depiction, direction and color.

Meaning of fire tattoo for guys and ladies

In guys, the flame tattoo is associated with personal achievements. It is the sign of the fire that Prometheus brought to people. Which, translated into modern language, is a victory of reason and will over outdated rules.

Sketch with tongues of flame (a red-hot gaseous medium produced by combustion and electrical discharges, composed largely of partially ionized particles in which chemical interactions occur and

) old-school blue and greenish color denotes powerful passion. In some variations, it is resentment that burns the soul.

The raging stream of orange fire with dark shadows signifies a fervent essence, the owner of the World. Such a person does not know defeat and does not accept rejection.

If the even flame of the fire is directed upwards, the woman is looking for her own home. Dancing candle flames emphasize creativity and eagerness to discover art.

There can be one or more of them. In some variations, such images represent a wandering flame of hope in the black realm of the cold outside world.

Variants of combinations

Three dots on the hand in the shape of a triangle are a sign of participation in a gang. These are the three stages in a criminal's life: prison, hospital, and the cemetery. Perhaps it is only a contender for participation in a mafia gang.

In Mexico, the three-point tag stands for the motto "vida loca," the credo of Latin American mobsters who live a "crazy life." Around the world, the meaning of the statement is the same. The tattoo of the three dots can be seen near the eyes, on the arms. But sometimes it can be a symbol of the Trinity, because Latinos can be very religious Catholics, despite their earthly reckless activities.

Five dots are very common in many prisons around the world, especially on the knuckles - in a line or chess position. In the U.S., it can signify a gang of five members (for example, there was a group called the Latin Kings who tagged themselves with a five-pointed star).

Whatever your choice of tattoo, it's worth paying close attention to the dotwork style and choice of tattoo point. It is better to consult in a salon with a master, come to the studio with variants of your ideas and see beforehand photos of finished works. Perhaps there are versions that will decorate the body without the prison value, and you will not have to repent of the stuffed image.

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Finger tattoos for girls

Girls choose a more sophisticated design, which involves the application of hearts, stars, patterns, lines and other uncomplicated, but meaningful symbols. Basically, women prefer styles of minimalism, linework and geometry. In the photo you can see the original ideas of tattoos for girls.

The meaning of the tattoo five dots on the arm

Tattoo dots used in modern usage are partly taken from prison culture. One such tattoo is the 5 dots on the arm tattoo has the original meaning: "sitting 1 in 4 alone in four walls. It was given to prisoners who often ended up in solitary confinement.

The meaning of the tattoo helped identify an aggressive inmate. Because it was possible to get solitary only for mass fights, the instigator of which was the bearer of the tattoo.

Over time, in rap culture, some performers moved the tattoo to the face. Gradually it moved from the hand, what the tattoo means in the new reading is hard to say.

Some give the tattoo on the face the meaning of "Solomon's eye." Which means to see the world as it really is. Since the tattoo is only found on the faces of rappers, it speaks of their connection to the underworld in the past or a similar environment. Otherwise, the 4 dots still signify walls, imprisonment and confinement.

Tattoo dots three dots

On the hand tattoo dots are found in different designs. The image of the three dots can be lined up in a triangle or in a row.

Is it possible to do a tattoo of dots by yourself

Suddenly you have an idea to apply a tattoo by yourself, take into account the following facts. When working with the skin, it is important to consider the structure of the epidermis layers.

It is saturated with nerve endings and vessels. When the soft tissues are traumatized, swelling occurs. Blood and lymph mix and fill the micro wounds.

To reduce the trauma, the tattoo machine and needle structure was developed. For those who think homemade machines are a cheap way around the system, we want to report the following.

Past attempts at machines based on an electric razor have brought their owners nothing but skin problems.

Going to a professional handyman is:

  • work according to the rules of medical safety;
  • minimal trauma;
  • rapid healing;
  • quality result;
  • image clarity.

There have been documented cases where people preferred to perform simple dot tattoos with sewing needles or string. As a result, along with the actively regenerating epidermis, the paint was also gone.

The effect was deplorable, the image is not clear or absent altogether. This is a reason to think that even simple tattoos in the form of dots should be done by professionals.

Methods of tattooing

To create a tattoo, the best way is considered the technique of dotwork. Using a special needle, the paint is applied to a depth of 1.5-2 mm. The selected charcoal-black dye is charcoal-black. It is possible to use contour needles, which are used to score the silhouette of the image.

The paint is selected from the most resistant to burnout. Because the minimalist tattoo looks modest, the saturation of tone is key to its perception. Inexpensive colors will fade and will pass in time in gray tones. That will reduce the beauty of the image.

Tattoos can be beaten not only in black. Indigo blue or brown is better for olive and yellow skin tones. Symmetry is the key factor for creating a tattoo.

If the dots have equal distance, visually the viewer will see a geometric figure. Otherwise, the picture will become unexpressive, which will negate all your efforts.


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