Black and white tattoos: The most amazing and unusual ideas for modern girls and guys

With the help of tattoos, most people try to express their feelings or their attitude toward the outside world. Therefore, there are many options for tattoos with different ornaments and color shades. One popular is the black and white tattoo. In ancient times, the owners of the black and white tattoo were warriors, sorcerers, shamans. For them, the body art served as a means of protection from evil spirits. Among warriors, the black and white tattoo was a decoration around the scars received in battle, thereby emphasizing their virtues and bravery. Nowadays, tattoos of this color scheme no longer make much sense. The only thing that matters is the design itself.

Men's black and white tattoos

Most men give preference to black and white tattoos. The technique of performing tattoos in this style is considered a classic. Nowadays, there are a lot of amazing color shades for tattoos, but it is the black ink that is especially popular. The white color refers to the human skin itself. Most of the stronger half of humanity gets tattoos on their hands. In the black and white shade performed a variety of inscriptions, images of animals and ornaments. The tattoo, made on a man's hand, attracts attention. Thus, a man can stand out from the crowd. Also very popular male tattoos have become birds, which are mostly placed on the chest or back of the man.

The meaning of the image of forest landscapes on the body

The main meaning of the dark forest tattoo is a road, the search for one's Way and meaning. The thicket of trees, in which a person wanders, for the psychoanalyst symbolizes the unconscious. The chaotic tangle of trees or the slender rows of firs and pines - the symbolism goes deep into myths and history.

Fears associated with the forest refer to something unknowable, hidden. It is in it that the forest hides a fairy, kikimora, here live animals endowed with different traits. In paganism, somewhere in the primordial forest darkness, cult places were arranged where gods were worshipped, sacrificial poles were placed. This space can be seen as magical, where something happens that is hidden from others.

Supplementing the landscape with various elements, the owner of the tattoo of the forest on the hand creates original sketches, endowed with specific symbolism. Very effectively looks a picture in the style of blackwork, where a lot of black color is used.


  • Birds - owls, crows. It means wisdom, foresight.
  • A guiding star in the sky is a good sign for a wanderer.
  • Sun illuminating the trees - optimistic outlook on life.
  • A path, especially an overgrown one, indicates a difficult path.
  • Animals - bear, wolf, fox. An animal of prey indicates the qualities of its possessor, including those desired.

Mystique and mystique is what is most often implied in such a depiction. Depending on the accents, it can look ambiguous, refer to the conventional division into white and black.

New Slavic Tattoos

Women's black and white tattoos

Women and girls prefer to give their beloved men a gift in the form of tattoos, which are dedicated specifically to lovers. A great option will serve tattoos in the form of names or inscriptions with a declaration of love. Such tattoos are mostly performed in black and white. For girls there are a lot of different tattoos in this color. For example: roses, birds, snake. With the help of the black and white version you can convey all sorts of curves and elements of the figure. Among young girls are very popular tattoos in the form of lace, which are located on the shoulder or wrist of a beauty. For these tattoos are supplemented by images of bows or ribbons. Some modern girls prefer to decorate their body with a drawing in the form of wings. This ornament emphasizes romanticism and innocence.

Mini tattoos in black

People who do not like large and provocative ornaments to decorate the body, give preference to small and neat drawings in black and white style. These images can be: small roses, anchor, lizard, infinity sign and many others. These tattoo options are often done in the ankle or wrist area. But sometimes small drawings can adorn the lumbar and bikini zone girls. In this way they are trying to emphasize their romanticism and give the body a certain mystery. A tattoo in the form of a lizard denotes that its owner is able to change his life in an instant and has grand plans for his future life.

Unsuccessful places for a miniature

Small tattoos (sketches are usually drawn by tattoo masters or artists specializing in creating a layout for body images) look inappropriate on:

  • The back and outer surface of the palm (regardless of the quality of the work of tattoo-master, naked picture in this area will fade or "pop" already in 6-12 months after its creation. The short term of duration of a tattoo is caused by the peculiarities of the skin in this part of the body - high mobility, the minimum thickness and constant interaction with external factors);
  • earlobes (on ears there is no "working zone" of sufficient area, that at the tattoo master had a possibility to trace qualitatively elements of the chosen by the client sketch);

Small tattoos. Sketches black and white, color, 3d, with meaning. Photos and meaning.

