Tattoo on his knees. Meaning of tattoos on his knees. Sketches and photos of tattoos on his knees

Tattoo locations and style

The skull with a crown is the absolute leader. This is the most common sketch for such a tattoo. On the one hand - this is bad, because everyone wants to be the owner of an individual drawing. But, look at the collage below. Is it possible to call such work the same? In comparison, skulls in hats that look like gangsters. And a skull in a beret, the symbol of the military.
Tattoo options skull in a crown.Tattoo options skull in a hat or beret.

For men

Sketches of men's tattoos, as a rule, are characterized by brutality. It can be a stylized black and white image, from which reeks of the theme of death.

A collage of photos of men's skull tattoos on their arms.

Tattoos on the hands are only gaining in popularity. Before picking up a sketch for such work, there are a couple of nuances to consider. First: this place is always in full view. Second: you need to think carefully about how to position the sketch. During a meal or an important tense conversation, people tend to gesticulate a lot.

Options for male tattoos with skulls on the hands.Skulls on the hands.

Most often, the skull tattoo is applied to the hands. The tattoo is placed on the wrists, forearms, shoulders. Sometimes even on the hands.

The skull on the face is a common search term. But, it is by no means connected with the popularity of this place for tattooing. Thus people try to find the name of the Canadian tattoo model.

The image in which the skull is topped with a crown is found more often than others among the sketches of such tattoos. Also, popular sketches can be called: skull of a goat, a bull, a ram, an Indian, a skull with wings, in a beret.

Infographics: on what place most often do tattoo skull? Infographics: what sketches for the skull tattoo are more popular than others?

Deer in history and art

These animals were depicted on their coats of arms by French kings and Russian nobles. Fonts in Christian churches were decorated with their images, in the Bible the stag was compared to an innocent victim. The peoples of northern lands prayed to these animals and worshipped them for protection, warmth and food.

Tattoo deer geometry

Tattoo of a deer geometry

Tattoo with a deer

Tattoo with a deer

Paintings depicted this noble animal, trampling the serpent, as a symbol of the victory of good over evil. In our days we still feel love and subconscious respect for these animals, that's why we draw tattoos in the form of a deer.

The tattoo of the skull in today's world

Collage of photos with tattoo skulls for girls.

Tattoo skull on the arm or body can often be seen in bikers, rockers and metalists. They perceive this sign as a special talisman of protection against death. By such a drawing, a person is trying to show courage and boldness in the face of risky trials.

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Young people choose the skull for stuffing, considering this drawing as a sign of decisive action and the absence of fear of any life changes.

In prisoners the skull is interpreted differently. Some apply this picture, trying to show others their authority or desire for power. Others in the criminal world do the skull tattoo as a sign of planned revenge against their main enemy. Skull tattoos are also preferred by members of the thieving world.

Tattoos for Men

Men prefer to have skulls because it clearly symbolizes the brutality and fearlessness of the owner.

A skull tattoo always looks harmonious on any part of the body. It can give courage to insecure young men, tell about the character of this or that person and simply illustrate the aesthetic taste.

Men's skulls can also have the opposite character - repulsive images that echo grave themes. As a rule, such images are applied to the body representatives of various subcultures, thereby hinting at their complicity with this or that ideological system.

The meaning of the tattoo of the skull with additional elements

Recognize the meaning of the tattoo with a skull can be on additional elements, applied in combination with the main sketch.

The meaning of the tattoo:

  • skull wrapped in snakes - a sign of immortality and wisdom;
  • Animal skull - a good sign, life force;
  • skull with bones - bravery, courage, freedom, as well as a sense of hatred and invincibility in front of the enemy;
  • skull with a black raven - negative sign of death, destruction, danger;
  • with a nest of birds - family happiness, a symbol of longevity;
  • skull with ethnic ornaments in bright colors has positive symbolism and good meaning;
  • Skull with a crown - power, might;
  • Skull tattoo with roses - immortal love for the chosen one until the end of life, seriousness of intentions, romantic meaning;
  • skull, braided with a rose, means the loss of a loved one;
  • skull with wings - a sign of freedom, nonchalance, independence;
  • Skull with a cold weapon - a sure sign of death.

Tattoo in the form of a skull with a rose

This is a symbol familiar to everyone. This image illustrates the fact that love and death always go side by side and are in mutual connection with each other. The owners of such tattoos can invest their personal meaning, endowing the drawing on the body with personal experiences and feelings.

