Tattoo on the ribs for men. Sketches with meaning, photos and meanings

Rib tattoo of a mermaid and an anchor
Tattoo on the side of the mermaid and anchor

Tattoo on the ribs is beaten in order to emphasize the beauty of the body or to beautify the clear skin. The peculiarity of the sketch is the inclination of the drawing at an angle from 75° to 60°. In rare cases, the angle is 30-35°.

In this way, the line of the body is drawn. Drawing is carried out along the ribs. The rib grid is mobile and the bones are covered with a thin layer of muscle. This area has a lot of nerve endings. Because of this, beating a tattoo here is extremely sensitive.

Pros and cons

Tattoo on the ribs (male drawings are more brutal), like other body images, have both positive and negative sides.

To the pluses of this type of decoration of your own body include:

  • The possibility, if necessary, to hide the tattoo under clothing. Especially relevant if the natal image has a deep meaning, understandable only to its owner.
  • The ability to choose different sizes of the tattoo. Despite the fact that the ribs give a man the opportunity to create a full-fledged natal composition of large scale, often tattoos here do miniature.
  • The possibility to visually correct the figure, making the upper part of the body wider and more massive by narrowing the waist area.
  • Ability to hide visible skin defects (scars, scars pigment spots and so on).

    Tattoo on the ribs for men

Significant disadvantages of tattoos on the ribs include:

  • A high level of pain in the process of creating a naked image. In the area of the ribs, the skin is thin, sensitive, located close to the bones, and has a large number of nerve endings.
  • Chance to make the body disproportionate when developing a sketch on your own or working with a non-professional tattooist. For example, if the tattoo is placed on the ribs, closer to the abdomen and only on one side, the body will seem disproportionate and crooked.

Tattoos on the shoulder blade for men and their significance

Leo - Leo is associated with qualities such as Power, royalty, grace, majesty, nobility, wisdom, justice.

Ideal for men who are characterized by power together with the ability to lead. In mythology, the lion is associated with the sun in almost every culture.

The lion is the symbol of the sun, the symbol of the sun, the symbol of the sun and the symbol of the earth. The fact is that a schematic image is unlikely to be able to evoke all the emotions that the king of beasts must inspire.

Tattoo of a lion on a man's shoulder blade
Tattoo of a lion on a man's shoulder blade
Panther - Contrary to popular belief, this animal is not a strictly female symbol. It embodies the strength, independence, courage, perseverance, fearlessness, leadership, cunning, endurance. The warriors preferred the image ...of the crouching panther......because it served... as a reminder of the constant dangerThe tattoo of a panther on a man's elbow was an all-important reminder of the ever-present danger.

Tattoo of a panther on a man's shoulder blade
Tattoo on a man's shoulder blade in the shape of a panther

Choice of location for a tattoo on the ribs

Choose the location of the tattoo on the ribs should be according to a common algorithm:

  1. Make a decision about what the main meaning will be laid in the future tattoo.
  2. Develop an approximate sketch of the future image, paying attention not only to the desired size and orientation (vertical or horizontal), but also to the presence of defects on the skin, which with the help of this figure is planned to hide.
  3. To think over the colors in which the picture will be created (black and white, monochrome or colored tattoo).
  4. To approve the option of a tattoo, having consulted with the master, who will work in the future on the creation of a naked image.

Rules of care for the tattoo on the abdomen

The healing process in some cases takes up to two months. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the body and properly care for the tattoo. Use wide loose clothing so as not to rub the tattoo. Minimize sudden turns and bends. Sleep on your side or back.

To ensure that the tattoo retains its original appearance for a long time, it is necessary to follow the general recommendations:

  1. Take care of your health.
  2. Reduce stressful situations.
  3. Maintain weight.

Inscriptions for men

Tattoos on the ribs (male and female pictures on the body are equally popular among people aged 20-35 years) are often short inscriptions or a small text, meaning only to a particular person (it can be a motto of his life or a reminder of the past and so on).

