The catalog of tattoos for men on the arm: choose for yourself

Men's tattoo on the arm is not only a great opportunity to show your character, personality, image, but also to emphasize the relief and pumping muscles. If it is a professional tattoo, made by a master with quality materials and equipment, as well as competently chosen sketch, the result will please both the owner and the environment.

It remains only to open the fresh catalog of tattoos for men on the arm and read the top ideas. Further we will provide only the latest ideas.

Catalog of tattoos for men on the arm

To determine which choice, what tattoo to score on the hand guy, you need to read the popular in 2021 sketches, and then pick up options for their value. Nakolki can be different sizes, in different parts of the hand (shoulders, wrists, elbows, biceps and triceps, palms and fingers). You should also pay attention to the designation of different drawings, comparing it with the lifestyle and character of the man.

Popular tattoos on the shoulder

A great tattoo can be done on the shoulder, especially if the man has an athletic build, can boast of body relief in this area. More often than not, men prefer to emboss large designs on the shoulders that fill this entire area, so that the image does not get lost on the strong shoulder.

Top ideas for shoulder tattoos:

Dragon - a mythological creature denoting strength, speed, invincibility, as well as justice and loyalty to one's principles.

Photo 2

Armor - Such tattoos look very bold and masculine, emphasizing a man of his strength and manhood, as well as the ability to defend against the dark forces.

Photo 3

Lion . - animal, which is beloved by many men who have wisdom, leadership qualities, loyalty and justice.

Photo 4

Wolf - a popular idea among men of all ages, as this animal shows loyalty, steadfastness, commitment to their own thoughts and principles.

Photo 5

Turtle - A symbol of great intelligence, longevity, measuredness and consistency.

Photo 6

Samples of tattoos on the forearm

Tattoo on the forearm can become a separate pattern, as well as a complement to the overall composition on the entire hand. In this place look spectacularly black and white brutal sketches, embodying the best traits of character and principles. These can be portraits of loved ones, mythical characters, drawings of flora and fauna, symbols.

The top best tattoo ideas on the forearm include the following photos:

Girl - If it is a naked girl, it represents a man's devotion to his companion, a girl with wings gives the wearer good luck, a girl with a sword speaks of a broken heart.

Photo 7

Forest - This nail suitable man with a strong unshakable character, well-established principles and priorities, strong will and spirit.

Photo 8

Compass - Such drawings choose men who are still looking for the right path in life, seeking to achieve goals and to realize themselves.

Photo 9

Warrior - Men who are engaged in martial arts, sports, have leadership qualities, strive to win any case, and most importantly, fight evil and injustice, can nab the forearm warrior.

Photo 10

Abstraction - looks spectacular if it covers a large area of skin on the arm, passing from the forearm area to the sleeve. Suitable for creative and extraordinary personalities.

Photo 11

Tattoo on the wrist

The wrist is a place where simple and easy drawings are appropriate, most often these are small versions of images and inscriptions. Choose three-dimensional pictures inappropriate, because they will be difficult to consider others. The most appropriate options are bracelets, paired inscriptions, symbols, different signs.

Top ideas for tattoos on the wrist include the following sketches:

Bracelet . - It can be a simple band around the circumference of the wrist, an imitation of a real chain bracelet, a brutal drawing of a metal bracelet and many others. The size of the bracelet and the color can vary.

Photo 12

Flowers - For creative and romantic men is suitable option tattoo. These can be roses and other flowers, characterizing the fine mental organization.

Photo 13

Paired inscriptions - If a man has a loved one, he can inscribe it and his name, make an inscription in Latin with a declaration of feelings, put the names of their children and more.

Photo 14

Hieroglyphs - A popular type of tattoo for men, who thereby demonstrate their personal qualities and principles in life.

Photo 15

Knife - A cold steel weapon, which shows the readiness of men to fight for themselves and their loved ones, to defend their honor and dignity.

Photo 16

Tattoos on the palm, on the hands and fingers

It would seem that you can stuff on the fingers and palms to look bright and spectacular? In fact, there are many options and ideas, but most often it is abstraction, animals, different inscriptions, etc. A distinctive feature of such tattoos is creativity, as the hands are in view all the time, providing a man with maximum attention.

As fresh ideas for tattoos on fingers, hands and palms you can use the following options:

Eye - Looks very intriguing and mystical, personifying the ability to look into the soul and see right through people.

