Celtic tattoos: patterns, cross, male, for girls, on the shoulder, arm, forearm. Meanings and designs, TOP 8 ornaments and 105 PHOTOs

In today's world, it is hard to meet a person who does not have a tattoo or has never thought about getting one. The thing is that the art of body painting helps people to express their feelings and emotions, character traits and life experiences, making their body more original and attractive. When choosing a sketch many people choose animalistic or botanical designs, however, no less popular are Celtic tattoos.

Celtic patterns are so unusual and beautiful that everyone is attracted by their mystery, the infinity of lines, imbued with a deep meaning that came to us from the ancient tribes. Celtic tattoos have many variations, so that everyone can choose the perfect one for themselves, but before choosing a sketch it is important to know the meaning of the symbol.

In order to get a Celtic tattoo it is necessary to know which patterns are suitable for men and which for girls. Previously, symbols were used everywhere, they were applied to clothing, walls, dishes and weapons, with each ornament having a special meaning. Unfortunately, only some meanings have survived to this day, while other symbols have remained forever unknown, and their meaning is simply missing. The peculiarity of the tattoo is that one line, which makes up the pattern, always has a complete form, its beginning converges with the end, symbolizing infinity, the cycle of life and transience.

On the meaning of Celtic tattoos in general

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Celtic patterns really look impressive, which makes you want to To decorate your body unusual tattoo.

Earlier patterns were applied by ancient tribes to weapons, kitchen utensils, simply stones. Each ornament meant something, so we can say that the ancient people were doing thus certain markings in their lives. In 800, Irish monks sketched all the ornaments, and created an entire book "The Celtic Book.in which they spelled out exactly what each pattern meant.

All of the designs mean infinitybecause all the patterns have a common line - the beginning of a new twist comes from the end of another. This is what guided the people of the ancient tribes when they participated in the conquest of neighboring territories. It is because of their ferocity, and in some cases, atrocity, that Celtic designs for applying to the body choose not everyone who wishes to adorn themselves with a tattoo.

Celtic patterns - the weaving that means infinity

Common meanings of Celtic pattern include the following:

  • Infinite life - Celtic tribes believed that their people would live forever;
  • endless lines indicated the connection and continuity of things in the universe;
  • a constant working cycle helps in the struggle of life against death;
  • the infinite lines were the connection of soul and body;
  • the connection between heaven and earth, the knot in the tattoo pattern indicates where they intersect;
  • labyrinths fixed on the body identify the path of life.

As a result, a person who favors a Celtic pattern must understand what he or she will represent with his or her tattoo. Often ornaments are chosen by Strong in spirit people who are swift and persistent, going to his goal, regardless of the problems encountered. Often they are overbearing, or by their external sternness want to subdue others.

Specialists believe that the applied to the body pattern in the form of a tattoo directly affects the future fate. Therefore, when choosing an ornament of Celtic culture, we should give preference to less aggressive variations.

Symbols and amulets .

Certain Celtic designs were used on shields, body and clothing to create a powerful protection against enemies and natural disasters. Certain elements have survived and are widely used in tattoos.

Triskelion Used by the Celts in rituals and ceremonies. It is the image of three spiral-shaped lines (or three legs) emanating from the center. Each of them symbolized one of the main Celtic Gods: Thor, Odin, Loki.

Tattoo Tricksel

Triskelion means the unity of all worlds, combines three energies: the elements of fire, water and air. It reminds us of the transience of life and the cyclical nature of the seasons. According to ancient beliefs, contemplation of this sign gives the opportunity to foresee the near future.

The ancient symbol protects its wearer from natural disasters and accidents. It also In order to protect its bearer from the forces of evil and the dark entities of the netherworld, the Celtic Spiral was said to protect the worshipper from the forces of nature and the elements of the Dark Ages.

Celtic Spiral The pattern reflects a person's life path, not straight and smooth, but with each step closer to knowing oneself. The spiral indicates the need to go inward, to the very center of his existence, the source of being.