The meaning on the zone

The tattoo can have a different appearance. More often, the human skull has pronounced teeth, and instead of the nose and eyes a black space. Its original meaning was that the owner of the nail is not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, always stands on its own and it is impossible to break. It is this tattoo that "thieves in law" who had to spend a lot of time in penal colonies, stuffed on their bodies. For them it is a symbol of fearlessness and carefree life, unencumbered by official work and compliance with the law.

A cracked skull indicates an aggressive and ruthless person who never stops at anything when stubbornly pursuing his goal.

What does the skull tattoo on the shoulder mean

Another common body image is a skull, cracked with a dagger. Its meaning is blood revenge. Thus, the "thief in law" indicates his dislike of law enforcement agencies and his desire to avenge their imprisonment.

The symbol indicates a desire for power. May indicate belonging to the thieving caste.

Skull with a blade or dagger - blood vengeance against the enemy.

Skull with a rose - met sixteen years in prison.

Tattoo of a deer in a triangle

There has long been a debate about who first started drawing deer in triangles and why. The meaning of this symbol: God, connection with the cosmos, feminine or masculine, knowledge and other lofty concepts. Let's just say that this sign has become a favorite of secret magical orders and just magicians.

Tattoo of a deer in a triangle - photo

Tattoo of a deer in a triangle - photo

Tattoo deer in a triangle on the leg

Tattoo of a deer in a triangle on the leg

Tattoo of deer in a triangle on the arm

Tattoo of a deer in a triangle on the arm

This symbol used to be found in musicians who played heavy metal, but today hipsters prefer to decorate everything they can get their hands on with it. In turn, the horned animal is also a favorite of secret societies and priests, so the tattoo of a deer in a triangle is a union of two powerful occult symbols.

We know one thing for sure - no one will explain to you the exact meaning of the tattoo deer in a triangle, except yourself, because in this symbol mixed too many concepts and traditions of peoples from all over the world.

Probably, the tattoo of a deer in a triangle is one of the most mysterious symbols, and here you should rely on your intuition. In any case, these two figures have a creative meaning and when they are united, it is only amplified.

The meaning of the tattoo of a deer in a triangle:

  • connection with higher forces
  • desire for wisdom, possession of knowledge
  • confidence, greatness, mystery
  • connection with the divine forces
  • belonging to a religious/magical community
  • Some may give this pair of symbols a negative connotation, but what should really be applied with caution is the deer skull, which means "soul-eating darkness."

Skull tattoos for men and women

A few decades ago, tattoos with skull stuffed exclusively men, wishing to show others their strength, courage and bravery in the face of any difficulties of life. Today the sketch with a skull is often chosen by female representatives, and more often give preference to images in the minimalist style.

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Masters select for women the most interesting drawings with the skull, complemented by beautiful flowers, pairs of birds, butterflies, branches of plants, tracery elements and other pretty decorations. The color of the tattoo is mostly bright monochrome or combining several colorful shades.

Men prefer more original sketches in monochrome dark colors.

The most common place for a tattoo with a skull is the shoulder and back area. Such a pattern looks good on the leg in the lower leg and calf area, on the hand near the wrist, on the shoulder blade and in the chest area.

Girls prefer to apply tattoos in more intimate places. Quite attractive looks a small size skull with decorative elements, applied to the neckline or buttocks. Such a drawing allows you to create a charming seductress a very mysterious and unique image.

A skull with beautiful ornaments looks great on the hand. Larger sketches are better applied to the chest or back area. An experienced master will choose the best option for the tattoo, taking into account the personal beliefs and preferences of the customer.

Before getting a tattoo with a depiction of the skull, carefully examine the interpretation of this sign and decide how exactly the chosen design corresponds to your personal life attitudes and interests.

The meaning of the skull tattoo

Like other negative images, the tattoo with the skull is intended to remind of something terrible and at the same time serve as a talisman against it. The most common interpretation of this sign is. The skull is a symbol of destruction and death

. This image protects against the "bony", confusing her when she is looking for the next victim. That is how the image was used by the American Indians, from whom the idea was borrowed by modern bikers. Sometimes this symbol means sacrifice and forgiveness.

In Celtic mythology, the skull symbolizes the vessel that contains the human soul, and it requires special care so that after death the soul of loved ones will not fall into the wrong hands. The skull of an enemy was considered a special prey, promising the possessor the power of its dead master. A special approach to such symbolism is found in Mexico, where the equivalent of Halloween is "Day of the Dead," and images of the skull, bones, or the entire skeleton are placed in every home to honor deceased relatives. In general, for all of Latin America, it is a symbol of life and reincarnation, the transition to another state and the continuation of the lineage. Buddhists wear amulets with decorative skulls as a reminder that all life is sacred.