Photo 17

Symbolism . - This can be skulls, all sorts of diagrams, stars, signs, which is characteristic of men in different subcultures.

Photo 18

Zodiac signs - Look original signs of the zodiac, which can be applied to the finger of the hand, the wrist or epically drawn on the inside of the hand, that is, on the palm.

Photo 19

Inscriptions - All five fingers can be used as an inscription pad. These can be admonitions, life priorities and principles, wishes to yourself, etc.

Photo 20

Patterns - do not carry in themselves any sacredness, but are an aesthetic aspect, decorating the hands.

Photo 21

Tip! When choosing a tattoo, do not forget that any image implies a hidden meaning. Some tattoos may even affect the future of the man, affect the perception of the man by others. Therefore, it is important to consult with a master before applying the chosen design.

What symbols are often depicted on the hands and their significance

Symbolism is what most often men use to protect themselves and to attract to themselves only the best, depicting them as a tattoo on the body. Some people do not attach importance to the selected symbols, facing further trouble. That is why it is important to read its detailed designation before getting a particular sign tattooed.

The best tattoos of the world for men in the form of symbols and their designation:

Alpha and omega - A man is in search of truth.

Photo 22

Hamsa - A symbol of faith and patience.

Photo 23

666 - Someone is afraid of this symbol, although today it is believed that it means knowledge, prosperity and wisdom.

Photo 24

Trickvert - symbol of the triune God, a tattoo for religious individuals.

Photo 25

The inverted triangle - signifies a sharp mind and rational thinking.

Photo 26

Star - A lot is decided by the shape and location of the star.

Photo 27

Masonic symbols - represent knowledge, strength and conscience.

Photo 28

Yin-yang - Shows the harmony of opposites.

Photo 29

Dreamcatcher - A popular talisman that protects against evil forces.

Photo 30

The spiral - means an endless flow of life energy.

Photo 31

Tattoo sleeve for girls

Women as often as men, apply a tattoo sleeve to their body, because they give an opportunity to show their individuality and stand out from the crowd. The plot of female tattoos in the form of a sleeve should be chosen very carefully, because the main requirement for this body image - neatness, beauty and colorful. Most often, girls choose the style of realism, chikano, old skool. For tattoo sleeve characterized by natural motifs. It can be a butterfly, a flower, often there are wild or hand pussies, sakura sprigs. There are violations of the usual standards and women apply drawings with snakes, devils and crosses.

How to choose a tattoo sketch in relation to the place on the hand?

An important question concerns the question of what hand to do the selected tattoo design, as well as in what part of the hand pattern will look harmonious. Some men like a completely blocked hands, so the picture is a whole composition and occupies the entire space of the hand. Others like a tattoo up to the elbow, on the shoulders, only on the hands, etc.

Tips for comparing the place of the hand and the type of tattoo are as follows:

  • arm - An entire composition that occupies either the entire front of the arm or 100% of the skin surface;
  • medium and small tattoos - separate tattoo sketches can be applied on wrists, biceps and triceps, shoulders and forearm;
  • symmetrical tattoos - look original on the wrist area, on the palms and hands, especially when it comes to inscriptions.

When choosing a tattoo and place on the hand take into account that the more small details in the picture, the less suitable it will be on a small space of skin. It is better to make complex images large, for small tattoos fit simple and uncomplicated ideas.

Best photos of the sleeve tattoo

Tattoo sleeve serves not only artistic, but also practical purposes. Drawings can hide scars and other imperfections of the skin, completely covering the pattern you need. Flaws can include an old sketch that is no longer to your liking or the correction of a failed tattoo. Most sleeve tattoos contain a single subject, and each piece fits together. The background may be a flame or a watery glaze, but sometimes a tattoo may show two of these opposing phenomena at once.

Does it matter which arm the tattoo is applied to?

Not all tattoo ideas for guys imply symmetry and drawing on both hands. If a man only needs to draw on one hand, you can safely experiment with any option - both right and left. There is no subtext in what hand a man chooses, in fact.

There is perhaps an opinion that all personal tattoos, such as inscriptions, names, or portraits of relatives, symbols of love and devotion are applied on the left side, because it is closer to the heart. But all sorts of symbols, animals, weapons, and all kinds of militant and active tattoos are preferred to be placed on the right side.

Do you wear tattoos on your arms?


