Airplane tattoo: what the image of the airliner means for men and women

Airplane tattoo on the shoulder

In the airplane tattoo is a symbol of ascent. The figure has a large number of interpretations. The flying machine can be depicted by an outline, be realistic or in the form of a paper airplane.

The symbol combines the idea of the embodiment of man's dream of flight and the triumph of progress. For many, the picture is inextricably linked to the ideas of travel.

Tattoo airplane: meaning

The most common meaning of the airplane tattoo is the love of travel. This is the meaning that does not need to add any symbols or images to make it clear. The only thing you can do to make the design more "adventurous" is to add a blue sky or some clouds in the background to show the liner moving through the air.

airplane tattoo

Obviously, an airplane tattoo is a great idea for anyone who just loves flying. Such a picture will be the best idea for pilots, stewardesses or avid travelers. Often the love of flying is expressed in the form of a heart tattoo with an airplane.

airplane tattoo on hand

Heart and airplane tattoo

Tattoos with an airplane are also quite popular among guys who are or have served in the military, especially in the air force. In these cases, the tattoo is a military airliner and is usually supplemented with an inscription with the number of military units or the name of the troops.

airplane tattoo

Is the airplane tattoo an option for men or for women?

airplane tattoo on hand

What kind of tattoo is it - male or female? This is a question that worries many people who want to put such a picture on their body. After all, in fact, what girl would want to put on her skin picture, which, in principle, is suitable only for guys. However, the tattoo of the plane for a girl - a very appropriate pattern. Many young ladies adorn themselves with pictures of a large iron bird. Moreover, the meaning of the tattoo airplane at the girl is little different from the designation of the "male" tattoo. A luxurious winged airliner on a woman's body can also symbolize love for:

  • The sky;
  • Travel;
  • Aviation;
  • Freedom.

Meaning of the paper airplane tattoo

The paper airplane tattoo denotes for men and women naivety, dreaminess, independence, inner freedom, mobility, adventurism, playfulness.

tattoo airplane

As a rule, the paper airliner is depicted in a minimalist style using black ink. Sometimes girls add bright colors in the form of a heart, watercolor blots or clouds.

airplane tattoo

What kind of tattoo to choose for yourself?

Today it is possible to apply both permanent and temporary tattoos. The second option differs only in the superficial dotting with special resistant paints. They after a month or any other period the client wishes, without problems are washed off at home.

Temporary tattoos are ideal for people who dream of a tattoo, but are not sure they want to see it on their body for life.

For those people who are sure they want to keep the design, permanent tattoos are appropriate. The process of applying them is different by injecting the dye pigment under the skin. The process is long, slightly painful for most, but manages to achieve a result for years to come.

In any case, whatever type and image the owner of the tattoo would choose, it will always evoke only positive emotions. Undoubtedly, the image of a large model airplane will cause respect to the owner of the tattoo. And the cute paper airplane will have its lightness, and will carry the memories of a happy childhood.

The best places to place the airplane tattoo

If you want to score a small or paired drawing, the area on the wrist or on the finger is best suited for this purpose. Minimalist, old-school or graphic styles are great for miniature characters.

airplane tattoo

Medium-sized drawings are best placed on the wrist, collarbone, hand or ribs. Small pictures are most often depicted in a realistic, watercolor or geometric style.

airplane tattoo

Large sketches look great on the shoulder, back or chest. For these areas, a realistic style with elements is most in demand.

tattoo airplane meaning

Sketch options

Any body drawing has many variations of execution, because the imagination of the masters and visitors of tattoo salons knows no bounds. In addition to all sorts of tattoo sizes, it can be absolutely different sketches with one common name - airplane, but differing not only in technique, but also in subject matter. Models relating to civil or military aviation, paired with a parachute or parachutist, with a flag, clouds, symbolic inscriptions, outlines or detailed drawings, paper airplanes are just some suggestions that can decorate your body. Also among the many ideas you can find individual elements of aviation invention, such as a wing, propeller or tail.


Below are examples of work that you can use as an idea for a future drawing. However, if you want to become the owner of a unique tattoo - we advise to write us an email to develop a unique sketch.

