The meaning of the tattoo stripes, two stripes and stripes around the arm

In ancient times, signs on the body were a kind of indicator of belonging to a particular culture. Now tattoos are considered not only an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, but also indicate symbolism and what is important to a person. The band tattoo on the arm symbolizes individualism and creativity. It is an expression and self-identification, a search for oneself in this world.

tattoo stripes

History of the lines

Everyone can put signs on themselves, but only a small number of people understand the meaning of tattoos. The color, location and additional details play a role.

  • Black horizontal lines on the arm were stuffed on the leader of the tribe, now such marks are used in military detachments.
  • Red stripes indicate that the person has become a warrior and has already gone through more than one battle. In a modern interpretation, it can be a sign of an explosive character or purposefulness. Tattoo on the hand stripes can be placed on the forearm as well as on the hands.
  • If the lines are vertical, it may signify reaching a goal or the first victory.

Both men and women are distinguished by tattoos. The latter do tattoos on the arm stripes together with additional elements in the form of branches or flowers, which visually softens and makes the usual stripes more refined and interesting.

several tattoos


Refined sketches look great on body parts like fingers or toes, wrists, ankles or ears. Larger designs are best on the shoulder, on the forearm or around the leg.

Tattoo stripes on the leg

Lines can be colored the same or different colors, carrying their own meanings. The stripes can also vary in length or width, depending on the personal preferences of the person: the meaning of the drawing does not change from this. Below you can see the best ideas for men's and women's tattoos in the form of bracelets of lines.

Below is a photo gallery with finished works from masters from all over the world. In it you will find both elegant and sophisticated options for girls, and brutal and massive sketches for men. We hope that the photos of various designs will help you to decide faster with the variant of your future tattoo.

Identification symbols. This is how humanity perceives the stripes. Not for nothing, they are present on most flags and coats of arms. Strips also appear on people's bodies. Just remember the movies about the Indians, the stripes on their cheeks, arms, legs.

Two black lines give away the leader of a tribe, a military detachment. The red horizontal stripes on the body and arms indicate that the Indian had already fought in combat. If the paint is applied horizontally on the thighs, the lines are black, which means the redskin fought on foot.

Modern Indians continue the traditions of their ancestors, but make the patterns indelible. We are talking about tattoos. Lines as tattoos are also chosen by representatives of other nations. The stripes are symbols of the world and deserve a more detailed analysis.

Symbolism and meaning.

From a mathematical point of view, it is simply a set of points on the plane, which is placed between parallel lines. This value does not depend on the directionality of the lines.

Tattoo stripes on the arm, directed upwards vertically across the body, speak of self-development and constant movement forward. A person is looking for himself and his business, seeking to learn new things and discover interesting horizons. The line can be perceived as a road that will carry positivity and only good events.

One can also interpret such a tattoo as a smooth path without barriers and obstacles. The thicker the line, the more ambition a person has, which he can achieve only by focusing on his desires.

The tattoo of two stripes on the arm is considered universal in terms of combination and can be combined with different variants of other signs and symbols. This is a kind of decoration of the body, a decoration like a bracelet with its own energy and semantic content.

Most often the stripes are combined with geometry or abstraction, but there are sketches depicting animalistic subjects or natural motifs with plants and flowers.

female variant

Julia Makarenko

I saw a drawing and realized that I could not do without it.

I saw a drawing of a tattoo and realized that I can't do without it. I was then a 2nd year student of KNUBIA and, as with many students, money for a tattoo from a cool master did not have, and could not do without it anymore! At that time a novice tattoo master came up, and we helped each other - he gave me a tattoo, I gave him experience in tattooing. He tattooed it for me for 8 hours in his living room.

My tattoo consists of Polynesian symbols. It is my amulet.

My tattoo is made up of Polynesian symbols. This is my amulet. The face (mask) is a tiki, a symbol of protection. Each part has an additional meaning: the nose is to anticipate danger before it comes, the eyes looking in different directions are protection in all directions. I have the tiki inscribed in the sun - symbol of wealth, greatness and leadership, as well as life and rebirth. The triangles above and below are shark teeth - symbol of strength, power, resilience. Turtle - symbol of longevity, health, fertility and family.

Types of tattoo stripes

There are many different options for combining and combining different patterns into one. Therefore, it is customary to distinguish the stripes by geometry and location on the body.

It can be shoulders, arms, legs, neck, stomach. In fact, there are no restrictions or prohibitions. The length of the stripes is also an individual indicator and does not depend on the specific application scheme.

But in addition to straight, the stripes can be twisted, zigzagged, broken lines, curved. This also hides an additional value. The irregularity of the stripes around the hand will indicate the energy and activity of the person, his desire to be constantly in motion. It is a repetition of the symbolism of the elements and their smooth combination in one symbol.

In terms of magic, closed bands in a bracelet on the arm are considered a powerful talisman and protection from evil eyes. In the subconscious, they correlate with the circle of being, which adds more power to the tattoo.

toe symbol

Sasha Pushkin

The first tattoo was supposed to translate as "eternal youth" from Japanese, but really, I have no idea what it means.

