Tattoo on the back - meanings and designs for girls and men

Tattoos in the modern world are in great demand not only among men, but also among the fair sex.

The drawing on the body always attracts a lot of attention. It can be done in a place that not everyone will see. But if you want to make yourself more spectacular, a tattoo on the neck for girls is a great way to express yourself.

The benefits of getting a tattoo on the neck

There is a huge variety of options for tattoos on the neck. It can be and large bright images, and small figures in the style of minimalism. Tattoos on the neck can be both female and male.

Such drawings can help you express yourself or just leave a mark on the memory. For some, the tattoo will always be associated with a significant day, while for others it will carry great meaning.

The tattoo on the neck has a number of advantages:

  1. The neck is a hard part of the body and will feel much less pain on it.
  2. This place on the body is always open and the tattoo will be able to be admired by others.
  3. This act will indicate that the owner of the tattoo is a strong and spectacular personality, who has nothing to hide from prying eyes.

Of course, it is necessary to be very careful while choosing a sketch. It should be a suitable drawing, which will not look too provocative and spoil the whole image.

Tattoo on the back of the neck

You will definitely find them all!

A still from the movie "Gainsbourg. Love of a Bully."

When it comes to sex, most people unfortunately only know about the obvious female erogenous zones (at best). These are the breasts and the clitoris, those basic areas that we are introduced to in practice or in books about puberty, which are tucked away by parents.

In fact, there are many other areas that not only can you arouse a girl, but you can increase her chances of reaching orgasm.

Let's take a look at them and see if you missed anything.


It is always worth remembering that the tattoo will stay with its wearer for life. The choice of location and the sketch should be approached very responsibly.

The picture on the neck has, in addition to a number of positive points, a few disadvantages.

The disadvantages of the neck tattoo:

  1. It will always be in a prominent place. It will attract the eyes of others. In the future, there can be problems with employment, because not all managers welcome open tattoos.
  2. Tattoo can lose its relevance over the years. It is possible that in a few years such an image on the body will spoil the whole image or just not fit it at all.
  3. It is necessary to choose the master very carefully. Every flaw will be visible to everyone around. And it is very difficult and not always possible to correct the defects of the work.

In any case, each girl should make her own choice. If this decision is deliberate, weighed all the pros and cons, then you need to engage in a thorough search of the master and the desired sketch.

Tattoo on the back of the neck

How many erogenous zones are there on a woman's body?

In fact, there is no specific number of erogenous zones, common to all women. In general, there are five to six primary erogenous zones, plus a large number of potential

secondary zones. The areas mentioned above are relevant to most people, but don't forget that each person is different.

So when starting to stimulate a new area, listen carefully to your partner's reaction to see if you should move on or stop here, increasing the stimulation until she screams with delight.

  • Author: Maria Minaeva

Does it hurt to get a neck tattoo?

No master can give a clear and unambiguous answer to this question.

First, some tattoo parlors offer anesthesia before the procedure. With the help of an ointment or shot, a specialist will provide local anesthesia, and the padding process will not be too painful. There is even a chance to get rid of painful sensations altogether.

Secondly, everyone has a different pain threshold. Some people find the procedure quite normal, comparable to a massage. And someone will not be able to tolerate this pain and will ask the master to split the process of drawing into two or more sessions.

In general, the neck is one of the hardest areas of the skin. Experts say that there is less pain in such areas. The easiest area for drawing is the back of the head.

But it is worth remembering that everything is strictly individual.

Tattoo on the back of the neck for girls (main key)

What are the erogenous zones of women?

You probably remember that episode of Friends when Monica shows Chandler the seven female erogenous zones. Who could forget the glorious "Seven, seven, seven!"


Another memorable conversation about these mysterious nooks happened in the third episode of season five of How I Met Your Mother, in which Ted claims that Robin's "weak spot" is her left knee. And while it turned out not to be true on the show, knees can indeed be an erogenous zone.