Meaning of the airplane tattoo

For many people, an airplane is associated with the beauty and depth of the beautiful sky. Some meanings of this symbol are similar to flying birds. Thus, this symbol will denote purposefulness, dreaminess, belief in a beautiful future, a person's love for freedom and craving for wanderings. Sometimes people choose to sketch an airplane as a professional image. Especially those associated with civil aviation or employees of the air force. Servicemen usually apply a five-pointed star to complement it. It can be a separate flag with the star or an element on the plane itself.

Another addition can be a parachute or the signature of the Air Force. The meaning of such a tattoo will talk about the pride of the owner about the service in these troops and endless devotion. Very often a drawing of an airplane in realistic style is performed, which flies out of the body and goes to the ram. Such a drawing speaks of the purposefulness and precision of the thoughts of its owner.


After you have learned what tattoo means, we advise to read the photos of finished works. The gallery of "live" works will help you get an idea of how you want to see the future drawing on your body.

Tattoo of travelers

Lovers of wanderings and travel as no one else like to demonstrate the fruits of their hobbies and with great pleasure put on the body all sorts of traveler attributes, in the form of globes, maps and all kinds of vehicles, including airplanes. Such tattoos have romantic and dreamy notes. Inspirational factor and an example to create sketches can serve as a colorful illustration from books or aircraft from feature films on similar subjects.

Additional elements

The meaning of a tattoo with an airplane is largely determined by the image itself and additional elements. A tattoo with a paper airplane is a symbol of carefree, childlike spontaneity and innocence and purity. The dotted line, complementing the image, creates the illusion of flight, which indicates the naturalness, lightness and airiness of man.

Elegant mini-tattoos with an airplane tell us that everything we live for is coming, so we should enjoy every minute. An airplane, complemented by military paraphernalia or even combat is a symbol of fortitude, willingness to "fly" to his goal, no matter what. Tattoo with a world map and an airplane - a symbol of love for travel.

Image of travelers

In particular, travelers adore tattoos in the form of maps, vehicles, globes and other attributes. Thus, they show themselves and declare to the whole world about the hobby that absorbed them. Such people, through the use of tattoos, can capture their memories of various events. They realize that they would like to recollect what happened to them repeatedly afterwards.

The "airplane" tattoo is an image that is quite often inspired by travelers after an interesting vacation. It happens that the best souvenirs from a good trip are those that you can keep for life. If there is confidence in the destiny of any trip, it is quite reasonable to get a tattoo.

Symbols of the new times: jewelry in the form of an airplane

The ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Slavic, Greek, Asian symbols created a whole culture, and in the collections of fashion houses there is always jewelry filled with deep meaning. Someone chooses talismans consciously, and someone wears the jewelry he likes and does not look for the secret meaning. Just because it's beautiful. But if you look closely at the most fashionable jewelry, always topical materials, you will see that butterflies, owls, coins, seashells, starfish, bees and even flies, which are not the first season of relevance and present in prints, embroidery and accessories mean something and protect, give power. So it is difficult to refuse the symbolism, because as it so happens, mysticism and art go hand in hand. And even modern attributes are acquiring their own myths and legends and have their own symbolic system. Take, for example, the airplane. It would seem that on the scale of world history has been around for less than a week, but in fact this symbol (!) of technical progress is no exception. Which, however, is not surprising. The sky has always attracted man. The myth of Daedalus and Icarus, the legends of Ethan and Loch, the story of Enoch, the myth of the brothers Sampari and Eathaius, the story of the flight of the Prophet Mohammed. And, of course, many fairy tales, characters like Pegasus and other winged ones. There is no culture in which people have not dreamed of flying. It is not surprising that at the excavations of the pyramids in Egypt, prototypes of flying machines were found, and the story about the Colombian golden airplane, which is more than 4000 years old, flew around the world.

After all, Architus of Tarenta, the ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, statesman and strategist, created the Dove, on which, according to legend, he flew 200 meters. And all over the world have tried to create something on which you can ascend into the sky physically, not with your soul. So today the airplane is freedom, impetuosity, man's victory over nature. And a talisman for those who fly often. For pilots and flight attendants it is almost always a part of the flight uniform.

The paper airplane for us is a symbol of good and long-awaited news. Yes, and the 2019-2020 season disposes to wear jewelry with a tourist theme. So brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets planes are needed in the fashion collection.

