Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

People, since primitive times, have attached special importance to signs and symbols applied to the body. The fact is that initially the patterns on the tattoo helped protect against the dark forces, enemies and animals. Later with the help of a tattoo pattern people began to determine belonging to a certain tribe, a person's occupation, family status, etc.

Currently, tattoos are considered a special kind of art, expressed in the form of body art. Their special popularity is determined by the possibility of expressing oneself as a person and decorating one's body. In this article, let's look at the varieties and meaning of tattoo patterns.

What an arm tattoo means

Hands - a universal place on which you can apply both small and large tattoos in absolutely different styles and colors.

Drawings on the hand of a girl can be located:

  • on the shoulder;
  • forearm;
  • elbow;
  • on the hand; wrist;
  • and even on the fingers.

Tattoos carry a certain meaning, they are able to demonstrate to others the interests, dreams and character of their owners. Tattoos can have multiple meanings, often contradicting each other. And it is better to learn about what the meaning of the picture before it will be transferred to the body. One of today's trendy drawings is a wolf.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. Tattoo meaning

He can be:

  • realistic;
  • polygonal;
  • colored;
  • A silhouette in black paint;
  • Large or small.

Most often such a tattoo is done on the forearm. Tattoo in the form of a wolf symbolizes love, loyalty. It is not uncommon for the fairer sex of humanity to choose the image of a raven for a tattoo. It can symbolize wisdom, which means it suits intellectual women. Another meaning of the raven is loneliness. Drawing of this bird on the hand will suit an introvert girl.

And if you depict a raven in armor and with a weapon, it will be a symbol of militancy and the constant struggle for a better life. Nakolka in the form of a dolphin represents kindness and cheerfulness. It demonstrates to others that its owner is optimistic, friendly and sincere nature.

Tattoo of the dragon is often applied to the whole hand.

It is a symbol of combining magical and spiritual qualities, power and nobility. To make the dragon tattoo look more graceful and gentle, many girls prefer to add flower motifs to the figure.

Snake on the arm can be pinned on any size, in any place. This tattoo is ambiguous and contradictory, it means wisdom and at the same time temptation, good and evil. Many girls depict cats on their hands. The cat can be colored, or it will be just a silhouette. Such a drawing is a symbol of femininity, mystery, independence.

Among the popular tattoos can include images:

  • Fox - A symbol of a sharp mind, independence, ambition.

    Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos
    It can mean cunning or playfulness of its owner. Wear with the image of this animal often make the girls who seek success in business, entrepreneurship. Stamped pattern mainly on the forearm;

  • A horseshoe - Tattoo with an image of a horseshoe is considered a talisman. It brings wealth and happiness to its owner. Nakolovat such a picture can be on any site of the hand;
  • Dreamcatcher - is a talisman. It protects not only from negative dreams, but also from everything bad in life. It is also used as a talisman to protect the wearer from all negative dreams and bad things in life.
  • Owl - A symbol of wisdom, the higher mind. This is one of the quite popular tattoos among girls. Most often, a rather large image of this wise bird is printed on the shoulder;
  • Anchor - Tattoo for lovers of the sea. Such a drawing is also chosen by those girls who want to emphasize their positive qualities: self-confidence, good luck.


Many girls under the oppression of public opinion are afraid to do tattoos on the legs. Old-timers believe that this is one of the most beautiful parts of a woman's body and there is nothing to spoil such beauty with all sorts of kalyakami. If you yourself like tattoos on the legs, then don't listen to anyone and get it.

How many people - so many opinions. One does not like it - like others. The main thing is that you were satisfied.

As with the arms, you can score the entire leg - in slang it is called "nogav" (sort of sleeve). But it's rare for girls to see this kind of thing. But the rest of the tattoos on the lower extremities girls probably have even more than guys.


While some stubbornly defend the purity of women's legs, others, on the contrary, decorate them with tattoos. The beauty and sexuality of women's legs can be enhanced with drawings such as garter belts, bows and imitation stockings.

Summer, the sun, the heat. A girl in a short skirt with two bows on her thighs walks by. Yes, any man would turn his head and forget where he was going.

The main thing is not to go overboard, so it does not look vulgar.