Tattoo in the form of a spiral

If the spiral is not inside, but outside, it reflects the expansion of energy, a connection with the cosmos. The image of the outer spiral brings to its owner openness, opportunities to influence others, to comprehend the mysteries of the universe. The inner spiral reflects concentration, the direction of positive energy on the person himself.

Do not use the Celtic sign walknut in tattoos. He is associated with the burial of the dead, the world of ancestors and spirits. This symbol was traditionally placed on gravestones and used in magical rituals. Valknut is depicted as intertwined triangles.

Animal figures

Animals in Celtic patterns are depicted in a specific way - they are peculiar caricatures, which also depict a single line.

The animals symbolize the following:

1Hare - in most mythologies depicts well-being materially and spiritually. The Celts believed that drawing a picture of a hare on the house would attract the prosperity, rebirth and immortality of the Almighty, as well as the souls of the inhabitants.

2Snakes - the most interesting variations used for tattoos take the lead. The symbolism of snakes is to help a person to give spiritual support - a person living on earth, like the represented reptile, is endowed with vital energy to live on the planet. The Celts believed in the magical property of the snake - in its presence, you can count on the protection of man from enemies.

3Deer - symbolize courage and prosperity, promotes independence. A person who draws himself a tattoo depicting a deer can attract a rebirth of the spirit.

4Horse - A long-standing symbol of fertility that has figured in most mythologies. Such images promote physical activity with attainment.

5Dolphins - In most cases, these tattoos are applied to their bodies girls. But men are also not behind the choice, as this sea animal protects humans in the seas. The Celts believed that dolphins helped man in his spiritual formation by engaging the waters of the ocean.

6Dogs - are a symbol of loyalty, devotion, and guarding a person physically and spiritually.

7Wolves - Drawings are similar in appearance to the dog, but have a different message. The wolf is aggressive, so it protects the human and spiritual space by attacking enemies. This animal also indicates successful hunting, attacking enemies.

Celtic tattoo - image of a wolf

8Fish and other sea creatures - Is foresight and wisdom. The presence of the represented animals on the human body helps to foresee the situation, develop intuition.

9Dragons - In all mythologies of the World these animals had the gift of divination, were faithful guardians of the gates to the secular and divine Worlds. In some cultures it is dragons that protect the Earth from the invasion of outsiders - in Celtic culture all enemies were perceived as outsiders (other nations wishing to conquer the territory of the Celts).

It is necessary to understand the meaning of each imageIn order to make the right choice. It is better to be guided by your own style and appearance. For example, the image of a wolf in a Celtic style would look ...vulgar and ridiculous... at the same time on the fragile back of a petite girl.

Animal themes of the Celtic tattoo

Celtic tattoos: sketches and photos of finished works

Celtic tattoos include dozens of different images, surprising in their beauty and originality. Thanks to this, everyone can choose the best solution that can attract good luck, make the body more attractive and unique. The most popular Celtic tattoo designs include the following images:

  • Hare - symbol of abundance and prosperity, health of young mothers.
  • Horse - beauty, vitality, indomitability.
  • Dog - loyalty.
  • Deer - courage and nobility, symbol of rebirth of the soul. Horns of a deer were used to attract material prosperity.
  • Dolphin - guide the soul, protector of sailors and travelers, symbolizing the highest wisdom.
  • Dragon - power and infinite strength. The dragon was also considered a diviner and protector of the portal between the worlds.
  • Celtic patterns (tree of life and cross, bracelet and talisman, medallion, etc.).
  • Birds (peacock, dove, duck, herons, partridges, etc.).
  • Trefoil - a three-leaf clover symbolizing faith, hope and love. A four-leaf clover is also used, the fourth petal being a symbol of good luck.