In fact. any part of the body

can be an erogenous zone. Because an erogenous zone is an area of the body (skin or mucous membrane) with a heightened sensitivity that can elicit a sexual response when stimulated. These areas are especially sensitive because of the concentration of nerve endings in these areas.

Ideas and meanings of tattoos for girls

As a rule, girls prefer to score tattoos on the back of the neck. But female tattoos on the neck are also found on the side and on the front.

Tattoo on the back of the neck in girls can be found if they want to periodically hide it behind their hair. Drawing on the front or on the side will be more difficult to hide.

The place of application is chosen based on the idea of the tattoo and the preferences of the representative of the fair sex.

Each tattoo on the neck carries a certain meaning for a girl. To choose a suitable sketch for themselves, it is necessary to know what the future tattoo will mean.

Flowers and various figures

The image of any flower on the neck is a symbol of the trembling feminine beginning. Each flower will represent femininity, awe and sensitivity.


The rose always means the connection of both feminine and masculine. Such a tattoo, as a rule, choose a strong, independent personality.

If the rose without thorns, it will symbolize femininity and purity. Belief in the best and only good intentions.

The meaning of such a pattern can change depending on the color scheme:

  • red - love, passion, temptation;
  • Pink - youth, romance;
  • white - innocence, modesty;
  • Purple - desire for changes, adventurism;
  • Blue - rebelliousness, desire to go against the rules;
  • Black - sorrow, anxiety, sadness.

Choose one color is not necessarily. The sketch can be filled with different colors, each of which will contribute a particular shade of meaning.

Tattoo on the back of a girl's neck


If the lotus is chosen as a sketch, the tattoo will denote the spiritual enlightenment of the girl.

The lotus is a very unusual flower. Its owner should have only pure thoughts and bright thoughts.

Lotus flowers and leaves can be different colors.

What the different shades will denote:

  • pink petals - chastity and pursuit of the ideal;
  • White - spiritual growth and philosophical outlook on life;
  • Blue - maturity and wisdom;

Choosing a multicolored lotus will indicate an epathetic personality and her desire to attract the attention of others.

Tattoos on the back of a girl's neck


The three-leaf clover signifies the three sides of the human essence: the inner spirit, body and soul.

What meanings the clover carries:

  • repentance;
  • hope;
  • Faith in a bright future.

The image of a clover with four petals signifies good luck and striving for it. Such an image will attract success to a girl.

Tattoo on the neck for girls (main key)

Hieroglyphs and different inscriptions

Choose for a tattoo sketch containing various inscriptions and hieroglyphs should be carefully.

It often happens that the translation is done poorly. It is better to double-check the statement several times in several sources.

Among the inscriptions the most popular are quotations in English and Latin.

For example:

  • you are my life (you are my soul);
  • Tastes are not in dispute;
  • through thorns to the stars;
  • "When you go, go;
  • seize the moment.

There are a lot of hieroglyphs. Among them, each girl can find the one that will be to her liking. Very often such words as "beauty", "success", "good luck", "love", etc. are chosen.

Tattoo on the back of a girl's neck

Dragon .

The image of the dragon is more popular among men, but recently it dared to stuff it and fragile girls.

This is due to the fact that the dragon means strength, courage and power. Such qualities can possess not only a man, but also a confident woman.

Tattoos on the back of a girl's neck


Tattoos depicting butterflies, scorpions and other insects are very popular among girls, because they denote lightness and ease. And these qualities are characteristic of all members of the weaker sex.

Girls who choose a scorpion are likely to consider themselves very fair and vindictive. Scorpio carries in itself the meaning of killing, destruction. But at the same time - the simultaneous healing.

The butterfly is the sign of resurrection and liberation. It is characterized by its lightness, craving for change, and beauty.

The spider always means diligence and desire to achieve goals. The image of the spider can be found among creative, secretive and vengeful individuals.

Tattoos on girls' necks


All birds carry the meaning of relaxed, carefree and independent. Light and subtle birds will help make the image more feminine and delicate.