Also common are drawings on the thighs. Usually a massive sketch is placed there, halfway down the leg and going up the body. A cool example is the tattoo of blogger Nastia Ivleeva on her leg. These tattoos became popular in 2021 and will still be trendy in 2021.


On the calves you can often find feathers of birds, a guitar, a heart, a tree or some kind of flower. I also do Chicano-style tattoos with gangsters, guns, and cars. This also includes girls from the Santa Muerto gang.

Quite popular are portraits of people and animals in the genre of realism.

These can be the faces of relatives and friends or famous idols. Salons sometimes ask you to redraw your favorite pet from a photo, thus immortalizing the memory of it. A really worthwhile value.


It is the shin that very few people score. It's either ornaments, mandala-like patterns, or dream catchers. In general, this part of the body is very painful to paint under the skin, so it's not particularly in demand, either among girls or men.

The foot

Making tattoos on the feet girls like. Such drawings look very feminine. It is important that the picture was graceful, from thin lines and not cluttering the leg. On the ankle beautifully look inscriptions, hieroglyphs and other symbols.

Many celebrities get their first tattoo just around the ankle.

Tattoo bracelet on the arm for girls

Tattoos on the arm for girls can imitate jewelry. In order not to waste time on the daily selection of accessories, you can put a tattoo on your hand in the form of a beautiful bracelet. Such a picture will emphasize the courage and ambition of its owner. Tattoo in the form of a bracelet has both advantages and disadvantages.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

The positive qualities can include:

  • The possibility to stand out and show yourself unconventional and unique.
  • Practicality - there is no need to spend time to pick up jewelry on the hand every day.
  • A good way to hide scars or scars.
  • Use as a talisman, which is always with you.

Disadvantages of tattoos in the form of a bracelet:

  • Painfulness when drawing.
  • The occurrence of problems with how to hide the tattoo in situations where it is inappropriate to show its presence.
  • Change of interests, values in life, as a result of which the picture may lose relevance and there will be a desire to get rid of it.

The most popular tattoo bracelets:

The bracelets can be applied in black or they can be bright and colorful. If they are inscriptions, hieroglyphs, symbols, it is better to stop at the black color. Bracelets in the form of ribbons, bijouterie, butterflies, flowers look better if they are pinned in different colors.

If a girl wants a pattern that is suitable for all occasions, it is better to opt for a black version.

Naturai sophisticated better apply tattoo bracelets in white paint. They are not too conspicuous and easy to hide. But in the summer, when the skin will be tanned, the bracelet will look bright, original.

Tattoo in the form of a bracelet can be placed on different parts of the hand:

  • On the bicep.
  • At the wrist.
  • Above the wrist, but below the elbow.

The cost of such a picture depends on the coloring, on how complex the sketch was chosen by the girl. Also important is the size of the bracelet, the place where it is applied. And, of course, the skill level of the tattooist plays a role. The more complex the work and the more experienced the artist, the more expensive the design will cost. The simplest bracelet will cost from 1500 rubles.


Many girls, choosing a tattoo sketch, want to emphasize the slimness and grace of the female body. In this case, it is worth choosing a drawing so that it draws attention to your strengths and hides flaws. Curves need to give the elegance of a panther and try to close the effects of a wide bone.

By the way, tattoos are great for hiding scars from C-sections, appendicitis and other surgeries.


Here perfectly will lay minimalistic undulating sketches, the best of them: the feather of a bird, sprigs of plants, wreaths with leaves, flocks of birds, swallows. Such pictures attract attention and create interest in the person.


Girls rarely pierce their breasts. Only very brave and risky individuals go to such a step. But the tattoo under the chest is quite another matter. Usually these are beautiful patterns, imitating lace and enveloping the female form. Together with chic lingerie looks very feminine and sexy.

Such a tattoo excites the male imagination at first sight.


Women's tummy is given to dissolving quite rarely. Almost no one makes massive drawings, but something small can be inscribed. Most often it is representatives of flora, flying insects or funny drawings in the neotraditional style.

In some cases, women specifically tattoo this area to hide scars and stitches after surgery.


On the side and ribs are good to receive inscriptions in Latin and other languages.

The main thing is not to miscalculate with the translation of the phrase and then everything will be fine.

Also different symbols are appropriate on the side: star, note, treble clef, heart, sun, moon, etc.


