Tattoos for men on the shoulder and forearm: ideas, sketches, meanings, popular designs, examples of tattoos with photos

Among the popular parts of the body, where it is customary to apply tattoos, you can highlight the forearm. Thanks to its shape and size here will look good almost any image. As a rule, girls choose a tattoo in the form of a flower, while on the forearm of men can often see a sword, cross or abstract ornaments.

Advantages and disadvantages of a tattoo on the forearm

Experts assure that the very process of applying a tattoo to the forearm area is almost painless. Of course, there will be unpleasant sensations, but compared to other areas on the body, they are quite bearable.

The advantage of the tattoo on the forearm of girls, is also its good visibility. After all, if the picture is on the hip or back, it is closed by clothing, so it is practically no one sees. But the forearm can always be exposed. In this case you can always choose a beautiful image that will favorably characterize you. Some girls are even engaged in the development of such a pattern, which allows you to be sure that another such tattoo they will not see on anyone else.

For some, though, the visibility of a tattoo can also be a disadvantage. For example, if you have a strict dress code at work, it may not be appropriate, especially during the warm season, when you can't hide the design under your clothes. In addition, today you can find organizations, in the rules of which it is clearly stated that the presence of tattoos on the body of their employees are not allowed.


The forearm is the part of the arm from the elbow to the hand. The muscle group consists of:

  • The brachialis brachialis muscle;
  • flexors;
  • round pronator;
  • Brachioradialis brachioradialis;
  • extensors.

These muscles are referred to as "small" muscles and are responsible for rotation, flexion/extension of the arms at the wrist and elbow joints. The complicated anatomical structure makes the task of pumping up the forearm even more difficult. In the process of exercising must be involved all the muscles of this anatomical group, of which there are only five.

Beautiful tattoos on the forearm: stylish ideas

Choosing a suitable drawing is usually very difficult, because you are not going to apply it for a day or two. In this case, you should take into account some nuances. First of all, the image on the tattoo must like you personally. In addition, not unimportant is the size of the selected pattern.

If it turns out to be too big or, conversely, small, it will not look very attractive. Therefore, experts advise to first print the pattern on a piece of paper, attach it to your forearm and assess the result.

It is also important to know what the value of the pattern you have chosen. There can be various nuances that can change the meaning of this or that tattoo. Therefore, give preference to the one that is closer to you and best describes you. However do not forget that the interpretation should be up to date for you in the years to come.

Tattoo of an animal on your forearm

The size of the forearm allows you to put here the image of any animal. Among the common options we can highlight the lion, which is the embodiment of courage, power, pride and justice. And the image of a lioness has a slightly different meaning. It is believed that such a tattoo will symbolize women's happiness and the joy of motherhood.

Often on the forearm you can see a cat, which indicates the independence and acumen of the owner of such a tattoo. Although it is possible to meet other, more controversial interpretations of this image. For example, among the Indians there is a belief that the cat is a personification of evil forces, or even theft. But the Greeks and Romans associated this animal with freedom. This is the symbol of freedom and liberty, while the Greeks and the Romans, on the other hand, associated the image of the fox with freedom.

The image of the fox can also be interpreted in different ways. But most often it symbolizes cunning, the desire for self-improvement, business acumen and temptation. With a fox tattoo, girls can express their playfulness and sexuality.

The image of the wolf is considered to be respectful, because this animal is considered to be intelligent, purposeful and resolute. So if you can't call yourself brave and determined, then this tattoo is definitely not for you. But for purposeful leaders, it will be just in time.

Tattoo of flowers on the forearm

People have always given flowers a special meaning and equated their image with a symbol of rebirth and femininity. But depending on the type of flower, such a tattoo can have different meanings.

When applying the tattoo in the form of a rose, it is important to pay attention to its color. The red rose symbolizes passion and love. The white flower represents purity and innocence of the girl. And a black flower can be interpreted as a difficult state of mind, depression or pain.

Girls who are constantly learning about the world and seeking to study spiritual practices can choose a tattoo in the form of a lotus flower. If we consider the meaning of such an image, it is also ambiguous. On the one hand, the lotus is a symbol of life and creativity. But the other meaning of this symbol is death and resurrection.

How to pump up your forearms. About training small muscle groups

Many people, especially those who have just got acquainted with iron sport and have taken the path of improving their physical appearance, make a serious mistake - they get hung up on training small muscle groups, losing sight of the big ones.

It would seem that in order to pump up forearms or biceps you must pump them as often as possible. But it's not that simple, my friends.

Training such small muscle groups often doesn't provide the proper stress and strong release of anabolic hormones needed for further growth.

Of course, when you see Sylvester Stallone in an action movie wearing a shirt with his sleeves rolled up, and are stunned by his forearms, you want to get the same hands as quickly as possible.

Only the man misses one important point - THE OTHER SIDE of Sylvester Stallone!

Look at his other muscle groups! THEY ARE ALL DEVELOPED!!!

You will not meet a single person with developed forearms, but completely undeveloped in everything else.

All this happens for one simple reason: when you train such muscle groups as legs, back or chest, the stress on the body is much greater (because there are more fibers working), so you have to release into the blood a lot more anabolic hormones.

This excessive amount of hormones is more than enough to develop small muscle groups, too.

Conclusion: If you are a complete beginner, there is NO REASON at all in a separate forearm workout!

Train large muscle groups first at the beginning of your training journey.

Symbols on the forearm

Very often girls choose a heart-shaped tattoo as a symbol of tenderness, love and romance. In this case, the heart does not have to have a classic look. Not bad would look a heart made of crystals or drawn in a geometric style. In order for the tattoo to be truly unique, you can independently develop its sketch.

It is much rarer to see a compass image on the forearm, which may have deep meaning. There is an opinion that the compass helps to find the right path in life. In addition, such a tattoo can mean balance, loyalty and constancy of the person on whose forearm it is applied.

Unusually on the hand will look tattoo in the form of raspberries. Usually it is associated with feelings of love and the desire to immerse themselves in them. It can also indicate that the girl experienced a great disappointment in love, which hurt her. This is how a drawing with spikes can be interpreted.

Masters of tattoos say that in recent years they are increasingly approached by clients with a request to make a round tattoo depicting significant events in their lives. These can be episodes of romantic dates, a trip or the birth of a child. It should be noted that such tattoos look quite unusual and attractive.

Among other common tattoos can be distinguished the image of a crown, a bird, a branch of a plant, a feather, a crystal, a geometric ornament, etc.

When choosing a pattern for a tattoo on the forearm, do not forget that each picture can have its own hidden meaning. Therefore, in order not to find yourself in a ridiculous situation, try to find out in advance what your chosen pattern can mean.

What kind of tattoo would you put on your forearm?

Additional elements of the program

  • Jumping jacks with a weight on a rope. During this 20-minute workout the outer surface of the forearm area is well worked out.
  • Working with a punching bag - punches. The use of gloves with weights is also recommended because such exercises are an excellent load on the flexors.
  • The use of a special rubber bracelet in the course of training. Allows you to increase the resistance of the muscles, contributes to the strengthening and development of mass.

In conclusion, one more recommendation: you should not give up heavy housework, even with regular training. Working with tools (drill, hammer and so on), moving heavy furniture is an excellent way to work out the muscles of the forearms.

Igor April 15, 2016


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