In English

The most popular phrases in English used as tattoo designs are:

Tattoo variantBrief description
Love is a game that two can play and both win."Love is the same game. The only difference is that not only two people can play it, but also win". Such a tattoo will suit a man who wants to emphasize the importance of emotions and love in his life. Young men often hide this character trait, thinking that it will make them weak in the eyes of the opposite sex. A tattoo on the ribs is an opportunity to express yourself, but at the same time to feel confident and comfortable, hiding it under clothing if necessary.
Those who can't change their minds can't change anything."Only those who are powerless through life are those who are unable to change their views on life and their attitudes to the difficulties they encounter along the way." This phrase characterizes its owner as a flexible person who is used to adjust to circumstances, taking advantage of all situations in life.
Live without regrets."This phrase characterizes the bearer of the tattoo who is used to adjust to circumstances and take advantage of all situations. This tattoo is suitable for a young man who wants to emphasize his life stance - not to regret the events that happened in the past, and instead think about the present.

In French

The most popular phrases in French used as a sketch for male tattoos are:

Tattoo VariantBrief description
Ayant risqué une fois-on peut rester heureux toute la vie."Take a risk once and maybe you'll stay happy afterwards for the rest of your life. This is the tattoo of young people seeking to draw the attention of others to the fact that they like to take risks without thinking about the possible consequences, and this is the secret of their success.
De l'amour à la haine, il n'y a qu'un pas."No matter how much you love a person today, tomorrow you can already start hating him." This kind of body image is appropriate for guys who have gone through a tough breakup with a girl. Having accepted the changes in life, they did not lose heart or become embittered, but, on the contrary, drew conclusions and became stronger.
Tout passe, tout casse, tout lasse."All living things are not eternal." Such a phrase can be a motto for a young person who is not used to postponing acceptance for later. He lives in the here and now, which means he takes risks, makes mistakes, and wins in the moment, since he is not sure if he will be alive tomorrow at all.

In Spanish.

Tattoos on the ribs (male drawings-inscriptions are usually refined with brutal details - chains, skulls and so on) written in Spanish can represent phrases:

Tattoo VariantA brief characterization.
Que me odien, lo importante es que me tengan miedo."I don't care if the people around me hate me. It's much more important that they are afraid of me." Such a tattoo is suitable for men who want to be leaders in any environment (at home, at work, among friends). They are not easily given such a position in life, but in spite of this, they do not intend to change their views on familiar things.
Mi vida, mis reglas!"My life is governed exclusively by my laws, which I create myself. This tattoo is usually chosen by self-sufficient men seeking to emphasize their wealth and independence from the opinions of others.
Hasta el que está lejos se acerca si le tienes en tu corazón."It doesn't matter where you are. If I love you, you are in my heart forever." This inscription is used as sketches for tattoos of young people who thus want to demonstrate their attitude towards their other half.
Solo tu te puedes hacer mas fuerte."To harden your character and become strong you will succeed only through your own experience and work on yourself." Such a tattoo is often the life motto of young people who often face various difficulties. They try to change their thinking, perceiving problems as a reason to become stronger.

In Italian

Phrases in Italian that can be used as tattoo designs look like this:

Tattoo OptionBrief description
Con i nostri pensieri costruiamo il mondo."My life is based on my thoughts. No one can change that. Such tattoos are tattooed by men who believe that consciousness plays a big role in their lives. They devote a lot of time to self-development, and often invest in education.
Sotto le ali di un angelo."I am protected by my Guardian Angel." Such a tattoo is used by men as a talisman against the negative energy of the people around them. This body image as if reminding its owner that he is under the protection of higher forces, which means he can feel safe, focusing on the pressing problems.
C'e sempre qualcosa che resta, quando tutto va via."Even when it seems that you have lost everything, there will always remain something to replace everything. Such a body image men put on when they live through a turning point in their lives - the loss of a loved one, the breakup with a girlfriend, and so on.