About the tattoo on the girl's back, opinions are divided into two camps. On the one hand, it is a huge area, and it is advisable to place a huge large-scale drawing on it. On the other hand girls themselves are not particularly welcomed, and even men do not all like it. So look for yourself and proceed from what you like.

Some also put a picture along the spine.

As a big picture will do:

  • Japanese style;
  • engraving;
  • bio-organic;
  • Polynesia.

A small pattern can be a sign of the horoscope (Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn), wings, an angel, a spider or a fish on the shoulder blade.

Lower back

Quite a dangerous place for a woman, as this used to be the place where only girls of easy virtue got tattoos. And now many people walk around with partaks of butterflies, lizards and tribal-style patterns on the coccyx.

They think it's beautiful, but it's really tasteless.

It's really hard to advise on what to do with the designs. Rarely a sketch will look right here. Therefore, if you doubt, it is better to bypass the waist.

Tattoo sleeve for girls

Today it is fashionable for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to stuff not only small tattoos, but also entire sleeves.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. Tattoo Meaning

This way girls are trying to reveal their individuality.

Tattoo sleeve is an image that covers the entire arm. It can be on both hands or just one.

The creation of such a tattoo is not simple, so it is better to entrust it to a specialist with experience.

To bring such an idea to life, you will need 5 or even 10 visits to the master. A tattoo sleeve costs quite a lot - up to 50,000 rubles for 1 hand.

The price is influenced by:

  • Sketch (its coloring).
  • The need for anesthesia.
  • Location of the sessions.
  • Experience and skill of the tattooist.

You should not choose a master who offers low prices. Chances are that it is a beginner or a tattooist who does not make very high quality and beautiful drawings. Chasing the low price, you can get a completely different result than you wanted.

There are several types of tattoo sleeves. Full sleeve implies that the picture covers the entire arm from wrist to shoulder, there are variants when even the hand and fingers are covered by the tattoo. Half sleeve - the tattoo occupies only part of the arm, for example, from the wrist to the elbow. A quarter sleeve - the tattoo is located from the middle of the forearm to the elbow.

The most popular styles of tattoo sleeves are:

  • Biomechanics .. The drawings look like mechanical prosthetics. Such a tattoo makes a girl look like a cyborg. Especially spectacular tattoo looks from afar, at a distance it is impossible to distinguish it from the cybernetic prosthesis.
  • Gothic (dark pictures depicting vampires, bats, skeletons, graves and so on).
  • Polynesia. These are drawings that repeat ethnic motifs from Indian patterns. Tattoos of this style are performed in the same color. Basically, girls choose black or navy blue.
  • Realism (Such a tattoo will cost a lot, a realistic performance of a picture or portrait on the hand - a complicated matter).
  • Oldschool (this style is created in imitation of tattoos of the 19th century, most often this is an image of ships, anchors, weapons and so on).

    Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

No less popular are sleeve tattoos, which depict the space. Such tattoos are loved by girls who are fond of sci-fi. Space tattoo in the form of a sleeve looks very impressive, the main thing - to entrust the work to a good master.

In the drawings of this theme is a lot of blue and purple, and if the tattooist unprofessional, the tattoo will look from afar not cosmos on the hand, and a big ugly bruise.

Tattoo sleeves with images of dragons or gods look spectacular. It is not uncommon for girls to decorate their hands with images of the forest or animals of prey. Floral motifs across the arm are no less relevant. Chicano is another popular style of tattooed arms.

Originally, such tattoos were only done by Mexican criminals who lived in America.

The drawing meant what kind of gang the person belonged to. Later Chicano tattoos became popular among all segments of the American population, and then the world. The drawings in this style are done in black and white. Occasionally the color red is added. The chikano tattoo symbolizes the futility of existence and death. Also, such a drawing may contain a life motto of its owner.

Tattoos on the fingers of hands for girls

Hand tattoos for girls can be applied not only on the wrist or forearm, but also on the fingers. Such a drawing looks cute and charming. At the same time, a miniature tattoo attracts attention. Tattoo on the fingers - a great choice for creative natures who are used to everything unusual. The fingers are the most accessible part of the body to the eyes of others.

For this reason it is better to have a tattoo on such a place, which will look beautiful and, at the same time, carry a special meaning. Fingers of the hand are in constant contact with the world around, so that the pictures on them may soon fade and become unattractive. To avoid this, it is better to choose for such tattoos dark colors - blue and black.