What justifies the choice

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If you believe sorcerers, magicians and other specialists of the unknown, the patterns and images presented on the human body contribute to the following changes in life:

  • Any braids and spiralsAny braids and spirals, closed in a circle, will lead a person in a "circle" of life. A kind of circle of life's troubles, misfortunes, followed by joy will be swept throughout life. Such patterns should not be applied if a person wants to change something in his life. Otherwise he will go back to the beginning.
  • The tree of life Will lead to an increase in social circle. If the branches will be woven into the sun, it means that new acquaintances can be teamed up and continue to communicate on their interests.
  • Nodes will attract joys, sorrows and misfortunes, failures, successes, new friends, prosperity and financial well-being, which will merge into a single ball of a person's life.
  • Crosses is not recommended to be applied to the body, not even stars are forbidden. This symbolism is "to put a cross on oneself," which will indicate the end in spiritual and worldly life. No, the person will not die, but his development will cease. It is not uncommon for people who are incarcerated to put crosses on themselves. A small fraction of them are able to return to a normal life; most commit another crime and are sent back to prison.
  • The desire to display animal must be for peaceful and friendly purposes. You can not apply a tattoo depicting a predator, even a dog has a tendency to bite. Such tattoos contribute to a change in a person's character - he becomes aggressive, spiteful to the people around him.

Celtic cross on the back of a man

Celtic patterns for tattoos are not recommended to choose in principle. They are specific, requiring matching stylistics in clothing, appearance, in a person's behavior. If the choice fell on the Celtic pattern, it is better to choose a small size tattoo and a place that can be covered with clothing.

Common patterns for girls

Of the Celtic ornaments girls prefer more elegant, often applying them to the neck, the collarbone area, around the wrist.

Among the animals popular are those bearing prosperity, the patronage of the High Goddesses and the Moon:

1Hares . - Symbol of fertility, abundance, healthy offspring.

2Pisces - Reflect connection to hidden knowledge, deep wisdom, intuition.

3Dolphins - Conductors of the highest cosmic energy.

4Horses - Freedom-loving, wild and unrestrained temperament, beauty and grace.

5Lions - Empowers the wearer with powerful feminine energies to protect her kind and loved ones.

Lion with patterns.

In great demand among women are symbols of love, loyalty and hope in tattoos.

Girls get a tattoo of a Tattoo bracelet with Celtic motifs On the wrists, hands, shins. This reflects their courageous character and unconventional outlook on the world. Complex uninterrupted weaves indicate eternal love or fidelity to the principles of life.

A heart woven into the ornaments A symbol of faith and devotion, a union of two halves in love. Especially popular are images of keys with hearts in the center. This speaks of the rich inner world of the girl, to whom one can find an approach only after a long time.

Widespread among women is a tattoo with the image of a Celtic clover. They hope to attract luck and prosperity in their lives with its help. Each of the petals is responsible for a different area of life success:

  • Love;
  • prosperity;
  • health;
  • universal respect.

Recommendations for choosing a tattoo

It is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of stylists and tattoo artists who practice the application of Celtic patterns. Recommendations are regulated by the gender of those wishing to decorate the body with tattoos.

Women when choosing patterns should be guided by the following points:

  • Tattoo masters recommend girls to stop their choice on the application of the Celtic sun on the body. This is a small round pattern that looks good on the back, shoulder or wrist.
  • Celtic patterns look attractive on the hands. The images depend directly on the place of application: the wrist requires an uncomplicated pattern of small size, and the forearm allows the image of an animal.
  • Celtic ornaments in women are found on the leg - these are knots of small size or a complex two-piece weave.
  • Women prefer to apply a tattoo with the image of a butterfly, but it is performed in several shades of paint. The butterfly is the union of two souls, boundless love, as a result of which helps a woman to arrange her personal life.

Celtic tattoos in women - bracelet on the abdomen and lower back

Men can apply large tattoos to the body, but with the following guidelines:

  • Celtic patterns look attractive on the neck of a man. There may be large ornaments, which indicates the characteristics of the character of the owner.
  • Ornaments on the back of men emphasize their determination and masculinity. Similarly look images on the hands - shoulder, forearm or wrist.
  • Celtic patterns favorably emphasize the muscles of the man, so it is preferable to apply images of knots or braids of large size. Such patterns entice the opposite sex, in this way a man conceals a mystery.