The meaning of the cross and skull tattoo

The cross and skull are special symbols with which you can get a unique tattoo. The skull is almost always depicted as a symbol of death, while the cross means resurrection, renewal.

There are several types of this design - if the skull is depicted with its mouth open, which covers the cross, it symbolizes the negation of rebirth, renewal. In this way you can demonstrate a renunciation of faith or that you think you are not worthy to be in heaven.

Another option is the cross inside the skull and the rays that emanate from the eye sockets, the top of the skull and the mouth. Also, the skull can be depicted with the Andrew's cross - such a tattoo will resemble a pirate flag.

Skull in a cylinder

Despite the fact that there are more than 200 bones in the human body, one of them has the most important among all others. It unequivocally symbolizes humanity, and that is the skull. It is not just a symbol of humanity, but also a sign of death. The skull is incredibly popular in the tattoo art.

Many organizations have used it in their symbolism to demonstrate their fearlessness and even to inspire a sense of fear. Many cultures actually worshipped the skull as a source of energy. It was used as a war trophy and even as a bowl for sacred drinks.

Many religious figures are associated with skull symbolism, such as the Hindu goddess Kali and her husband Shiva, who wore skull necklaces. In Christianity, the site of Christ's crucifixion (Golgotha) means "skull" in Aramaic.

In this tattoo design, the skull is depicted with a cylinder. This deep black silk headdress was worn by funeral workers, it adds irony to the design and contrasts with the dazzling white skull.

This tattoo commemorates human mortality and belongs to the "Memento Mori" cycle, which means "Don't forget death" in Latin.

Blatant tattoos

This is the most extensive category, affecting all strata of prisoners. It is possible to pick up a sketch for those who enter the zone for the first time, as well as for the residents of the colony. The main rule: do not encroach on the tattoo of the elite and do not mistakenly get a tattoo of the downcast.

Woman's image

There are sketches with nude beauties, female faces, or a member of the fair sex can figure in context:

  • woman on a gun - love and death. Such a tattoo adorns the chest or back;
  • burning in the fire promises retribution for treason. Beatings on the chest;
  • the execution of naked women speaks of non-acceptance of the laws and prison administration;
  • next to a demon in male guise indicates that the prisoner was "tied up" because of a woman, and also symbolizes good and evil;
  • A winged girl or woman on a winged wheel - a symbol of good luck. More often performed in miniature, placed on the forearm or wrist;
  • a dagger with a rose - treason will be followed by vengeance. But if you add a fragment of the bars to this sketch, the meaning will be: a term for hooliganism served in the VTC;
  • A crucifix with a female figure is placed on the chest or back. It suggests that the betrayal was avenged;
  • Eve with the serpent entwined with her - he dared to commit the crime for the sake of the woman. Sometimes it means passive homosexuality;
  • Undine and anchor - tattoo of a sailor, rapist or libertine. Can also be present in representatives of non-traditional orientation;
  • female bust with a snake instead of a necklace - a sign of propensity for violence and brute force.

A woman is one of the most popular themes for tattoos. In most cases, the presence of the fairer sex indicates love, betrayal or treason.

Common tattoos

Russian prison tattoos from the official archives of the police have long been in the public domain. Some of them have already gone out of circulation. For example, the face of Stalin or Lenin on the chest, which was stabbed as protection against a Chekist's bullet. The target on the back of the head and the abbreviation MIR are no longer relevant, as there have long been no shootings. But many iconic and traditional tattoos are still present on the bodies of prisoners:

  • piece of wire - reminiscent of the past in the penal colony;
  • skull, dagger and rose - "life is a struggle". Shoulder tattoo;
  • cross on a chain. Obedience to fate. If the cross in the form of the suit of clubs, the tattoo belongs to the thief;
  • palm with a rose entwined "thorn" - 16 years celebrated in the WTC. Stamped on the shoulder;
  • a rose in the palm and shackles - 18 years in an educational colony;
  • a bear with an axe and a suit of clubs. Such a tattoo is made by bear hunters;
  • a key with an arrow indicates burglary;
  • lion surrounded by an arsenal - "fierce, but fair. Used to decorate the chest;
  • winged demon is tattooed on fighters, bulls and deniers;
  • gin - a tattoo of drug addicts;
  • spider - without the web is applied by pickpockets, on the web - a sign of drug addiction. If the insect crawls down, drug use is a thing of the past;
  • three cards on an arrow - a cheat;
  • a cat is a recidivist's tattoo. Gives away affection and pride in the owner. The bow or bowtie used to mean a pickpocket who was tied up during a theft. This element was achieved by force. Today, the bow has no special attachment and it is applied for the sake of decorating a cat;
  • bull - beating on the chest and suitable for fighters working under the orders of a thief in law;
  • Prison tattoos on the arms have changed a lot in recent times. For example, the pharaoh's staff has become rare. It used to be tattooed on the hands of authority figures or thieves selling stolen goods;
  • sailboat - punctuated by gastrons working in other cities. The number of masts is the number of sentences served. Breast tattoo;
  • writing monk - symbol of pickpockets, skillfully wielding a razor;
  • eagle. There are variations with a skull or suitcase in his paws. Speaks of the gastroller or a tendency to escape;
  • Bat - stealing at night;
  • A beetle - a typical thief's tattoo. Literally, it's a wish for a successful theft;
  • eyes on the collarbones - "looking for a bough";
  • a deer against a background of a rising sun - the sign of a prisoner from the northern colonies;
  • knife shackled - a crime committed in the colony;
  • bells - if they are present on the body, it means that the sentence has been served in full;
  • The Mother of God most often adorns the backs or chests of prisoners who first got into the zone "as a juvenile";
  • the temple with the domes is stuffed by convicts with a long service record. The number of domes is the number of trips or years.