Colored tattoos certainly look prettier, they can be realistic and bright, but they don't last. If a girl does not want to draw extra attention to her tattoo, you can apply it to the side of the finger, there it will be less noticeable.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

Among the most popular tattoos on the fingers is the image of a butterfly. It is a symbol of carefree and lightness. Would look stylish if half of the butterfly is drawn on the right thumb, and the other half on the left thumb. If you put your hands together, you get a whole butterfly.

On one of the fingers you can write your name, initials or a phrase that is close in spirit. You can also capture some kind of memorable date. The inscriptions can be printed in one color or several, more often no more than 3 shades are used, which smoothly pass from one to another. Letters can be two-color - the top of one color and the bottom of another.

All kinds of bows look beautiful on the fingers. The main thing is that it's a good choice for a tattoo, especially if it's done in red or pink and outlined with a black outline. The nature, philosophically inclined, often as a tattoo choose Chinese characters, which encoded worldly wisdom or credo.

Fascinating and bright look on the fingers of funny animal snouts.

All kinds of patterns look interesting. They do not have a certain meaning. They are decoration. But the pattern must fit the general style of the girl and match her clothes, hair and makeup. The pattern can be small in size, or it can cover the entire finger and even move to the hand or affect the other fingers.

Such images also look beautiful on her fingers:

  • Rings.
  • Fish.
  • Birds.
  • Abstract symbols.
  • Hearts.
  • Violin keys and sheet music.
  • Paw prints.
  • Dragon.
  • Dolphin.

Tattoos on women's fingers look unusual and charming. They may be invisible to strangers, or, on the contrary, they may attract the attention of others. But whatever drawing a girl chooses, it will, first of all, demonstrate her originality, and only then serve as a decoration.

Tattoo on the arm for girls on the wrist

For girls who really want a tattoo, but small and neat, a great option is a drawing on the wrist. These nakolki are simple, small in size, while it can be symbolic for its owner. Small tattoos on the wrist are not too noticeable and they can easily, if necessary, be covered with a watch or clothing.

Romantic and freedom-loving natures choose tattoos on the wrist in the form of birds. The swallow, for example, is a symbol of femininity and tenderness. It will look beautiful and unobtrusive on the wrist.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos
Beautiful tattoos on the wrist for girls will emphasize their attractiveness.

Very fashionable today a drawing on the wrist - the sign of infinity. This symbol is chosen by those girls who are inclined to self-development, who are fond of all kinds of spiritual practices. Infinity symbol means eternity, the constant desire to move forward. Often, girls choose a tattoo on the wrist in the form of the sign to demonstrate strong feelings towards the chosen one.

In this case, the symbol can be decorated with leaves, flowers and curls. The most romantic drawing, of course, is the heart. It is stamped on the wrist as a sign of love. Someone dedicates it to a man. For some girls it is the embodiment of a long loyal friendship. The heart on the wrist looks elegant and very gentle.

Drawings in the form of a pulse line have nothing to do with love and romance. In them lies the desire for life. The tattoo can mean that life consists of downs and ups. Many people choose such a tattoo to remind them that they should never give up, they need to go forward and achieve their goal.

It is not uncommon to see tattoos on the wrist of girls with images:

  • Waves.
  • Feathers.
  • Arrow.
  • Yin-yang symbol.
  • Crowns.
  • Musical symbols.
  • The Sun.

Drawings and their symbolism

To fill up the entire wrist tattoo will not dare every woman. That is why every year there are more and more neat miniature designs, which, while lying on the hand, look elegant and not provocative.

Watches or bracelets

Fashionable and gentle looks bracelet tattoo with stars, hearts, feathers, crosses. Such prefer subtle women feel. Sometimes there is a composition with a wristwatch, indicating the transience of time and frailty of life.

Flowers or butterflies

Girls with such a tattoo - vulnerable romantic nature, which attracts all the sublime. Their inner world is calm and balanced, their love - quiet and not blazing with passion.

Animals and insects

At a subconscious level to the image of the animal world gravitate freedom-loving, open to new experiences and adventures women. And those who apply the illustration of a spider, emphasize the complexity of character in personal relationships.