The most popular tattoos:

  1. Owl. This bird signifies a deep inner peace, wisdom and a desire for knowledge. Such tattoos choose girls who seek to learn about themselves and the world.
  2. Swallow. Swallow has always meant hope, freedom and independence.
  3. Eagle. The eagle is associated with power, pride and courage. Such girls undoubtedly prefer to be leaders in their environment.
  4. Raven. Such a tattoo can have both positive and negative interpretations. On the one hand, the raven symbolizes reliability, longevity and loyalty. But on the other hand, it is a sign of death and hopelessness.

By choosing a tattoo with a bird, a girl can emphasize the brightest side of her personality.

Tattoo on the neck for girls (main key)


Such tattoos are divided into two types. Some are drawings of real animals (tigers, wolves, cats, etc.). Others - embody imaginary creatures (unicorns, centaurs, etc.).

Psychologists argue that padding an animal on the body means the desire to get rid of the traits that are inherent in them.

Types of such tattoos:

  • Snake. The snake is one of the most mysterious animals. Its owner, as a rule, is very cunning and graceful.
  • Wolf. Wolf is the embodiment of courage and leadership. A jumping wolf means that a girl will never stop on the way to her goal. A wolf in a pack is a symbol of leadership and the ability to be better than others. A wolf howling at the moon signifies reclusiveness and disobedience to the existing social order.
  • Cat. Girls who choose a cat tattoo are usually coquettish and mysterious. Such sketches can symbolize the defenselessness or independence of the owner.
  • Tiger. This animal is highly revered in many countries. That is why it symbolizes strength, power, agility and the respect of others.

Fictional creatures embody the dreaminess and detachment of their bearer. As a rule, such girls live in dreams and always believe in the best.

girls neck tattoos

Stars .

The interpretations of such a tattoo are very many.

For a girl, the star on the neck will carry the meaning of unattainability and extraordinary power.

women's neck tattoos

Cross, chain

The cross used to have nothing to do with Orthodoxy. This symbol meant execution and sacrifice. Such shades of meaning persist to this day.

Now the cross and chain mean faith and repentance.

The broken chain is a symbol of rebellion and independence, an unwillingness to accept reality.

Tattoo on the neck for girls (main key)

The Crown

The crown is a sign of power and determination.

Meanings that can be carried by the crown:

  • With a turtle - longevity;
  • With a heart - loyalty in love;
  • above the head of a lion - leadership;
  • above the palms of the hands - faithful friendship.

Leaders and strong personalities, ready to move forward to their goals, decorate their bodies with such an image.

Tattoos on the neck for girls


If a person feels in himself the ability to fly and be above this world, then the image of wings fits him perfectly.

Wings signify lightness, carefree spirit and perfection.

These can be the wings of birds, angels, demons or butterflies. Everything will depend on the nature of the bearer of the tattoo.

female neck tattoos


Such a tattoo can carry absolutely no meanings, and serve simply as a decoration for the girl.

But some of the fair sex use such designs to show that they lack male attention, warmth and affection.

Tattoos on the neck for girls


The loop on the throat is quite a rare tattoo for a girl. Such a drawing is applied after encountering difficult situations in life. It is also popular among people with a prison experience.

The meanings that the noose carries in itself:

  • fidelity;
  • strength;
  • loyalty;
  • desperation.

This tattoo is suitable for a man who, despite life's difficulties, has found the strength to move on.

Tattoo on the back of a girl's neck

The most erogenous zones of girls

The most erogenous zones in women (as well as in men) are those that are most involved in sexual intercourse, and they include:

  • are the peri-nipple circles
  • nipples
  • clitoris
  • The nub below the pubis, three to five centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, also called the G-spot
  • labia minora (and basically the entire vulva)
  • anus

As a rule, the above-mentioned areas are erogenous for most girls, and therefore they are called the main ones. However, there are additional (or secondary) erogenous zones, which vary from person to person. Below - the most common options.


For women

For men