Celtic tattoos are mainly Apply to the shoulders. - This is done by both men and women. They can easily be covered with clothing, if necessary. On the shoulder is applied Celtic dragons in black and white or do a colored tattoo. The mystical character gives mystery to its owner.

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Celtic Tattoos

The meaning of Celtic tattoos, symbolism, patterns

The most popular male tattoos with patterns

The Celts depicted patterns on the male body that spoke of courage, willpower, indestructibility. The symbols were supposed to tell about the qualities of character and military victories of a brave man. Some elements of the ornament were meant to attract the desired in the life of their owner.

To date, the following tattoos are in great demand among the stronger sex:

Celtic cross Men prefer to have it tattooed on the back, arms and shoulder blades. Effectively looks a cross on the shoulder. In ancient times, the Celts used this symbol in performing magical rites and rituals.

Tattoo of the Celtic cross with a dragon

The cross symbolizes the harmony of masculinity and femininity, the unity of the four elements. It is a protective amulet against accidents, sudden attacks of enemies. The cross prevents access of dark forces to the biofield and the physical body of its owner.

Predatory animals, dragons A common place of localization of these images is the neck, forearms and shoulders of men. These symbols are an indication of courage, freedom and willpower. The dragon symbolizes power, carries a powerful energy that protects the wearer.

Dragon in Celtic style

The tree of life Often preferred by men, as it requires extensive space for its application to the skin, mainly the tree is depicted on the back. When tattooed correctly, the branches and roots of the tree should be intertwined. This will reflect the original meaning of the pattern - a cycle of rebirths.

Tattoo with the tree of life

The branches of the tree pointing upwards symbolize the celestial worlds, the roots - the hellish planets. A person's earthly life is reflected in the trunk. The soul's ceaseless journey through the whirlwind of existence will end when it learns the truth.

Energizing Signs

Certain symbols were used by ancient people as a powerful source of energy. They were supposed to connect the bearer of the sign with cosmic energies, natural elements and blessings of the Gods.

Among them, an important place takes Aven - sign of the three tongues of flame, depicted in the form of three rays. Each of the rays reflects the endless movement of life: birth, development, death. Applied on the body Aven includes a powerful transformation of the spirit and body, brought by the fire element.

This transformation implies some pain, unpleasant sensations, having gone through which a person is as if born again. Therefore, it is possible to apply such a sign only to people of strong spirit, ready for such changes. Aven involves processes of harmonization in a person of all the opposites, qualities of character.

Scandinavian patterns and runes

In addition, Aven reflects the balance of various energies and universal beginnings:

higher worldsearthly existencehellish planets
subconsciousrealm of the conscioushigher knowledge

Celtic motifs in tattoos not just a fashion statement, but a reflection of an ancient cultureCeltic motifs are not just an homage to fashion, but a reflection of an ancient culture that relates to the ancestors of all European nations. The ornaments carry a powerful energy, strengthen in the owner of the nail certain qualities and character traits. Therefore, the choice of pattern must be approached with the utmost responsibility.

The rope around the wrist

Tattoo tells of belonging to a profession. Once such a tattoo was worn by dockers and sailors after making the second voyage. Often an anchor was present next to the rope.

Who are the Celts

Celtic patterns are a legacy of a great civilization, back in the seventh century BC. who left continental Europe and gradually seceded (or settled) in the islands that are now part of Great Britain.

Thanks to the wealthy representatives of the people, art developed successfully under their patronage, and the meaning of the symbols was multifaceted.

It represented the history, religion, and social background of life at the time, while at the same time embellishing it and fulfilling a kind of educational function. Mysterious, mysterious and beautiful, they have become part of modern culture.

A torn rope

This image suggests that the man has broken the vicious circle in which his fate has led him. There was a break with the past and the road to the future is open. A good lesson has been learned, which will save from mistakes in the future.


The image of a rope in the form of a heart symbolizes unrequited love. The choice of such a drawing is made by people who are confident in their feelings, living in their suffering. They are ready to carry their painful passion to the end of their lives.


For women

For men