Above are the main, most popular tattoos among prisoners.


The untouchables are a caste of special inmates. They are assigned dirty work, used as passive homosexuals:

  • a ring in the form of a shaded rectangle with a diagonal white stripe and three circles;
  • a ring shaded half diagonally;
  • a crown, complete with hearts, genitals, and inscriptions: daisy, king of the chukes, mashka, goat, orpheus, etc;
  • pig's face;
  • mosquito.

These tattoos are not done of their own accord. This is how the criminal community seeks to separate the down-and-out or undeserving members of the penal colony from normal people. That's why it's important to know what prison tattoos mean.

Styles and colors

A tattoo artist can perform a nude skull design in a variety of styles. Some of the most popular include realism, old skool, minimalism, tribal, chicano, thrash polka, neo-tradition, watercolor, dotwork and blackwork.

Realism .This style is characterized by the complexity of execution. All the small details of the image are carefully worked out. Only experienced masters are able to embody quality realistic tattoos. Images are obtained volumetric thanks to the shadows and halftones. The main feature of the color palette in realism is a smooth transition from one shade to another. The tattoos are large in size.
Old skool.Characteristic features of the style are thick black outlines, simple saturated colors, concise images without detail. The color scheme consists of black, red, blue, green, and yellow. Old-school drawings are made flat, not volumetric. Instead of gradients and penumbra use an absence of color or a transparent background.
WatercolorTattoos made in watercolor are characterized by abstraction, brightness, contrast and soft contours. The image turns out unique due to the imitation of strokes. To create drawings a variety of color palette consisting of dark and light shades is used. In the style of watercolor also combine incongruous colors. Watercolor tattoos can be either small or large.
TribalThis style of tattoo is considered the oldest. It is characterized by flat and clear contours with pointed ends. Drawing in the style of trayble turns out patterned and monochrome. For imposing a tribal tattoo choose black and gray shades. This type of tattoo is imposed taking into account human anatomy and physiology. The tribal tattoo can emphasize the virtues of the body or hide its flaws.
MinimalismThis style creates small inconspicuous and colorless tattoos with minimal gradients. They are very easy to hide from prying eyes. The minimalist image is often chosen as the first tattoo.
Thresh Polka .This style is characterized by gloomy motifs. It is dominated by black, which is most often combined with red. The other colors are used quite rarely. For thrash polka is characterized by layering, sharp contrast, the scale of the image, the addition of various fonts, inscriptions and combination with other styles.
ChicanoThis style of tattoos was originally preferred by Latin American gangs. For Chicano style tattoo sketches use black color and gray gradients. No bright hues are added to the design. Characteristic themes of the style include faith, wealth, the underworld and girls.
Neo-traditionThis style is a modern interpretation of the traditional tattoo. It combines crisp edges, carefully drawn outlines, bright three-dimensional images and many small details. The technique allows you to make the picture funny and funny. It can be combined with realism.
Dotwork .Dotwork-style drawing is stuffed with dots. Their location depends on the density, contrast and richness of the lines. The dots are applied close to each other. When applying respects symmetry, proportions and a certain order. The size of the dots can be different. Dotwork tattoos are made large. In case of a small size, they lose their attractiveness.
BlackworkIn this style, black is the only dominant tone. The technique involves the complete painting of certain parts of the body in black. Also the painted over areas are diluted with large three-dimensional images. Such a tattoo helps to hide scars and other skin defects. When choosing a blackwork tattoo, you have to remember that it cannot be overlapped.


For women

For men