Moreover, the plane is a unisex decoration and looks appropriate and stylish on both women's and men's jackets.

The Chanel fashion house, which is a classic and a trend at the same time, has already conquered the airspace!

Chanel brooches with enamel, with rhinestones, with rhinestones and enamel.

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What styles can be made in.

During the development of the sketch, you and the master decide in what style the tattoo will be printed. The airplane looks organic in many designs. The main thing is to think intelligently about the plot, details, colors and meaning of the image. Among the popular styles of tattoos are the following:

Realism - the most popular direction of the tattoo, where the image looks as natural as possible. Here the picture is worked out to the smallest detail, there are no specific requirements for size and color. But the most effective look black and white images.

  • Thresh Polka is a rebellious and screaming style, which is characterized by aggressive presentation, irony, chaotic strokes, inscriptions in the form of newspaper headlines and slogans. Mostly black and red colors are used. At the core are clear and simple drawings, complemented by drama and oppressive atmosphere. Images of a falling or exploding plane, bombs and propaganda inscriptions are suitable for Thrash Polka.
  • Dotwork is a new technique in which the image is printed by placing dots at different distances from each other. The size of the gaps determines the saturation of the hue and the volume of the image. The main colors are black and red. The style is suitable for large-scale tattoos, with patterns or ornaments.
  • Sketch represents a sketch without clear boundaries in black and white. Not fully drawn airplane turns out translucent and unfinished, which adds mystery. The image can be emphasized by outlining or completed with strokes. The sketch perfectly captures the dreaminess and light carelessness inherent in the airplane symbol.
  • Old skool is a technique that gives clear black contours without volume and smooth shadow transitions. It is characterized by saturated colors, limited subjects, symbolism. Old skool is suitable for dreamers and travelers, lovers of bright and simple. These features include the airplane symbol.
  • New skool - bright drawings, but already quite different subjects. There is a lot of fantasy, humor, and some tattoos look like youth graffiti. The drawings are characterized by pretentious colors and acid shades, thick black outline, piling up of details and a complete departure from realism, large size and emptiness.
  • Watercolor is a special style of tattooing, which involves improvisation and a fine artistic taste. It is characterized by soft lines and color transitions, a rich palette, blurred borders. The image must be aesthetic, visually appealing and clear, without the use of hidden symbols.
  • Graphics is a technique of drawing with curved and straight lines, mostly done in red or black. This style is characterized by sharpness, well-thought-out geometry, rich colors, dynamics and volume. Sometimes the graphics are supplemented with elements of dotwork, which makes the image alive and expands the possibilities of design.

Sketches of airplane tattoos

Choosing and drawing a sketch is an important step in getting a tattoo. Determine the appropriate size, coloring, details and elements. As the first tattoo is suitable mini-image. It looks neat and concise. A large-scale image will maximize its meaning, decorate a larger area, will look flashy and help show your imagination to the fullest.

Use a ready-made idea for a future tattoo or create a sketch from scratch. A professional, experienced master will help with this. Before applying, double-check what each element of the drawing means, so as not to make a wrong choice.

Paper airplane

If a person chooses a tattoo depicting a paper airplane, it indicates that he or she is at ease. Also, the image indicates an easy and carefree childhood. You can say that a child lives in this person. Usually such a drawing is small and applied to the neck, wrist or bend of the hand, as well as on the ankle, between the fingers.

Such an image looks nice enough and is common among girls. Also encountered is performed with a dotted line tattoo "airplane". The meaning of the figure is that its owner is in some kind of invisible flight. It should be aware that over the years, perhaps, this image on the body will look rather frivolous or inappropriate.

Men's tattoos

The category of male tattoos with an airplane includes all images indicating the belonging of the owner to a certain type of profession or kind of troops, in which he served. Often such sketches on the male body can symbolize the hobbies or passions of its owner, because someone is fond of and interested in any information about cars, someone collects edged weapons, and someone loves airplanes.

Many pilots treat images of airplanes as a talisman or put sketches on their bodies to commemorate an important event for them, such as a feat. You can also find drawings of model airplanes of the last century, inscribed in memory of grandfathers and great-grandfathers who were pilots during the war. Men's sketches are distinguished by crisp, expressive lines and often contain many details, which subsequently and determine the direction and meaning of the tattoo.


For women

For men