Top 10 tattoos that are not recommended to get on your arm

Even the coolest and most visually beautiful tattoos can make serious negative changes in a person's life. Statistics show that every fifth person has a tattoo, but only two of these five know the exact designation of the drawing. In order not to make mistakes in such a responsible matter (a tattoo is for life), it is worth to get acquainted with the main prohibited tattoos.

In the top 10 tattoos that you should not depict on the hand, include:

Nazi signs, runes and skull - Such symbolism is extremely poorly perceived by society in Russia and in Germany. There have been many cases in Germany of doctors refusing to treat patients with Nazi symbols, and in Russia such people have been in serious conflict situations. Furthermore, in Russia it is even possible to get jail time for overly aggressive tattoos of this type.

Photo 33

Buddha - Sri Lanka takes religious symbols extremely seriously, so many tourists with such tattoos are not even allowed into the country. It is believed that sacred faces should not be immortalized; locals regard such an act as a mortal sin.

Photo 34

Biker subculture - If a man does not belong to this subculture in any way, there is no point in wasting areas of skin by tattooing in this format. There is even a country that is extremely categorical about such tattoos - Denmark.

Photo 35

The abbreviation - As a rule, abbreviations from a sort "GOD" - was condemned by the state, etc., are popular among a narrow circle of persons. In fact, such nakolki always hide the double meaning. And from the outside world can not always be regarded positively.

Photo 36

MS13 - Tattoo from the category of symbols, it is very popular around the world because of the famous gangster group with that name. In some countries a man with such a tattoo will be immediately taken to the police, and in the United States, where this gang comes from, can provoke a conflict at all.

Photo 37

Magician, Sorcerer or Genie - It is unlikely that people around you will take seriously a man who painted the image of a witch or wizard on his body. It is more likely that he will be considered a drug addict or not quite adequate person.

Photo 38

The rings . - Tattoo from the category of prison symbols, where each type of ring carries a semantic load, namely, the position of the owner in the criminal world. Not knowing all the rules, you can assign yourself an undeserved status, for which, sooner or later will be asked, or even be considered a representative of a non-traditional orientation.

Photo 39

Samurai and Dragons - These are the main symbols of Yakuza in Japan, and it is forbidden to depict such pictures just like that. Friendly people are very negatively refers to this clan, so a man with such drawings on his hand in this country can become an outcast.

Photo 40

Cobwebs and spiders - In the first case, the tattoo indicates that the man had a prison sentence, in the second it signals a terrible crime. And if it is a web in several layers, on top of which is a spider, the man will be perceived as a violent criminal. And in Russia, the owner of such a tattoo will be considered a drug addict.

Photo 41

Nefertiti, pentagrams, the number 13 - The first tattoo attracts in the karma of a man of financial troubles, health problems and failure in love, about the same damage can cause a tattoo of the number 13 or pentagrams.

Photo 42

Tattoo Sleeve with Patterns

The subtext of the biomechanics style is the great potential of man, his very great possibilities, which are provided by progress. The most popular illustrations are depicted as torn flesh, showing the propulsion part of some mechanism or intricate design. All these elements look incredibly realistic, with meticulously executed smallest elements such as: springs, nuts, pistons, gears and others. Most often, tattoos in the form of biomechanics are made on the shoulder or inside of the hand, giving the image a dynamic look because of the constant movement of the hand. Tattoo sleeve in the genre of tribal name speaks for itself, because in translation tribal means "name", "tribal," that's why such a tattoo serves as a personal mark or talisman. Most of the patterns are executed in the form of lines with sharp ends intertwined with each other. Basically, the tribal tattoo is performed in one color, but the final result depends on the fantasy and desire of the owner.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Where to get a tattoo, the eternal question today. First, it is necessary to do tattoos only in a specialized salon, which has a license for such services, and the master has a document of knowledge and skills. It is better to choose well-known salons, not saving money on such an important matter.

Secondly, it is extremely important to take a responsible approach to the decision on what place will be tattooed. Affect the decision may include the following factors:

  • anatomical features;
  • Aesthetic tastes and preferences;
  • gender;
  • age;
  • Lifestyle and image.

It is recommended to choose the upper part of the arm (biceps, triceps and shoulders), because in this place the drawing can always be hidden under a t-shirt or shirt sleeve. But to hide the hands, fingers, wrists will not be so easy, so these options will suit open people without complexes.


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