  • elbows (Given the large number of nerve endings localized in the elbow area, beating a tattoo here is the most painful. The appearance of the body drawing will also not differ expressiveness, as the skin here is uneven, and in some cases subject to changes, for example, peeling or cracking);
  • Underarms Armpits (this part of the body is home to sebaceous glands, which can be affected (even if not directly);
  • Side of the foot (constant contact of skin of this part of the body with socks, shoes and cosmetics helps to accelerate the fading of the tattoo);

Small tattoos. Sketches black and white, color, 3d, with meaning. Photos and meaning

  • women's breasts (breasts are the most prone to age changes and hormonal restructuring. A body tattooed in this area is most likely to become deformed when a girl becomes pregnant, gives birth, starts breastfeeding or undergoes age-related changes in the body's internal systems).

Black and white tattoos with animals

Tattoos with animals are considered the most popular among many subjects. All his life, a person is closely associated with the fauna of the earth. Animal tattoos carry a certain symbolism. After all, each animal has its own specific character traits and habits. Most people, by drawing on their body in the form of an animal, are trying to give themselves the strength and manners of this creature. For example, the squirrel symbolizes comfort and warmth, the dog - loyalty and fidelity, the wolf - solitude and courage, the fox - sexuality and cunning, the tiger and the leopard - cunning, courage and firmness. Therefore, each person by means of a tattoo in the form of an animal will be able to show his character and attitude to the people around him.

Where to place

Monochrome drawing will look on any part of the body. Everyone can afford to choose any place on the body.

Styles and techniques

  • Linework. The graceful art of drawing fine lines that add up to a single pattern;
  • Blackwork. Drawing technique, when the surface of a drawing is painted over with a dense layer of black paint, forming one continuous image;
  • Miniatures. Small images, great attention to detail.


Styles and technique of black and white tattoos

There are many options for doing black and white tattoos. Today, you and I are going to look at a few styles of black and white tattoo designs.


This style of tattoos came to us from the last century. These ornaments carried the designation that the person is closely associated with the criminal world, and that he belongs to the gangster groups. Today, this style is common among the younger generation. The black and white Chicano style is characterized by its clear contours and pattern features. They mostly depict the faces of Saints: St. Lucas, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ. Nowadays a popular chicano style tattoo depicts a girl with a mask denoting death.

Blackwork" style

This style is very common among those who prefer a classic style. It is the one that is done in black and has rather voluminous ornaments. With blackwork, many get rid of unnecessary and shameful tattoos by filling these areas of the body with black paint.


Dotwork tattoos are based on geometric shapes. They are made of a set of points and a variety of lines.


Perform this style of tattoo can not every master. By using this technique, the bearer of the tattoo can display on his body realistic people and animals.

Sketches of black and white tattoos

Many years ago, tattoos in black and white shades served as a distinctive mark of different tribes. Nowadays, tattoos are used by people from all walks of life. The black and white ornament carries quite a hidden meaning. Black is associated with magic and night. White is light, purity and spirit. For example, a tribal tattoo is performed in the form of geometric figures. This variant of the tattoo remains a great mystery. Drawings in the style of Mantra came to us from Eastern culture. This option looks quite interesting and unusual. Fashionable tattoo designs are considered inscriptions that carry a certain meaning, transmitting the principles of life and the inner world of the person. To the classic style can be attributed the sketches with the image of any animals, patterns with curls and flowers.

With the help of black and white colors a person can convey all the power and meaning of his tattoo. After all, it is these shades display the most important lines of light and darkness.

Features of the direction

Chb tattoo sketches have a number of advantages and features that favorably distinguish this direction. Although the popularity of such tattoos is cyclical, they have a place in the history of the development of society, as well as in the cultural heritage as a whole.

The lowest their popularity was for quite a long period, after colored pigments came into use of masters. People could not get enough of the brightness of images, so for quite a long time this trend existed only thanks to the faithful followers.

Now we can already call these images black and white, while a few decades ago they were rather black and gray. The ideal white pigment was developed relatively recently, and before that there was only a gray composition in the masters' everyday life. Tattoo with a demon, performed in this format, can strike the imagination and skeptical person.


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