In German

The most popular phrases in German used as tattoo designs are:

Tattoo VariantShort Description
Bevor sich zu ergeben, erinnere dich, wofür du alles begonnen hast."The moment you think the battle is lost, remember what you started this war for." This phrase is used as a sketch for a body image by people who need support. It is difficult for them to overcome life's difficulties alone, and a reminder like this on the body will help them cope with them.
Verzeihen ist nicht schwierig, schwierig ist es aufs Neue zu glauben."It is not difficult for me to forgive a loved one, but it is almost impossible for me to learn to trust him again after a betrayal." This inscription as a tattoo will be relevant to guys who have had to face betrayal in life. Even though they have been able to let go of the situation, they realize that it has had a huge impact on their lives.
Mutter und Vater, ich liebe euch."Mom and Dad I love you and will always love you." This is a confession that is stuffed into the ribs of young people who pay special attention to the emotional component of their lives. They relate to their parents with gratitude, recognizing the value of what they have done for them.

In Latin

Tattoo on the ribs (male variants of natal images - inscriptions are recommended to write in large fonts in the Gothic style), written in the Latin language, can represent phrases:

Tattoo VariantShort description
Fortunam citius reperis, quam retinae."To catch a feeling of absolute happiness is easy enough. It is much harder to maintain it in spite of all external circumstances." This tattoo will look harmonious on the body of a man who takes life as seriously as possible. He does not hide his gratitude, as well as other positive emotions towards people and events that make him feel happy.
Solus deus judex meus est."I take criticism and judgment only from God himself. I let the words of others pass me by." This phrase as a sketch for a tattoo is chosen by self-confident men who are not used to listening to the opinions of others.

Tattoo on the chest, men and their significance

Raven - This symbol is extremely popular since Celtic times, remaining interesting and controversial. The Romans considered this bird as a symbol of hope.The Romans regarded it as a symbol of hope, noting that its cawing was reminiscent of "kras", which in Latin means "tomorrow.

The Greeks loved crows, seeing them the embodiment of fertility, longevity and an indispensable attribute in fortune telling and travel. Often this bird is perceived as a symbol of loneliness and wisdom.

IMPORTANT: As for negative meanings, in Christianity we can meet such as vindictiveness, causing harm on the part of the raven.

However, it also patronizes hermits and the righteous, so it is unlikely that we should attribute a clearly negative meaning to such a depiction. Although the raven is often depicted as a sign of some kind of loss.

Tattoo of a raven on male chest
A tattoo of a raven on a man's chest.

A black sun - a symbol of A symbol of eternity, hope for a hopeful future. This tattoo would be a great option for men, as the sun has always been their patron saint.

Black sun tattoo on male chest
Black sun tattoo on a man's chest.

Eagle - has always been considered the emblem of the gods, the most brave warriors, a harbinger of victory.. However, we are referring not only to the physical victory that used to take place on the battlefield, but also spiritual growthт. The Eagle the eagle is sharp, powerful, swift and graceful. - not bad qualities for the stronger sex.

Male chest eagle tattoo
Tattoo of an eagle on a man's chest

The deer - A deer is a very positive symbol, and from ancient times. An excellent amulet for men, because he signifies masculine strength.. Such a talisman will help to heal the wounds of the soul, to meet a loved one. Especially suitable for those men who like to travel, because it has always been an emblem of wanderers. Was an emblem of travelers.

IMPORTANT: If you met a man with such a tattoo, you can be sure that he is usually calm and self-confident, no stranger to displays of originality.

Tattoo deer on male chest
Tattoo of a stag on a man's chest

With meaning

Men's tattoos located on the ribs can have a modest appearance, but deep meaning. Examples of such natal images are:

Tattoo with a colored image of a wolf is a symbol of brutality and masculinity of a young man. The bright eyes of the animal indicate a deep inner world of the man, and the framing of the main object of the composition indicates the multifaceted personality of the man. Despite the fact that the owner of such a tattoo is strong and purposeful, he is not ashamed of his emotions and feelings.

Joker symbolizes the duality of a man's character. Such people can easily adjust to circumstances, benefiting themselves, ignoring the feelings and interests of others. Despite the fact that DC comics, the character of which is Joker, refer to a narrowly focused hobby, this hero is known to the vast majority of young people (this hero is found not only in comic books, but also in books, feature films, TV series).

Tattoos on the lower back for men

Bird in flight stands for freedom, dreams, joy and great spiritual power. Such an image is often found in the world's cultures as a a connection to the sky, a yearning for something greater.