I got my first paycheck and - voila! - The first tattoo was done. It was Japanese characters (now overlapped, and you can only see half of the character that meant "youth"). The idea for the padding came simply - I had seen people with tattoos and thought they looked beautiful. Of course, youthful maximalism also played a role - I saw tattoos as a "remake" of God's creation - my body. The first tattoo was supposed to translate as "eternal youth" from Japanese, but really, I have no idea what it means.

Stripes are special tattoos. Besides being beautiful in their own right, though simple, I also think of them as tattoos of the future. You can look for a lot of meanings. For example, if there is land, draw a line and you get a border, two sides of one whole. Or the lane closes into a ring - as an example of a complete system.

Stripes are special tattoos. Besides the fact that they are beautiful in themselves, though simple, I also consider them as tattoos of the future.

The idea to tattoo stripes on my arms came after watching the movie "The Fountain" - man, they looked so damn beautiful there!

Waves on my arm.

The image of a curving smooth line is considered an attribute of Slavic culture and a representation of the element of water. It is the power that gives life and in large quantities can cause harm. The combination of opposites and instability in terms of emotions. Most often such tattoos make themselves creative people.

The original meaning of the tattoo strip on the arm was to protect against evil people and bad events. Now it symbolizes the ease of achieving spruce and the desire to stand out in this world at the expense of their talents and gifts.

The wave symbol depicts three spaces that our ancestors believed in long ago. These are the world of evil and dark forces, the world of realities (displayed in everyday life), and the world of goodness and gratitude to the gods.

This amulet can protect from different spirits. But it was rarely combined with other symbols, so that it would not affect the power.

What is corrective chiromancy?

Correctional chiromancy, is a magical way to change your life forever:

What is corrective chiromancy?

  1. Sometimes this practice is called restorative chiromancy, because it is as if it allows a person to "restore" their crippled destiny.
  2. The method may seem relatively new, but it is worth remembering that for many thousands of years, people have decorated their bodies with drawings that were supposed to influence their destinies.
  3. Even now, similar practices are common in countries in Africa, India and Asia.

For example:

  • Indian women used to put henna patterns on their hands to attract good luck in family life;

We use henna.

  • and representatives of some African tribes even slightly incise the skin, creating scars that will give success in hunting or protection from negative magical influences.

Magical Influence

Many people believe that chiromancy is just a way of predicting fortune. If a person's life is "written down" in the patterns on their palms, then there is no way to change it.

How to change one's destiny

However, chiromancers themselves say that lines change from time to time, and these changes are directly related to changes in a person's destiny.

Why not assume that there is an inverse relationship and if one changes the patterns on the palms, one's life will change too?

Advice from the Masters

Before choosing the number of stripes on the hand, their thickness and additional symbols, you need to pay attention to what exactly the line will be. You should not combine several options on one hand, the image must be not only aesthetically beautiful, but also carry the right meaning.

Masters do not advise to make a tattoo under the influence of an impulse. A person should really want and think over his decision on the drawing. It is responsible, to wash off the paint after a few weeks is definitely not possible.

Tattoos should not be applied to skin prone to allergic reactions, it can lead to serious inflammatory processes. Girls more often do tattoo stripes on the hand, and men - closer to the forearm. You can not do stripes on the neck, it is a bad energy sign.

Zhenya Singer

There was no particular life turnaround after which I would decide to get a tattoo. There was, rather, a crossroads and a lot of questions from the series "Where to run?" and "What to do next?" All in all, a standard story for a 17-18 year old kid.

I realized that I wanted a sign that would remind me every morning not to stop.

I realized that I wanted a sign that would remind me every morning not to stop. So the idea of simple tattoos was born: a star as a symbol of man and a spiral inside as a symbol of infinite development. Plus symmetry, because it is always beautiful.

The stomach is a convenient place for such tattoos, looks good and motivates to keep yourself in shape.

I drew a sketch in Illustrator and came to the master already with a print. I did it at my acquaintance's house. He is a painter and musician himself, who made his living applying tattoos.

Everybody understands that you still need to live to a ripe old age, and if you've managed to do that, then what's going to be tattooed on your body is not important.

In almost eight years, the question, "Have you thought about what it will look like in your old age?" has only been asked of me once, and it wasn't even my mother. I think society has long since passed the fear of tattoos. Everyone understands that you still have to live to old age, and if you have managed to do so, then what will be drawn on your body is no longer important.

Most popular tattoo question: Oh, are those roses inside?

Boris Akimov: creator of corrective chiromancy

The chiromancer Boris Akimov came up with the idea of corrective chiromancy in 2008. At that time, he was approached by a girl with a very difficult life situation: she was literally haunted by bad luck and it seemed as if her guardian angel had literally abandoned her. Fortune-teller looked at the lifeline of his client and saw that it was interrupted in several places, indicating serious threats and even the risk of premature death.

Boris Akimov and his method

Boris Akimov decided that it was possible to try to correct the girl's fate. After all, if a chiromancer literally has a desire to finish drawing the missing lines, why not try to do it? That same evening, he began to develop the basic principles of corrective chiromancy.

The result of his thoughts was the book "Draw Your Destiny". The author believes that correctional palmistry is a kind of magical psychotherapy, which can improve life situation of everybody.

What will the threads tell about?

It is interesting that even professional psychologists are interested in the method. They believe that the "correction of errors" on the fate line has something in common with hypnotic psychotherapeutic techniques, as well as with art therapy and body therapy.


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