  • five-pointed - openness to new adventures;
  • six-pointed, or Star of David - it is a religious symbol, which carries a strong energy.
  • Seven-pointed star - symbol of good luck and perfection, has a mystical charge of energy.
  • Eight-pointed, octogram - a symbol of abundance;
  • The nine-pointed, nano-gram is a sign of stability, for those who seek themselves.


Abstractions and ornate shapes applied in black paint. Have no underlying meaning, only attract attention.


Individuals with a penchant for rebellious and free living, who do not tolerate rigid routines, may take a closer look at the symbol of broken chains. And those who want to demonstrate commitment to principles or to emphasize loyalty to the chosen one, lockable chains will do.


Often, it is a capacious word or phrase placed on two wrists, to which a woman gives meaning: life goals, a reminder of events, attitude towards yourself and others. Foreign languages are used:

  • English;
  • Japanese;
  • Chinese;
  • French;
  • Latin;
  • Sanskrit.

Ornate calligraphic letters are suitable for girls.

Tattoos on the arm for girls: fashionable designs

Tattoos on the arm can be applied simply - out of a girl's desire to adorn herself with a fashionable drawing or are associated with certain events or dates in life.

Regardless of the reasons that prompted the girl to make a tattoo, it is better to come up with a plot for the tattoo yourself, tell it to the master and ask him to bring to life such a drawing.

If you choose a tattoo from a catalog in a salon, the original it will not be, most likely, it has already been imposed to a large number of people and it will not once again adorn someone's body.

For the application on the hand you can recommend drawings, which contain the following subjects:

AngelsCupid - a symbol of love.
Fallen angel - means the dark side of the soul.
Shoulder, forearm
JokerAn ambiguous pattern. Symbolizes both positive and negative. In this figure, hidden in a gambling and love of risk.Shoulder, forearm
BeetleSuitable for girls who are used to persistence and achieve their goals.Any place on the hand
HieroglyphsYou can paint a single character or combine these characters into a whole sentence that encapsulates a wise thought or a motto for life.Wrist
MedusaMeans harmony with the world and the need for constant motion.Wrist, forearm
UnicornMeans purity, innocence, dreaminess, romanticism.Wrist, forearm
CraneSymbol of innocence, positivity, equilibrium.Shoulder
Signs of the zodiacSuitable for fashionistas who are fond of astrology.On any part of the arm.
EagleSuch a tattoo indicates a strong character and determination girls. Drawing with an eagle suits freedom-loving natures, creative personalities.In any place on the hand
RaccoonSymbol of intelligence and secrecy.On any place on the hand
BarcodeThis pattern is applied in order to permanently capture some important date in life. An unforgettable day is displayed in the form of numbers on a barcode.
TurtleDemonstrates to others the patient character of its owner. A girl with such a tattoo slowly but surely moves to the cherished goal.Shoulder, wrist, forearm
GoldfishWealth and fulfillment of desires.Wrist, forearm.
SkullDrawing of this kind is suitable for lovers of Gothic. Sometimes it is tattooed by girls who are philosophical about life. Tattoo in the form of a skull - a symbol of the fact that life is short and associated with death, which is waiting for absolutely everyone.On any place of the hand.
TigerThis predatory beast, tattooed on the hand of a girl, speaks of her courage and even, perhaps, of an aggressive character. Only the owner of leadership traits in character will want to have a tattoo with a tiger.Shoulder, forearm
A month .Quite a popular design with girls. A symbol of mystery, attracting good luck.

Ideas of beautiful tattoos on the arm for girls

Tattoos on the arm for girls who want to adorn themselves with delicate and feminine drawings, are not associated with gothic or biomechanics, such fashionistas choose elegant floral motifs.

It can be:

  • Orchids (this charming flower symbolizes femininity, you can depict one large bud or a whole sprig of small flowers).
  • Roses (mean passion, love, depending on the color of the petals).
  • Lotus (symbol of peace, harmony, girls love this flower for its delicate appearance).
  • Lily (means tenderness, nobility, in some cases - aspiration to glory).

    Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

Often girls choose drawings of trees or butterflies as graceful decorations for their hands. These are also female symbols for tattoos. A tree is a talisman. Most often girls like to draw birches on their bodies.