Tattoo of a flying bird on a man's lower back
Tattoo on a man's lower back in the form of a flying bird

Car - Symbol. denoting Movement at speed, freedom, development. Often such a tattoo choose racers and just lovers of drive.

IMPORTANT: The person who chose such a decoration, for sure, has an independent disposition, tends often to show his taste.

Tattoo as a flying bird on a man's lower back
Tattoo on the male waist in the form of cars

Small tattoos

Small tattoos on the ribs should be simple, without small details and numerous elements. Regardless of the professionalism of the tattoo master, it is impossible to draw the details of such an image qualitatively. Moreover, because of the peculiarities of the skin on the ribs, the drawings printed here, even in large format, require frequent correction (at least once every 6-8 months), and small ones will lose their original appearance after 3-5 years, regardless of the correction.

Optimal options can be considered:

  • A wave wrapped in a circle symbolizes the depth of a man's inner world, as well as his willingness to expand his previously established framework of thinking. Despite the fact that water is perceived as something light and clean, it carries a lot of power, which is not within the control of every man.
  • Scratches on the ribs are used by men as designs for tattoos to emphasize their independence, willingness to fight, defending relationships, as well as aggressiveness to the initiators of unfair situations in life.

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

The ribs belong to the red zone on the pain map. More than 20,000 nerve endings come out here. The process of drawing must take place under painkillers.

Otherwise, the person experiences unbearable suffering. As a consequence, the paints will change their pigment due to the release of hormones under stress.

The use of ointments is recommended:

  • TKTX - a pro-grade applanation anesthetic;
  • Numb is an anesthetic cream-gel with epinephrine;
  • B-CAINE - it has an effect after 10-12 minutes and lasts 40-90 minutes;
  • Burn Free - high viscosity anesthetic gel;
  • Tattoo Soothe Cream - for long sessions.


Geometry style tattoos that men put on their ribs can look like this:

Such a tattoo would look appropriate on the body of a fan of anime or "Pokémon" specifically. It symbolizes the spontaneity of its owner, as well as initiative and enterprise.

Two months and the moon, intertwined with each other by star threads, symbolize the mystery of the owner of such a tattoo. This person usually keeps others at a distance, preferring to spend most of the time alone with himself. Despite his reticence, he is ready to help loved ones, even through their own deprivations.

The tattoos on the spine of the male and their meaning

Circles. Because they have no beginning or when, different peoples have drawn an analogy with harmony, eternity, balance. It is not for nothing that the sun and the moon have such a shape - so reasoned our ancestors. They also ascribed to this image The sun and the moon were also ascribed the meaning of the uniform course of time, the unity of the beginning and the end.

Tattoo circles on the male spine
Tattoo-circles on the male spine

The hieroglyphs - Look great applied along the spine. Here A few meanings of the hieroglyphs that will suit a man:

Meaning of several characters
Meaning of some of the hieroglyphs

Tattoo on male spine in the form of hieroglyphs
Tattoo on a man's spine in the form of hieroglyphs

Popular subjects

Among modern men, tattoos depicting characters are especially popular:

A wolf, drawn in the style of geometry, symbolizes the straightforwardness of men. This tattoo is not accustomed to caring about the feelings of others, preferring to achieve everything in life, going straight ahead. He has few friends, but even those people whom he considers close, avoid frequent contact with him and discuss controversial topics.

Such a body image reflects the inner state of its owner. A man with this tattoo most likely experienced a turning point in his life, after which he began to limit himself not only in actions, but also in thoughts. Despite the fact that the situation that occurred literally knocked the ground out from under his feet, he continues to look optimistically into the future.

Animal Ribs Tattoo for Men

Animals have a long history as visual symbols, as since ancient times mankind has depicted animals in art to convey various culturally accepted meanings. From cave paintings many years ago to XNUMX century animal images, there are many different animal tattoo ideas you can put on your body. Those who choose animal tattoos usually choose an animal drawing based on the meaning associated with it and add many elements to it to create beautiful meanings. Rib animal tattoos are a great idea if you want a stunning tattoo on your body. Here's a selection of animal tattoos on ribs for you to get inspired and find your perfect tattoo.