The butterfly suits the dreamy natures, spiritualized, who love life and the world around them. Often, tattoos in the form of a butterfly chosen by creative individuals. Fashionable today are tattoos with stars and ornaments.

Stars can be:

  • four-pointed;
  • five-pointed;
  • six-pointed;
  • seven-pointed;
  • eight-pointed;
  • nine-pointed.

A tattoo with stars can mean mystery, a romantic nature. And sometimes it is a symbol of a strong character and vanity. The ornament can be absolutely any, here it all depends on the imagination of the girl and the master. A large ornament is applied on the shoulder. A medium-sized ornament will look good on the forearm. On the wrist, it's best to depict a small pattern.

Tribal - such a tattoo does not carry any definite meaning. This is just a set of unusual patterns. Tattoos of this style are preferred by mysterious natures who want to look original.

The meaning of the patterns.

In them, there is a cyclicity and repetition of fragments. Our ancestors thus tried to cognize the surrounding reality, to make artistic meaningfulness in their lives, to emphasize sacredness and connection with the universal mind.

Some symbols have a threefold feature that mirrors the world, reflecting the laws of balance. There is always a central part, a middle part and a periphery.

Each nation has its own culture and of course the ornaments also differ in style, have their own characteristics.

What does the color of the tattoo say?

Tattoos on the arm for girls can be both single-color and multi-color. Colored tattoos are applied, using dyes of synthetic origin. The main advantage of such a pattern is that it looks bright and attracts attention. Colored tattoo looks vivid and realistic.

The disadvantage of such a tattoo is that they fade faster than monochrome or black and white, so they are much more often necessary to update and touch up in the showroom.

Not only the picture itself carries some meaning, the color of the tattoo is also able to tell details about the character and interests of its owner.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

Meaning of shades:

  • Red - The color of energy.
  • White - A symbol of purity, kindness, (but if a girl chose a picture on an oriental theme, it is better to abandon the white color, as in Eastern countries, it means death and mourning).
  • Golden - The color of wealth and leadership.
  • Black - It can mean a desire to bring good to the world, but, on the other hand, it can symbolize evil or death.
  • Purple - The color of ambition and a thirst for power.
  • Yellow - Symbolizes warmth and light, but in some cases can mean treason and betrayal.
  • Shades of blue and green - Are the colors of success, prosperity.

Color tattoo can be done in any design, on any part of the hand, in any style. There are no restrictions, the picture will depend on the preferences and financial capabilities of the girl.

Inscriptions in different languages.

The easiest to perform and affordable tattoos are inscriptions. They can be in any language, even in the form of hieroglyphs.

There are two types of tattoo inscriptions:

  • In black.
  • In white.

The former are traditional and familiar. White tattoos are just coming into fashion. They resemble scars, but look original and interesting.

Tattoos on the arm for girls. Sketches, patterns, inscriptions with translation, meaning. The meaning of tattoos

Most often modern fashionistas put on the following inscriptions:

  • Religious phrases.
  • Latin winged expressions that are familiar to many and do not require translation. (For example, "Faber est quisque fortunae suae," which translates as "Man is the creator of his own destiny." Or "Audaces fortuna juvat," which means "Happiness accompanies the bold.")
  • Phrases reflecting a life motto.
  • The name of a loved one.
  • A memorable date.
  • Phrases that reflect the girl's attitude towards people and the world.
  • Your initials.
  • Quotes from favorite songs or books.
  • Sayings about love in Arabic script.

The inscription can be done in small or large, thick or thin symbols. You can place such a tattoo on any part of the hand - on the wrist, forearm and so on.

Tattoos are a popular means of body decoration and self-expression in girls today. With the help of such drawings you can demonstrate your life position to others or emphasize your character and tastes. You can apply a variety of tattoos to the hand, the main thing is to choose the one that is close to the girl and does not carry a hidden meaning that does not suit her at all.

Author: Ariadna Lynyk

The design of the article: Anna Vinnitskaya


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  • What space are you willing to dedicate to your idea? If you want the drawing to be visible, choose wrists, forearms, neck, shins. If you don't want to show off your tattoo, consider tattoos on your ribs, stomach, back, thigh.
  • What style will the tattoo be in? For miniature tattoos, the following styles will work best: old-school, ornaments, watercolors, geometry, dotwork. For large drawings the most successful styles are: realism, newsculpture, blackwork.

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