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Rib tattoo: 55 designs for men

El Tiger represents fearlessness, royalty and power. As a rival of the Chinese dragon, these two often engage in the same battles. The tiger is also the national animal of many countries, including India, South Korea, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

El Koi Fish. It has a long history in Asian culture. It is a symbol of strength and perseverance because of their ability to swim against the current and turn into a mighty dragon when they pass through the dragon gate. Koi fish can also symbolize overcoming obstacles, prosperity and independence.

A spectacular shark tattoo that can be applied to the body if you are a fan of these animals.

Rib tattoos: 55 designs for men

Meaning of animal tattoos:

  • El Eagle This is a bird that represents purity, strength and beauty.
  • El carry is a prominent symbol throughout the world, are symbols of wisdom, protection and spirituality. More often than not, bears represent strength, maternity and power.
  • Traditionally butterflies they represent a transitional or transformational event. A butterfly begins life as a caterpillar, and only after metamorphosis does it transform into a beautiful butterfly that reaches its full potential.
  • Many people have a strong emotional connection to these beautiful creatures that dolphins, which makes them a popular tattoo option. Dolphin tattoos represent harmony, friendship, play and freedom.
  • Series Elephants They are worthy animals and are a popular choice for tattoos. These animals symbolize strength, longevity and prosperity.
  • Humans have a long history with horses, and they are a central part of life in many cultures. Horse tattoos often symbolize bravery, loyalty, strength and freedom.
  • El lion is a noble animal that is a source of strength, courage and protection. For the ancient Egyptians, they were used as battle deities because the lioness is known for its aggressive qualities and protection. Lions are also found in front of imperial palaces in China as symbols of protection.
  • El Cuervo This black as coal bird is a popular symbol of death and mystery. In Celtic culture, crows were associated with war because they were seen eating the remains of dead soldiers, but they are also considered symbols of protection and magic.
  • La snake is an animal with a dual nature, representing life and death. Because snake venom can be deadly or life-saving, the snake symbolizes the cycle of life, including birth and death.
  • Tattoos swallow These date from the early 1900s and were commonly used by sailors. They thought that if a sailor drowned, the swallows would take his soul to heaven.
  • Las turtles They have cultural significance in many places, including Japan, North America and Africa, and are popular symbols of longevity, wisdom and peace.
  • El lobo Basically it represents loyalty, greed, and destruction. In Japan they dedicate wolf chapels to protect their crops of wild boars and deer. In Roman mythology, wolves throughout the Bible symbolize greed and destruction. To many, the wolf is like a faithful dog and is meant for protection.

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The most common cross tattoos are:

A large cross with thick clear lines symbolizes a guy's steadfast faith in God. The owners of such tattoos rarely count on their own strength in life, they can not be called realists. They live guided by others, looking for support in making even minor decisions that do not have a significant impact on life.

Hands folded in the characteristic gesture of prayer and holding a cross, is a symbol of religiosity of the owner of such a tattoo. He not only believes in the existence of higher powers, but also honors in every way what the holy book prescribes.

Tattoos on the face of men and their meanings

Polynesian patterns - A good example of such a tattoo is the image of Mike Tyson. By the way, representatives of the Maori tribe even reprimanded the famous boxer, considering his tattoo an unscrupulous exploitation of their sacred symbol.

However, today such symbols are not uncommon among those who like to decorate their bodies, because they signify human energy, a way of communicating with the gods.

Tattoo in the form of Polynesian patterns on Tyson's face
Tattoo in the form of Polynesian patterns on Mike Tyson's face

The cross - had been around long before Christianity even existed. As for the Christian or Catholic cross, it can symbolize faith.

In the past, it was thought that this symbol could protect against injury.. It was also associated with honor and strength - Just think of the Iron Cross of chivalry.

IMPORTANT: The cross had great significance for other cultures as well - in the Orient it embodied the stairway to heaven.

Feather - Shamans preferred to use this symbol because they believed that it to protect against evil spirits. It is not for nothing that feathers were used to make a dream catcher, which which allows you to rest and protect you from bad thoughts. Feathers were allowed to be worn by respected people who had earned their fame.

Men's cross and feather facial tattoos
Men's tattoos on the face in the form of a cross and a feather


Lion tattoos that would look beautiful on a man's ribs might look like this:

A lion depicted on a dark background is a symbol of a young man's power, his inner strength and a steadfast desire to change his life for the better. Despite numerous difficulties, including betrayals, on the part of people close to him, he each time finds the strength to continue to achieve his goals, abstracting from external circumstances.

A realistic lion symbolizes the aggression of the bearer of such a tattoo, as well as his desire to always be in the center of attention, regardless of the circumstances.

Common designs

The animal tattoo on the abdomen is very popular among men. In the photo from various resources it can be seen. Sketches of animals choose quiet or with an open snarling mouth. The tattoo is located in the center of the abdomen, just below the chest. Figure has the meaning of strength and courage of the owner. Also, animals are depicted in the background of nature, in this case choose realism. The tattoo can be done in geometric or mixed style. Tattoo-master always consult if it is difficult for the future owner to decide.

Some choose the sketch of a spider or a spider's web. This means that the man is communicative, he is easy to contact and in communication with his opponent is easy.

It is often possible to see the inscription on the abdomen. A beautiful font and the right size looks good on the stomach. The inscription can be made as a separate tattoo, carrying a certain philosophical meaning for the wearer. It can also be performed in composition with any pattern.

Men of faith tend to apply religious tattoos to the abdomen. This can be a cross in the form of a crucifix or angels.

Tattoos of eagles on the stomach look impressive. The bird, depicted in flight, with its wings open, is not uncommon for men.

There are many owners of chicano style tattoos on the abdomen. The drawing of the girl, made in black and gray tones, complemented by a background, passing to the sides, or inscriptions looks impressive in this place.

The choice of color scheme is mainly focused on women. Men prefer to make monochrome images. Ideas for tattoos owners choose the most diverse. Popular styles are considered trash, oriental, old-school, chicano, realism and watercolor. The lower abdomen is considered a feminine option, which can be argued. The owners of a slender beautiful body with such a tattoo look interesting and sexy.


Tattoos on the ribs, representing the image of an angel, can look like this:

A girl with angel wings behind her back and an aggressive facial expression is usually a symbol of the fact that the owner of the tattoo has experienced betrayal from the second half. With such a drawing, the man wants to say that he trusted, guided by what his beloved demonstrated to him, ignoring what he felt when he was near her.

The image of a child in the form of an angel with an assigned date at the bottom of the tattoo is relevant for men who became fathers. The owners of such tattoos love their children and consider them as gifts of fate.

Men's tattoos depicted on the ribs, regardless of their size, should carry deep meaning for their owner. If the body drawing will be beautiful, but meaningless, most likely it will dislike a man after a short time, which will provoke the need to overlay it or remove it with a laser.

Tattoos on the intimate parts of men and their significance

As a rule, tattoos located in the groin, Do not carry any meaningAfter all, they are not intended for public viewing. Most often the image is built on Repetition of the anatomical shape male genitals. Thus, the most popular are tattoos in the form of Pinocchio, elephant, snake.

As for the buttocks.As for the buttocks, then very few men choose this place. Predominantly such a choice is caused by a desire to prolong some big tattoo. Members of sexual minorities also give preference to tattoos on the buttocks.

Example of a male intimate Pinocchio tattoo
Example of a male intimate tattoo in the form of Pinocchio

Tattoo designations

Before choosing a picture to apply to the body, it would not be out of place to ask what it means. Thus, few people know that the shark is not a symbol of aggression, as it seems at first glance, but a symbol of cunning, remarkable intelligence and strong character. Tattoo on the side, depicting vertically growing plants, can carry a different meaning. For example, a sakura branch represents intelligence, beauty and grace. A lily is a symbol of kindness, rebelliousness and cordiality. Choosing the right tattoo can not only beautify the body, but also tell a lot about the wearer. Be careful when choosing.


For women

For men